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AndyBurd will take his lumps, Give it to me


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I'm guessing there were a whole lot of epiphanies to be had yesterday, andy.

Fact is, 13 years of disappointment can wear anybody down. There's not an honest Skins fan among us who didn't enter yesterday's game with at least a little trepidation. Myself included.

What I'm feeling this morning is as much pride as anything else. And a great part of the attendant joy is for Gibbs himself. I've yelled from the mountaintops at the top of my voice since his return that he'd get this thing turned around, and what was called for was a little belief and a little patience.

Seeing what's happening now, and watching the reaction from the fans...I almost feel like a new parent.

Pretty nice looking kid, huh? :)

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Ye of little faith! You should feel very ashamed of doubting a Gibb's coached team.

Honestly, no one could have predicted such a blowout. It was wonderful!

Props for taking your lumps!

i beg to differ sir, i definitely predicted a blowout. i told everyone that dallass would come to fedex and get shocked.

i love the Skins, ES, Gibbs...hell today i love everyone. except for dallass. never ever dallass.

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relax, andyburd. there's no mandatory mutual exclusions between realistic assessments, honest doubts, and still gearing yourself up to rise to a challenge with a gung-ho and confident, yet fully aware, attitude. the exclusionary mind-sets are a personal choice :) .

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I was feeling really good about this game, but there is always that "man we can't lose another one to them, PLEASE" felling that creeps in. :laugh:

WOW!! what a stomping though, I'm way down here in Florida and felt like I was up there I was soooo excited. I got sore palms from high fives and my voice is gone. :cheers:

OH and finally my "sig" has merit

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I thought there was a good chance that they tried to hold onto another 3-7 point lead and blow it for 90K screaming pumped up fans.

Good thing the game was never close after the 1st.

We all felt that this team had turned the corner in the SF game too after losing close but good games on the road to KC and Denver.

If anybody would have told me that the Redskins would lose 36-0 to the Giants I would have laughed at them. Most fans were predicting an easy win that week. I figured it would be a close 24-20 game that either team could win.

We were all wrong.

I'm just glad that the next game in at home so the crowd can give the team the confidence that it seems to need in these games.

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