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  1. One network had storm chasers out following the caravan. But honestly in Oklahoma stormchasers are more popular than politicians.
  2. No, the cops did. Local news is awful. It was quickly reopened
  3. Oh man Lankford, Stitt, and Inhofe going around shaking hands and hugging everyone with no masks inside the BOK.
  4. From what I saw live on local news, the Protesters started setting up signs and staying behind the rope. Trump supporters came over yelling at the them, the cops shut it down pretty down quick.
  5. Protesters forced one of the entrances shut down. Of all the concerts I've been to at the BOK. yeah, I've never seen it that empty. Maybe a WWE Smackdown show.
  6. This is funny, yet sad and true. There's already Trump supporters lining up camping outside the B.O.K. for the rally. I'll be shocked if there is no violence before Saturday.
  7. So I live outside of Tulsa. Oklahoma has been having 200+ new cases of COVID-19 day since last Thursday. The majority of cases in Tulsa county. Thats about double the daily numbers in May. Have they even considered that people who tested positive might go to this rally on purpose? In other news, the protesters have already acquired 2 of those large baby trump balloons. This is going to be interesting.
  8. I went to Michigan once. It was an experience but honestly the 3-4 hours of waiting in traffic, walking 3-4 miles to get to the stands, all kind of sucked. Plus we got pit seats thinking that'd be cool. We could only see turn 1, and there were no PA systems, so we literally had no idea what was going on in the race. I had to call my friend back home and be like "hey uh...whos leading? whats the the caution for?" If I ever go again it will be to a smaller track.
  9. Star Wars Squadrons, just announced yesterday. It's a single player and multiplayer game were you just fly X wings and Tie fighers(among other ships). Suppose to be more info and game play demos coming out today.
  10. New Star Wars game looks interesting. 12 year old me would have been flipping out about space battles.
  11. I actually like NASCAR better now. Just show up race and go home. Dont need 3 hours of pre-race interviews, driver intros, and etc.
  12. Arjen Luccassen the writer/creater/God of Ayreon seriously has some of the best metal guitar tone I've ever heard. it's like an Ada preamp ran thru the power section of a Marshall Plexi mixed with a Bogner Ubershall. Been a fan since The Electric Castle. It's more on the progressive side than metal but Universal Migrator part 1 has some of the best songwriting I've ever heard in my life.
  13. I actually just smoked ribs for the first time on a gas grill yesterday. I couldn't believe how well they turned out. Was really easy too. Pretty much did what the previous poster recommended. Just turned on the first burner, kept the grill at 200-225 degrees. with some soaked wood chips in tin foil over the lit burner. Threw a couple racks of spare ribs(mustard and Head country for seasoning) on the other side of the grill. Did that for about 3 hours, occasionally spraying Apple cider on them. After 3 hours, wrapped in foil with butter and brown sugar. Put them back on the grill for an hour. Last step was removing the foil and putting Stubbs BBQ sauce on them, turned on another burner and cooked the ribs on each side for about 10 min. I didn't even know if this method was going to work, but man it turned out great. Everyone loved them.
  14. I was getting into Vampyr but got stuck on a Boss way to early in the game. I'm horrible about forgetting i have Xbox Game pass, so I will end up downloading 3-4 games at a time and struggle playing all of them (I got Vampyr, Outer Worlds, and the newest Metro at the same time). I probably have maybe an hour or 2 in each game lol. That and AC - Odyssey has had me hooked forever now. I'll probably still be playing it when the Viking game comes out.
  15. Um, have you guys heard Stryper lately? Seriously, when did they become Amon Amarth?
  16. Build a Country on an ancient Native American burial ground?
  17. The hell..."Tribes" is racist? That's a new one to me lol. If a Nation has land in reservation or trust status the state doesnt have much or any power over it, technically its Federal land. This is why Oklahoma Casinos are starting to open and no one can stop them.
  18. Lol nice! mine allegedly gets deposited wednesday. I've got my eye on Gibson Les Paul for sale locally. Considering I've had to work through this whole thing (security) I'm definately treating myself.
  19. And what happened to Skull & Bones. That looked promising
  20. A draft with no Todd Mcshay? That's gonna be weird
  21. So student loans took my tax return. I filed after they eligiably put a stop to that. Looks like they are getting my stimulus check too. I'm making hazard pay so I'll be okay but still a bummer. Hopefully the company that owns my loans will use the money to help the economy.
  22. I've pretty much been Quarantined at work (security) working 12 hour shifts. Got caught up on 2.5 Seasons of Better Call Saul. Man this show just keeps getting better
  23. So, the majority of Casinos closed Monday in my state, mine stayed open. Only Casino in a major city open tonight after the Major closed all bars. We had a meeting today where the GM said we need to stay open till Friday because our competitors are closed. I could lose my job for posting this. It's so ****ed up. We are putting the entire state at risk.
  24. I wonder if they do a stimulus check if Student Loans get them first again if you are defaulted.
  25. Ha! I actually had a Security Officer that worked for me retire to Florida and works at that Casino. I need to hit him up. The Cherokee Hard Rock here closes tonight.