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  1. In my state I always go to court. 90% of the time they will have you pay a partial amount of the ticket/court costs and put you on probation. 19 over is going to significantly raise your insurance. All that being said, last time I got a ticket for "failure to stop at a stop sign" in my little hometown. I go to court. Watch everyone in front get a deal with probation. My turn? Nope. I had to pay the full cost and didn't get offered probation. Still angry about that, my insurance is $50 a month higher for 3 years now.
  2. So due to a car wreck blocking traffic, I took side street on this old highway I never take. Turns out someone has opened up a Creole/Cajun meat market. They get fresh seafood from Shreveport a couple times a week( I'm in northern Oklahoma). They had all kinds of crazy stuffed pork loins and some amazing looking steaks. I picked up one of their homemade steak seasonings to try and a stuffed(with asparagus, cheese, peppers) pork loin along with crawfish etouffee and alligator sausage. Ready for a day off to try this stuff. This place may get a lot of my money.
  3. Zavens hometown is going to have a draft watch party on day 1 and day 2 at the HS Stadium. I think I'll gear up in WFT stuff and go. Should be fun even if we don't draft him.
  4. Got my 2nd Moderna shot yesterday afternoon. I am absolutely worthless today. Fever and headache this morning now just so tired and body aches.
  5. the local Native American tribe bought an RV and is going to nearby towns this week giving vaccines to anyone who wants it. Just have to be 18, don't even have to be from Oklahoma.
  6. Its not just next gen. When my XB1 died a couple months ago I had hell finding a replacement.
  7. was 2-3 days for me. the day after being the worst.
  8. Most of the Oklahoma tribes are now giving the vaccines to anyone now. Doing way better than the State.
  9. I just look up Darnold highlights out of curiosity. McNabb throwing check downs into the turf flashbacks.
  10. if you have Gamepass check out Wreckfest. Its wildly entertaining. Lawnmower demolition derby's! Racing on figure 8 tracks.
  11. That was the same for me. Felt like I had taken a hand full of Benadryl's about 24 hours later. was fine day 2.
  12. Got an email from work yesterday that the tribe was giving employees vaccines. Drove down and got my first Moderna shot. Pretty simple and painless but man my arm is sore today.
  13. Far Cry 5 was a lot of fun. New Dawn was a bit repetitive to me. Can't wait for 6!
  14. Joe Gibbs grandson won his first career NASCAR start tonight in the Xfinity series. 18 years old, his dad was Joe Gibbs son that died a couple years ago.
  15. I enjoyed that movie other than being completely confused at the ending.
  16. Just spent the afternoon digging out our cars. Got my GFs out, ended up getting mine more stuck. Haven't been anywhere since Saturday. I ran out of beer last night and my cat is really sick. So sick of this weather.
  17. Suppose to be -10 on Monday with a high of 2. I miss the tornados
  18. Lol! "We had to change our defense because what the other side said was really good"
  19. So last week my Xbox One S died of harddrive failure. (Im wondering if running at 4k for 2 weeks killed it?) Anyways, I'm sure you guys know it's near impossible to find the new consoles? Yeah it's the same with the old ones. I know I could send my XB1 to Xbox for repair, but that likely takes a month or more. I can't go that long without one. Plus the Xbox has become the central hub for entertainment in the living room, especially with that nice new LG 4k TV we got 2 weeks ago. I called Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target looking for an XB1 or even a PS4. They all lau
  20. Damn right he did, for my hometown Hominy Bucks!
  21. talk about true insomnia. I volunteered for an early shift today at work so I'd be able to watch the game at home. Got off at 9pm last night, back at work at 7am today. (10 hours shifts). Yeah, I literally couldn't sleep last night. This is gonna be a rough day.
  22. Sermon showed some flashes at OU. but honestly I didn't know he had even transferred to Ohio State till mid season this year. So as an OU fan I can't say I was ever that impressed. Unlike OU's current RB Stephenson, that guy is awesome.
  23. So, I mentioned before about wanting to upgrade to a 4K TV. Well yesterday I was being all worked up about last nights game, the GF was like, hey why don't we go ahead and get a new TV and the game can be the first thing we use for it for? So we went to Best Buy to pick up the Vizio I wanted. After about 2-3 hours in the store and talking her(okay and myself) out of every budget priced 75inch in the store. We finally left with a 65inch LG Nano, that just looked so much better than the Vizio and has all the same next gen stats/tech whatever. I had to google specs in the store becaus
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