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  1. This like watching Curse of Oak Island. There is no treasure. But I want to believe so I drink and watch....
  2. ShredSkins

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Got fallout 76 used on Amazon for $38. I've seen all the hate and awful reviews. I had to get on this trainwreck.
  3. ShredSkins

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    He is now 6-0 in his life at AT&T stadium.
  4. ShredSkins

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    I really think if Notre Dame wants to make the playoffs they need to join a damn conference. Theres no way they go undefeated in any power 5 conference.
  5. ShredSkins

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    Might just be a hopeful Sooner fan but theres rumors he is gonna meet with family and scouts after the season to debate coming back then going NFL.
  6. ShredSkins

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    Kyler Murray is better than Baker Mayfield.
  7. ShredSkins

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    He always reminded me of Will Patton in Armageddon
  8. At work making time and a half. Luckily this place has a bar with huge TVs. Hopefully it will be full of Cowboy fans so I can enjoy their agony of defeat. (Or kick them all out)
  9. ShredSkins

    90s music

    Russell Allen and Warrel Dane were amazing 90s singers.
  10. ShredSkins

    Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    I'm streaming the Bengals defense this week.
  11. ShredSkins

    90s music

    Pride and Glory is one of my all time favorite albums. the 90s was definitely Zakk Wylde's decade. No More tears, Ozzmosis, Pride and Glory, and the birth of Black Label Society. I'll be seeing him tomorrow night on the Generation Axe tour. Also. Dream Theater's best work Images & Words to Scenes from a Memory - all 90s.
  12. ShredSkins

    90s music

    Dream Theater is playing Scenes From a Memory in its entirety this upcoming tour.
  13. ShredSkins

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Bucs

    Omg. Do we need a Kirk debate in every.....single.....thread?