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  1. Theres alot of intelligence and good ideas on this stage. Biden and Warren are going to be 2016 Clinton. The Republican party threw all the cards in on an outsider and won. It's time for Democratics to do the same. Abandon the party lines for an outsider.
  2. I want Sanders and Yang. It know it wont happen, but I feel like those 2 would do great.
  3. Warren is getting buried on this. Just be like Bernie
  4. Dan is gonna see all the attention the Rams are getting and have Bruce get fleeced for the damn Browns.
  5. That's if we dont trade 2 1sts for Tomlin
  6. So William's and Norman for a 1st and Ward? Dont tease me with logic like that. Lol
  7. Well we did just put our glorified WR posing as a TE on IR
  8. Is this why the Browns traded their center and a 2nd round pick to the Rams for just a 2021 5th rounder? Free cap space?
  9. ShredSkins

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I am. I think he is in the top 10 in points this season. Plus for me Cooper might be out.
  10. ShredSkins

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Sounds like my weekend..and year lol. I'm also 4-2 winning 3 straight. Only won by 3 points this week playing against Zeke Elliot...that end of that Cowboys game was not fun knowing Zeke was in the red zone.
  11. ShredSkins

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    thank you! Tough win for us today. Today probably wasn't the best game to look at Hurts on an NFL prospect level. Murray is a beast of a LB though, been along time since the Sooners had anyone on Defense this good.
  12. ShredSkins

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    OU bias, but I've been impressed, he reminds me of Cam Newton, strong arm and powerful runner. Today will be a big test for him.
  13. ShredSkins

    Not Watching This Weekend...

    It seems like Callahan is trying to address some issues. Regardless of how bad Miami is and how much they try to tank, I want to see if we improve on penalties. Curious to see how KOC calls the game as well. Not expecting a improvement here since it's his first time doing it, but still a curious to see if it's any different.
  14. ShredSkins Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    The refs at practice thing. Seriously. This hasn't been done? It seems like it should be a common thing.
  15. ShredSkins Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    I agree with that, should have dropped Colt after the draft, and put everything into Haskins development. Of course, the Defense still would have sucked and we'd be 0-5 and still probably losing Gruden lol.