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  1. Anyone watching Zaven Collins. LB for Tulsa?
  2. I was gonna keep an open mind about the PS5 (went Xbox last 2 gens). I almost bought a PS4 over the summer to catch up on some PS exclusives but consoles were sold out everywhere. Of course, I don't even have a 4K TV. I might be playing Valhalla and Cyberpunk on the XB1 for awhile.
  3. Football Team - 20 Cards - 17 Get Murray out of the pocket and have Landon Collins punish him.
  4. WTF WTF WTF WTF!!! (If you call them Team Football anger and happiness is the same emotion)
  5. Also near Tulsa, me and coworker were just outside talking about how the crazy this wind is. The temperature keeps changing every 10min. Also have a mini vacation to Shreveport on Monday. Oddly I wish it was this week, I've survived everything Oklahoma weather has to offer, but never been in a hurricane.
  6. Her speech reminded me of V for Vendetta when he took over the TV station and broadcast to the all of the UK.
  7. Sadly a couple months ago I was talking to a guitar buddy about Les Paul's. I mentioned how Gary Moore's Greenie LP was one the best sounding tones I've heard. He asked if I ever heard Peter Green play it? I hadn't. so he sent me some of Peter Green links. Crazy good stuff.
  8. I am native. I live in Oklahoma. I work for a tribe. I just dont care anymore. I know enough people offended by the name I dont use the team name very often and quit wearing apparel. What's mostly annoying is the "oh you cant say that!" "Omg you cant wear that logo youre going to offend an indian!" I'm just done. Change the name so I can go back to hating my favorite sports team without having to deal with politics.
  9. One network had storm chasers out following the caravan. But honestly in Oklahoma stormchasers are more popular than politicians.
  10. Oh man Lankford, Stitt, and Inhofe going around shaking hands and hugging everyone with no masks inside the BOK.
  11. From what I saw live on local news, the Protesters started setting up signs and staying behind the rope. Trump supporters came over yelling at the them, the cops shut it down pretty down quick.
  12. Protesters forced one of the entrances shut down. Of all the concerts I've been to at the BOK. yeah, I've never seen it that empty. Maybe a WWE Smackdown show.
  13. This is funny, yet sad and true. There's already Trump supporters lining up camping outside the B.O.K. for the rally. I'll be shocked if there is no violence before Saturday.
  14. So I live outside of Tulsa. Oklahoma has been having 200+ new cases of COVID-19 day since last Thursday. The majority of cases in Tulsa county. Thats about double the daily numbers in May. Have they even considered that people who tested positive might go to this rally on purpose? In other news, the protesters have already acquired 2 of those large baby trump balloons. This is going to be interesting.
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