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  1. The hell..."Tribes" is racist? That's a new one to me lol. If a Nation has land in reservation or trust status the state doesnt have much or any power over it, technically its Federal land. This is why Oklahoma Casinos are starting to open and no one can stop them.
  2. ShredSkins

    Covid-19 Stimulus Packages - Details and Discussion

    Lol nice! mine allegedly gets deposited wednesday. I've got my eye on Gibson Les Paul for sale locally. Considering I've had to work through this whole thing (security) I'm definately treating myself.
  3. ShredSkins

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    And what happened to Skull & Bones. That looked promising
  4. ShredSkins

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    A draft with no Todd Mcshay? That's gonna be weird
  5. ShredSkins

    Covid-19 Stimulus Packages - Details and Discussion

    So student loans took my tax return. I filed after they eligiably put a stop to that. Looks like they are getting my stimulus check too. I'm making hazard pay so I'll be okay but still a bummer. Hopefully the company that owns my loans will use the money to help the economy.
  6. ShredSkins

    The Quarantine Thread

    I've pretty much been Quarantined at work (security) working 12 hour shifts. Got caught up on 2.5 Seasons of Better Call Saul. Man this show just keeps getting better
  7. So, the majority of Casinos closed Monday in my state, mine stayed open. Only Casino in a major city open tonight after the Major closed all bars. We had a meeting today where the GM said we need to stay open till Friday because our competitors are closed. I could lose my job for posting this. It's so ****ed up. We are putting the entire state at risk.
  8. I wonder if they do a stimulus check if Student Loans get them first again if you are defaulted.
  9. ShredSkins

    The Quarantine Thread

    Ha! I actually had a Security Officer that worked for me retire to Florida and works at that Casino. I need to hit him up. The Cherokee Hard Rock here closes tonight.
  10. ShredSkins

    The Quarantine Thread

    So all the Oklahoma casinos seem to be shutting down for a couple weeks, I imagine mine will too shortly. I assume in a shutdown my department will still have to work. Which honestly wouldn't be a big deal, still isolated from the public. Wouldn't have to worry about toilet paper I'd just bring my guitar and xbox and chill for a few days.
  11. Just heard that some Oklahoma tribes are closing their own Casinos. So far the state has closed nothing officially.
  12. So here am I at a Casino. ALL the surrounding counties had confirmed cased last night. None by people that traveled or had known being around some infected.
  13. So thursday I found out I'm a diabetic, yesterday the government started garnishing my wages for defaulted student loans(I graduated in why now?) And I live in Oklahoma who is barely testing anyone. Also work in a Casino with no paid time off left because of a recent shoulder problem. I'm not liking my chances here.
  14. 2nd case confirmed in Tulsa. Everyone here thinks it's liberal propaganda and theres nothing to worry about. Luckily I work in a Casino so I should be fine...
  15. ShredSkins

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Let's say Miami moves up to #3 for Tua. Do we draft Tua and hold him hostage for Miami to pick CY and make a player trade plus draft picks? Would top 5 teams make deals with each other so they can all acquire the players they want and keep other teams from jumping up? Is work really boring today? Yes! yes it is.