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  1. You gotta love the fight in this young team, we definitely have something to start building on.
  2. In just 1 week we went from the team that shouldn't be here to being called "Tenacious Washington" with a kid at QB who stole the hearts of millions watching. Washington QB Taylor Heinicke steals hearts of viewers with 'courageous' performance in loss to Bucs https://www.nfl.com/news/washington-qb-taylor-heinicke-steals-hearts-of-viewers-with-courageous-performan
  3. 2 fast receivers with good hands should be a priority.
  4. They have to give this kid a shot, he can ball. Honestly Warhead, I don't see another QB on this team that could have out played him last night.
  5. Plain and simple, put up them dukes Tampa! I went from an all week feeling of holy hell this could get bad, to holy hell we can knock them out with a rookie Qb. Let's get to knocking them out!
  6. I actually think we have a shot with a mobile QB. If we can move our offense and put points on the board, we have a shot at controlling the clock and the game. If we can control it, we can win it. If Tampa controls it, it's going to get ugly.
  7. This kid is going to play and could have a huge affect on the outcome of this game, there is no way he took the snaps if that wasn't the plan.
  8. Our Defense can only do so much, our offense has to step up. That is the only way we can beat them. I think our coach is seeing the same thing, Heinicke has been taking snaps with the starters in practice.
  9. I won't crown Tampa world champs for these 3 reasons. Their O-line can be rolled over, their Secondary can be torched, and they have only beat 1 team with a winning record. It's possible to upset them, that's a fact. But only if our offense kicks into another gear.
  10. I have a feeling Smith won't last this one. We are the best 2nd half team in the league, and the only reason you see those TD against us is because of Haskins handing them points.
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