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  1. Haskins for multiple reasons, but the biggest being he had a golden opportunity to shine and be our QB, but came in very inaccurate, flat and never attempted to open up this offense or put any type of fear into a defensive secondary. For someone who supposedly has a big time arm, every thing was check down and pad his stats.
  2. Here's to Allen getting his first win with Washington. Let's get back in 1st place this week!
  3. I just don't see Haskins ever becoming an elite QB. All the coaching in the world can't make an average pedestrian a great player. This kid struggles to hit an open receiver only 10 yards away.
  4. NFC Champs just got beat down by a team with no name, gotta love it!
  5. How sweet it is to have competent coaching that is able to make adjustments at halftime.
  6. We better be able to run, I didn't know we were down 2 starting receivers. All rookie receiver crew today. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/redskins-packers-week-14-inactives-washington-thin-wr-green-bay?fbclid=IwAR3XmX46wzutWBFGkc6sM83RRDP6rlAT36d09sCE-FIVwQRisAN6Lh93o_A When the Redskins take the field to face the 9-3 Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Washington will be without two of their starting wide receivers. Both Trey Quinn (concussion) and Paul Richardson (hamstring) were ruled out on Friday and will be inactive. Washington's likely starting wide receivers will be a
  7. Damn Burg, if we go into Green Bay and take them down on a stage like this, we could run the table. Hopefully that could win this Division.
  8. Winter lol, I think we all know what that field could look like in December, snow and ice possible. NFL.com predicts: Redskins will Stun Packers! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001083974/article/week-14-bold-predictions-chiefs-torch-pats-pass-defense-redskins-stun-pack
  9. The Packers currently rank 29th in rushing yards allowed per game and 27th in yards per carry allowed (5.0).
  10. Can't help but feel this way myself. The Pack has everything to play for with home field advantage still in sight, and us, we keep hoping for a better next season. We won 2 in a row against back up QB's, this is definitely not the case today, and I think it will show. We lose by double digits.
  11. There is not a coach in this World that can be successful under Snyder and Allen. They don't have a clue how to build an NFL team.
  12. Leg injury https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/redskins-jonathan-allen-exits-week-1-vs-eagles-apparent-leg-injury?fbclid=IwAR1gY1yYs5hZZ0Rznvt_F2LkIZfRmz2mWZbj3w2cj7fIKei6VGmr55Jeztw
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