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  1. I think it can be linked to the evolution of Kyle Shanahan as coach, when here he was clearly smart but supposedly a crap human being, his few stops along the way prob helped him become more relatable as a person & a better coach. Being right isn't enough, you need to be relate to people to get them to listen; dare I saw it is one of Ron's greatest strength's, he may not get everything right but his people skills appear 10/10. Kyle Smith may make a great GM some day but it would definitely appear something is missing now
  2. Id hate the idea of Winston, this team is set up for a 'game manager' & I mean that in a positive sense, you don't have to win the game at QB just not lose it & has nice touch for passes out to RBs. Darnold I definitely think is interesting as long as you don't overpay, with Kyle Allen as plan B if Darnold just isn't good because he showed something & would be cheap. As our offence isn't unlike the Saints could Teddy Bridgewater be viable? Given draft position Panthers could go after a QB
  3. Kyle Allen struggles allowing Alex Smith to step in in time for Giants game, perfect timing to go on a run & win the division
  4. People were saying the same about Daniel Jones at this stage last saying. Maybe Herbert will be a success & he definitely has made a great start, but still very early days
  5. If you don't have a top 5 pick you don't really get to pick your guy, you get what is available. With Alex broken up we needed to pick up a QB, if it wasn't Dwayne then maybe Drew Lock? Neither exactly excite. Aside from the Watson/Mahomes draft there hasn't been many great QBs available after 1 in the last few seasons
  6. Because the Jets are even more dysfunctional than us & we dont have Adam Gase?
  7. He leaves Troy Akpe in & benches Haskins, this isn't just about what we see on Sundays!!
  8. For whatever faults Ron has, everyone who played under him said he had the players back & they respected him, something happened in last couple of weeks for him to turn sour on Haskins because in general he seems largely loyal & genuine
  9. Would anyone take Darnold at this stage if Jets move on or is he too much or a risk at this stage?
  10. I'm shocked & don't believe Kyle Allen is the answer but we see so little of Haskins compared to the coaches, they should have a better feel for what he is
  11. I really want DH to be good & while he got the W his play was far from convincing, a good D will only take you so far you will need more from your QB as the Bears have found in the last few years. BUT Brady, Big Ben & Russell Wilson weren't superstars when they won their first Superbowls, the leant on their team & learned to win which gave the room to grow into top level QBs. Obviously we aren't going to challenging for SB's but getting a few W's helps take pressure off DH & hopefully lets him become better than what we just saw, as there is clearly still a need for
  12. The fact Koc is going to Rams would suggest he wasn’t holding out for McDaniels. He will have less control of Rams offence than at skins so it def seems like RR wanted Turner all along
  13. The downside of this is group think, if you everyone has the same perspective then you can all be missing the same thing, while you want everyone to be able to work together you do need fresh blood not to get stuck in a rut
  14. I think I remember from an interview a while back Haskins saying Meyer coached him hard in college & that is what he responded well to, people getting in his face etc. Club Jay was obviously the opposite to this hence he didn't appear to respond to it, if this was true then the tighter ship under coach Callahan could have had as much to with Haskins improvement as KOC? RR initial comments about liking DH but him needing to step up are very similar to what Callaghan said when he got the reigns, obviously Haskins is further in his development at this stage but I'm gue
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