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  1. His drafts overall were underwhelming but there is more to a GM's job than just the draft, we just felt a better run team & I give Scott M credit for that as Jay always felt like a child who couldn't organise anything. And going back to the original point of Jay having a similar record Ron, my point was that Scott M was prob the best GM out of Bruce, Scott M & Ron (I know low bar)
  2. Are we choosing to ignore the Scott Mcloughan era when he built most of Jay's team & coincided with Jay's best results
  3. Hard to compare Gruden the coach with Ron the coach, because Gruden had a proper GM for large chunk of his era while Ron had Ron the GM!!
  4. If Howell keeps going at even 80% of his current level then EB gets some looks for HC for doing this with a 5th round QB on top of his KC resume. How important is EB staying around to Sam becoming the QB we need. At this stage for me it feels like the rest of the season is an evaluation of EB more than Sam for next season because Sam has enough credit in the bank to QB1 next season
  5. Thats after timing, we went with Wentz before the draft because at 16 you wouldn't know where the draft would fall, Pickett was/is far from a slam dunk & you wouldnt want to be trading up to get him. Just sitting there & hoping he fells with no plan B isn't much of a plan. Randy Meuller had Bailey Zappe as his 2nd best QB & didn't have Howell in his top 5 in that draft.
  6. Thats the thing that frustrates me, this D isn't without talent, I'm not saying it should be top 10 but also it shouldnt be bottom 5
  7. Wentz will throw many more ugly INTs but having watched, Heincke, Alex, Dwayne & too many others the last few years, you can't argue Wentz is not a legitmate NFL QB, he may not be perfect but he is a NFL starter quality QB & doesnt deserve all the hate
  8. No issue with firing JDR but who takes over, Ron? Im guessing some unemployed coach like Fangio wont take over mid season
  9. It feels like 10/15 years later we finally got Jay Cutler, definite talent but inconsistent, definitely media scapegoat for reasons other than performances on the field. I suppose the question is would you take a 29 Jay Cutler for this team & at the price we paid for Wentz? Obviously a gamble but given or history of QBs since that failed trade I certainly would
  10. If Jason Wright was missing yesterday, could it be a sign he is on the way out already? The Snyders went over his head with the retiring of the jersey at such short notice, Wright had to come out & apologize & is now realizing what a mess this place is & wants out?
  11. I think it can be linked to the evolution of Kyle Shanahan as coach, when here he was clearly smart but supposedly a crap human being, his few stops along the way prob helped him become more relatable as a person & a better coach. Being right isn't enough, you need to be relate to people to get them to listen; dare I saw it is one of Ron's greatest strength's, he may not get everything right but his people skills appear 10/10. Kyle Smith may make a great GM some day but it would definitely appear something is missing now
  12. The downside of this is group think, if you everyone has the same perspective then you can all be missing the same thing, while you want everyone to be able to work together you do need fresh blood not to get stuck in a rut
  13. I think I remember from an interview a while back Haskins saying Meyer coached him hard in college & that is what he responded well to, people getting in his face etc. Club Jay was obviously the opposite to this hence he didn't appear to respond to it, if this was true then the tighter ship under coach Callahan could have had as much to with Haskins improvement as KOC? RR initial comments about liking DH but him needing to step up are very similar to what Callaghan said when he got the reigns, obviously Haskins is further in his development at this stage but I'm guessing those comments are the way make sure he doesn't rest on his recent improvements And to get back on topic, any info on personality wise we are getting from Turner or Zampese?
  14. While the first half of the season wasn't good with Haskins I'm going to put that on his HC not wanting him. Haskins showed he was a quick learner late in the season with the way he remedied his mistakes so I'm hopefully in his ability to adapt to a new playbook
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