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  1. The fact Koc is going to Rams would suggest he wasn’t holding out for McDaniels. He will have less control of Rams offence than at skins so it def seems like RR wanted Turner all along
  2. Bunny Kelly

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    The downside of this is group think, if you everyone has the same perspective then you can all be missing the same thing, while you want everyone to be able to work together you do need fresh blood not to get stuck in a rut
  3. Bunny Kelly

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I think I remember from an interview a while back Haskins saying Meyer coached him hard in college & that is what he responded well to, people getting in his face etc. Club Jay was obviously the opposite to this hence he didn't appear to respond to it, if this was true then the tighter ship under coach Callahan could have had as much to with Haskins improvement as KOC? RR initial comments about liking DH but him needing to step up are very similar to what Callaghan said when he got the reigns, obviously Haskins is further in his development at this stage but I'm guessing those comments are the way make sure he doesn't rest on his recent improvements And to get back on topic, any info on personality wise we are getting from Turner or Zampese?
  4. Bunny Kelly

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    While the first half of the season wasn't good with Haskins I'm going to put that on his HC not wanting him. Haskins showed he was a quick learner late in the season with the way he remedied his mistakes so I'm hopefully in his ability to adapt to a new playbook
  5. Bunny Kelly

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Ideally we want Ko'C to be HC somewhere else in two years because that means he had really developed Haskins
  6. Bunny Kelly

    Next Coach?

    My lastcomment was more could we have him signed up & not announced? We had an advantage of a head start in the recruiting process so to end up in a scramble with other teams would be frustrating
  7. Bunny Kelly

    Next Coach?

    Do we though? Callaghan has a contract as O line coach & is filling in a role temporarily but we don't have a full-time employed HC. Maybe you don't want the extra distractions before a game, but if Dan truly wanted Ron you'd try an get him signed before the season end (quietly) & announced on Monday so no one else can jump in. I just don't like the idea of one team played up against another, we lose out & end up picking up scraps having fired our coach so early in season
  8. Bunny Kelly

    Next Coach?

    If it is Riviera then why isn't it locked up now? Why wait til Monday when he might decide the newly available Giants job with my old mate at GM is more tempting
  9. Bunny Kelly

    Next Coach?

    I do laugh at people questioning coaches going from College to pros & highlighting success rate, what about the success rate of 'the next hot co-ordinator' becoming HC? If someone has proven to be a strong leader & HC in a competitive environment I'd take that over someone who has been a role player into a different organisation but never had to manage the whole thing. I think the difference we has seen this season between Gruden & Callahan shows you need to be a leader of men first & 'smart football guy' second (obviously you want both)
  10. Does Tress have a shot at being our first all pro in 20+ years?
  11. Bunny Kelly

    Next Coach?

    I believe at the time there was a story Jay wanted to get fired ASAP so his rep wouldn't get tainted with our dumpster fire of a season, with that in mind I am delighted at how the players have fought for coach Callahan & come together as a team. Hopefully that selfish lazy attitude costs him in that future (bitter I know)
  12. Firstly I don't agree with that as we had time to recover the onside kick But secondly we again started slow & 14-0 down early but really stuck at it & gave the Packers a game, how many times in the last couple of years would that game have been a 20+ pt loss? I'm not going to get carried away & say we are going to be winning the Super Bowl next season but the positives are outweighing the negatives since the Jets game/Norman was benched
  13. I think people are way too negative on yesterday, we lost 20-15 as 13.5 dogs at Green Bay while suffering some unfortunate injuries along the way Obviously I wouldn't be getting too excited but given where this team has been for most of the last 12months I think it was a solid effort in difficult circumstances.
  14. Bunny Kelly

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    In this scenario you know the GM has Haskins back which is prob what Dan wants
  15. Bunny Kelly

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I have no problem with the throw either given field position & time, he tried something as little other options. It didn't work out but the other options were a sack or throwing the ball away which would have killed the drive anyway