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  1. As a Greek american sadden day, nice guy with a big heart. True Hellenic personality through and through.
  2. Reggie did a good job till Gruden touched the roster.
  3. That’s a sore loser. Not many teams can compete with the leafs speed and talent upfront. But it’s the others whom are talent that don’t get the credit. Kapenan, durmont, along with the other youngster coming up. Keep in mind nylander isn’t even on the team yet. And yes tom Wilson wasn’t playing but he did that to himself like kadri did it in the layoffs vs the b’s. As an avid skins and leaf fan I loved it! That’s how you build a team! Keep developing the youth and wise trades like kapenan and Anderson. The same goes for the leafs, Mathews hit the post and someone else did as
  4. would be a no brainer not to try to get Gordon even for a late pick. roll the dices, and have his locker next to alex smiths, v davis. someone who can keep an eye out and influence the kid.
  5. also add that the eagles robbed the Vikings and got a 1st rounder back in the Bradford trade. that was huge!
  6. I'm not gonna hold your hand but instead of assuming, educate yourself on the broken promises during his campaign speach regarding the Armenian genocide recognition. Apparently, every year during his presidency a blind eye was turned!
  7. Can I say that about previous administraton as well? Or will people be butt hurt at the truth on the broken promises and lies
  8. when did the punch happen because I missed it? the facemask was so blatant it was sickening! as well as the late hit by that punk kennan that was not called! yet, play after we get called for a hold hahaah . wow! just shake your head those occurrences.
  9. For starters when the patriots video taped the jets practices and mangini knew that's how they do things and have. Well they had that coming! No excuse! But deflategate was nonsense. - also factor in sponsors and money. The use of walkie talkie isn't allowed well due to rules and again sponsors. If I was Bose I would threaten a lawsuit as all corporations tend to do. Why? Do they not have a contract to supply headphones and communication devices? You can't say all ny teams. The jets were the victims of spy gate bud. Mara is in a different level and what's sickening a
  10. Also I wonder if that walkie talkie is a bose sponsor made and league issued. Why? Wel money talks
  11. Draft picks and salary cap shouldn't be taken away. That was the entire game he was using the cb walkie talkie.
  12. Where there is so much money to be made and lost there will always be facortisims. It's simple one hand washes the next!
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