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  1. Really politics! So if I replied back about Obama and Clinton or bush all being liars it’s ok . Egos everyone has your argument Doesn’t mKe sense
  2. kost203

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Reggie did a good job till Gruden touched the roster.
  3. sign him up. why not. anything to anger the nfl I'm on board.
  4. Hold on them not called but why didn’t we kill more clock! On the punt there was 14 seconds still left to burn!!!! WTH man
  5. that should have been a late hit on the return
  6. That’s a sore loser. Not many teams can compete with the leafs speed and talent upfront. But it’s the others whom are talent that don’t get the credit. Kapenan, durmont, along with the other youngster coming up. Keep in mind nylander isn’t even on the team yet. And yes tom Wilson wasn’t playing but he did that to himself like kadri did it in the layoffs vs the b’s. As an avid skins and leaf fan I loved it! That’s how you build a team! Keep developing the youth and wise trades like kapenan and Anderson. The same goes for the leafs, Mathews hit the post and someone else did as well can’t remmeber. Goes both ways.
  7. kost203

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    would be a no brainer not to try to get Gordon even for a late pick. roll the dices, and have his locker next to alex smiths, v davis. someone who can keep an eye out and influence the kid.
  8. kost203

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    You build a team inside out. You go bpa, end of story. To argue that is nonsense. You see what the giants are doing now? Just like how they won it. Stack the d-line and keep adding to the oline! Agh! I really really hate those guys! ??
  9. kost203

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Give me hurst from Michigan
  10. kost203

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    AGree. I like the kid from Michigan. If his heart check up turns out good. Go for him! He can do it all, pressure and stop the run! Hurst I believe
  11. Same can be said with the nyc area. Also factor in the Bronx which property isn’t desireable for an athlete and also the nj area upper that is. Additionally, ct Fairfield county
  12. I see Sheldon rich going to the jets. There are still strong ties there. Keep hearing about it from many jets friends . That’s another reason for Wilkerson being let go as well. They made a mistake and got rid of the wrong guy in theree eyes
  13. kost203

    My friend Jkam

    God bless him and his family. Life is too short
  14. tag him already, if he wants to sign sure well be in cap hell but you know what cousins will be sitting the bench all next year doing nothing. maybe holding a clipboard lol. no way in hell does cousins sign it cause you know he wouldn't even see one minute. grieve away patriots did it, doesn't matter if cassell agreed or didn't, the point is there is precedence. whats the worse that happen? bruce will get fired? haha do it!