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  1. Sorry guys, I ask every year (I think) but what website are y'all using for undrafted news?
  2. So we know about the top rated guys but who do you hope we get in the 3rd round and later who've become your Combine Crushes?? This combine has been so much fun to watch and I am psyched for the upcoming draft! Very impressive group. The WR's and LB's were my favorite to watch. I like Chase Claypool who I'd move to TE and Tanner Muse. I would love to load up on some speed guys!
  3. If they travel to the stage via boat, this is gonna be one long draft. Either way, I'm really looking forward to it!
  4. I'll be there!! Flying in from Connecticut on April 22nd and right now I'm staying at the Mirage but I may change my reservations.
  5. Wish I was! I got pretty injured and haven't been near my laptop. I guess I should google before commenting. LOL
  6. I'd rather have Fitzmagic as my backup! The guy has heart!!
  7. https://twitter.com/Hailmary8870/status/1181002522594598912?s=20
  8. I would have liked us picking up Jordan Taamu, QB.
  9. With Cleveland being the new favorite of the NFL and the decision to suspend Kareem Hunt for 8 games, how long do you think it'll be before they let the Redskins know what they've decided to do with Reuben Foster? My guess is right before the draft because the NFL loves to me mess with the Skins and wait until the last possible second to screw over our team.
  10. >>>>>>Sarcasm<<<<<<< Can we do a package trade for few of our players like Norman & Smith then add Alex Smith too?? <Man that contract sucks!!
  11. Conn, I'm in Newington. Where are you?

    1. ConnSKINS26


      I'm actually living in Boston now, but from Griswold CT before that. I've got family near Newington though