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  1. On me like a rash no matter what I'm Irish, close enough.
  2. Well, your spine proved that it wasn't good enough last year too when you finished fourth didn't it? It wasn't good enough then and it isn't now. It contains the same players. Zero improvement. I only brought it up because I was prompted. Any opinion that isn't 100% pro Liverpool on here tends to get jumped all over. I'm just defending my opinion. Anyway, that's my post comparing the clubs spines last year. I dunno how you argued with it before to be honest. It's a valid point.
  3. I honestly don't know what point your trying to make. You keep making this about Spurs v Liverpool when I'm not talking about Spurs at all. I'm talking about Liverpool not having a spine/not being good enough to win the league which is being proven to be correct. I'm not a Spurs fan. It doesn't bother me if they win or lose against Liverpool.
  4. Says he never took issue with me saying you had a bad spine. Shown quotes showing him taking issue with me saying you had a bad spine. Calls me the silly one
  5. Haha you keep thinking that so. Your spine isn't good enough. That is fact and always has been in the Klopp era whether you were able to see it or not. Seasons aren't won in December.
  6. It holds up though. I said your spine wasn't good enough. You told me I was talking ****e. I was proven correct. Now whenever the spine is brought up the narrative is "We knew this all along anyway". You clearly didn't. You thought Jordan Henderson being a key player was a sustainable route towards a league title. The evidence is above. That's all I'm saying. I'll hold my hands up when I get things wrong but don't make me out to be the ****e-talker here!
  7. What have I said that's incorrect about the 5 other clubs? Also, you did take issue with me saying the Liverpool spine wasn't good enough. See below. Apparently I was the one talking ****e
  8. The conversation I am talking about was solely about Liverpool not having a good spine. Nothing to do with Spurs. All I've said about Spurs in the past is that they play some of the best football in the league and that they have a very good squad and will finish top 4/ahead of Liverpool. I don't see how anyone can argue with that. I also think the league table is a better indicator of which team is better not two results in a 38 game season. Last time Liverpool finished ahead of Spurs Tim Sherwood was their manager. That's a while back now.
  9. I can't fully remember who said what but I think it was mainly GHH who took issue with me not believing you had a good enough spine in fairness. That's all I'm talking about anyway. I'm pretty confident that's been proven to be the case over the past 12 months not just due to that one result last weekend.
  10. You should look at the league tables since RG3 had a future though
  11. Could read your post two ways with the way it was phrased to be fair. My bad. I dunno what point your making so. I'm not a Spurs supporter. I lose zero sleep if they win or lose.
  12. I'm talking about Liverpool's spine. I had back and forth on here last year saying how a spine of Matip-Henderson-Firmino isn't good enough to win the league and I was essentially laughed at. Now you're all acting like you knew they weren't good enough all along! Spurs are better than Liverpool in pretty much every position. As are Chelsea as are Man City as are Man Utd. That's the reality of the situation from an outsider. Just because I don't sugercoat Liverpool pretending Jordan Henderson is the next Xavi you jump all over my opinions. Dunno what I've done wrong to be honest. Th
  13. When I said you had no spine last year I was talking nonsense apparently. Now that it's been shown to be true you knew it all along. Ok.
  14. Doucoure is bullying Bakayoko in midfield. Brilliant player. Still think Chelsea will be fine once they get Kante back. Massive loss to them.
  15. Yeah you'd think if they were so aware of their limitations then they wouldn't get so tetchy after an only ok result. Who am I to decide though
  16. Defence an obvious concern but the lack of a good finisher would probably be my biggest worry for Liverpool. Really lacking that Morata/Kane/Lukaku etc etc that can stick them away. Still stick by it, team needs a brand new spine. GK, CB, CM, ST. Never going to challenge properly until that happens.
  17. He's been brilliant for 2/3 seasons now but taken it up a level this season alright. Nobody stops that second goal he scored yesterday. I don't think there's a striker in the world playing as well as he is right now.
  18. Yeah, Harry Kane is world class. What a player.
  19. Morata is so so good. I think Chelsea might be better than last year once Hazard gets fully back. I can't see Man Utd sticking with both Chelsea and City tbh. Two horse race I think. Wembley is killing Spurs already.
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