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  1. Even plays where Haskins has a little something resembling "time to throw," he's still consistently throwing flat footed. Ugh
  2. But he slimmed down this offseason though!
  3. OUCH. From the Start em/Sit em Week 2 write up on NFL.com: RE the reason to SIT Jared Goff- " I’m just not excited about a matchup against the Eagles, who allowed just 178 passing yards last week. Sure, it was to Dwayne Haskins, so it’s like beating Madden on rookie mode, but still." DIS.RE.SPECT
  4. I believe that winning week 1 was huge for this team. It gets a large monkey off their back immediately. They now already KNOW that they can play and win games. Full steam ahead!
  5. But which of the two to start in a flex spot in fantasy this weekend?? *bangs head*
  6. They look so slow and tired (which they shouldn't be) I can't believe these sustained offensive pressures the Islanders are getting.
  7. GREAT start....... LITERALLY 4 minutes straight of sustained pressure from the Islanders.
  8. We should have still been a force to reckon with after winning the cup, but somehow it went downhill quickly
  9. Ugh. Getting bad memories of them playing hard and heavy only to lose like little ****es
  10. Taking a lead into intermission again. Too bad we always be suck in the 2nd period!
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