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  1. Soooooo....he's Josh Doctson until further notice.... JK. Excited for this dude.
  2. No talk of FFVII or Resident Evil 3 remakes?? I purchased the bundle of RE2 & RE3 remakes for like $77. People's biggest complaint about RE3 remake is that it cuts out some sections and felt too short to them. I took my time dicking around and beat it in like 9 hours. I enjoyed it. Obviously it doesn't have the same absolute WOW factor that the RE2 remake did, as that surprised everybody. This is still a pretty good experience. I do wish that Nemesis had stayed in his two-legged form for longer though lol. There is also less replay-ability overall, but it still a great remastering. I'm a big sucker for Resident Evil though, so maybe I'm biased. Only played the FFVII demo so far, but I have lots of mates who have been playing the full game like 12 hours straight. It seems to be a hit.
  3. I work at Brook Lane bruv, it's been chaos all week. I keep waiting for things to get exponentially worse around these parts any moment.
  4. Yeah visually and audibly it was fantastic. I've been tellin people that I'll have to let the battle system grow on me though. I hope they don't eff this up with the "episode" or chapter formula. Also, anyone been peepin the RE3 remake? Can't wait for it. However it looks like it's going to be even more stressful than the RE2 remake with how relentless Nemesis is going to be lol.
  5. My two cents: "Christianity" doesn't have a problem...the human race has a problem. TL;DR this is LITERALLY what the gospel of Christ is all about. Bonus: the intertwining of politics and spiritual beliefs in this country is cringeworthy at best.
  6. This is so tough. If only we could see the future and know how much of an impact Del Rio himself will have on our current defense. If a new coach and scheme already improves the D quite a bit (assuming we already have a lot of talent), then adding that 1 elite player could really put them over the top. However, if changing our coach and scheme reveals to us that maybe our current talent isn't even that amazing, then of course an influx of multiple picks would be my choice. Since we cannot see the future, I think I'm straight up fine with whichever route they go.
  7. So Ovi needs 200couple more goals to surpass Gretzky. Seems like a lot, but even the great one himself is rooting for him apparently. At this point, staying healthy and in shape is probably the biggest factor for Ovi going forward if he wants to beat it.
  8. I stand by what I've said even in previous years about the Caps: when they want to, or when they're not being lazy, they can put on a show and beat anyone.
  9. I wouldn't worry about Rivera's "overall" record too much. Record is important, but it's not everything when evaluating a coach. At the end of the day, the players still have to play the game. I believe Rivera's professionalism, attitude, and reputation are exactly what this organization needs at this time. HTTR!
  10. After the Giants game was the first time I've been totally okay with moving forward with Haskins, at least for the next few years. In my opinion, he finally showed some huge progression and helped me feel more peaceful about his skills and ability. I thought he played fairly above average that game. If he had played to that level since the beginning, instead of below average, most of us would have never had an issue. To allow him, our young WRs, and our young RBs to grow together for the next several years could be awesome... ...unless they all suck of course.
  11. Serious question: if "mechanics" and footwork are fundamental basics of playing QB, how does one actually become a starting QB in the NFL or even NCAA for that matter, if their mechanics are poor?
  12. I actually feel pretty bad for Georgia, especially because they're my dad's team. They've had rough endings to things the last couple of years.
  13. He's athletic Tom Brady. Come at me.
  14. Your magic ball pales in comparison to Burreaux's Balls!
  15. Folks, Joe Burrow may be the best QB that has ever played. Yes, I'm also an LSU fan.
  16. Back in the early 2000s I had the pleasure of peeing next to John Cooper from Skillet when they were doing a small show at a school. I haven't washed my #### since...
  17. Pennsylvania number 14 whoop whoop! I always new i is smart.
  18. I don't "hate" him personally; but he's a viciously raw QB...more raw than most rookie QBs imo. For all those claiming to have seen "growth" today, could you give specifics? I mean, he looked the same as ever to me. Those mechanics though... Similarly, what "flashes" did he show? Just that he can throw real far? Okay.
  19. The Giants are going to regret passing him up!
  20. Yay...Redskins Please Guice, don't hurt yourself.