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  1. clietas

    Florida....? oh yeah, Florida.

    Florida. Where the news has to literally explain what pants are.
  2. clietas

    Dirty Laundry

    Get a raccoon. They'll do the laundry for you.
  3. clietas

    The Impeachment Thread

    Being held accountable is difficult.
  4. clietas

    The Impeachment Thread

    Because he prefers to do all his shady work behind the scenes not out in the open?
  5. clietas

    The Impeachment Thread

    So just like Trumps kids Blagojevichs rarely got to see their father outside of an orange suit.
  6. clietas

    RIP Neil Peart

    Probably the best place to put this. Tickets on sale tomorrow.
  7. The Trump administration is bringing back mercury? Seems like an odd choice. Lead paint next?
  8. Russia, China, NK, and Iran will all be heavily involved this go around.
  9. clietas

    The Impeachment Thread

    Drain the swamp tho.
  10. Seems like a lot of old white people have a problem with not being able to be racist pos these days. I hear this kinda thinking here in NC every now and then. "Leftist PC police changing our culture ".
  11. A million dollars ain't what it usta be. Still I'd like to have that kinda cash.