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  1. Because Vince isn't 100% responsible for the success of these characters. Major studios seemingly understand this. Actors play a large part in the actual characters. Its not all the writers, producers, and owner. Or in the case of the WWE Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Dwayne Johnson had major success as "The Rock". Well he wasn't the first "The Rock". Yet Dwayne got over like no other. Whys that ya think?
  2. Exactly. Plus there is a lot of the actual human being in playing these characters. That was the whole damn point of the attitude era. The wwe didn’t come up with everything. Hell Vince has been out of creative ideas for like 30 years.
  3. Sony, Paramount, Universal. Fox, Disney, WB aren't suspending the social media accounts of their stars. Weird right? These studios also aren't forcing their talent to sign new contracts with social media restrictions.
  4. Yeah from a social media account and following which the wrestlers built themselves. Wwe wasn't involved. Now Vince and his endless greed wants in.
  5. Was he still under contract with the wwe? I know he's been involved in trying to get name trademarks like Y2J back. Not familiar with his ownership roles. Jerico use Twitch to start his own promotion?
  6. The wrestlers didn't start a rival company tho. They're just streaming their content on Twitch. Your hypothetical hairdresser scenario isn't whats happening here. If anything its more ad revenue and a possible new audience for the wwe.
  7. My 10 year old Samsung will take that long if you basically turn on all the settings. I run it on the quick setting n it takes like 45 mins. Has dishwasher technology reverted over the last decade?
  8. Westbrook throwing his helmet in overtime to push the Skins FG attempt further than Blanton could handle at his age was just classic. Player of that game, and that era honestly, was Ken Harvey. Wasted talent on some terrible Cardinals n Redskins teams.
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