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  1. If we can keep Jones under 150 yards rushing, we might have a chance.
  2. The Minnesota quarterback is ssssssstrugggggling.
  3. Tottenham is absolutely crushing it right now.
  4. My coffee tastes like sunshine and victory. WFT 27 Jersey Trash - 19
  5. Loma got absolutely scrambled in the 12th. Nearly a 10-8 round and he was close to sleepy-time. So yeah, his strategy was less than ideal but, if Loma decides to start standing in the line of fire in the 4th instead of the 8th, he gets Ko’d inside of 10. Lopez just has too much for him. That said, would love to see a rematch. And they’ll probably get the money right for that in 2022.
  6. Bears +1 Kirktober -4.5 Titans -4 WFT/NYG 43o
  7. Lopez won 1-7 & 12. 116-112 is my number.
  8. USA! USA! USA! Gimme that loot.
  9. Man, Berlanga does have some pop.
  10. You kinda had to think that UNC might be a little shaky after having the Hokies lay 46 on em.
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