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It’s Always Sunny In LA

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Greetings from San Diego which means Whale’s va.... Wait. The Chargers moved to LA so there goes the Anchorman joke. 


Take 2. 


Greetings from the StubHub Center in LA. Because, you know, StubHub is the official NFL ticket resale spot. It’s currently a delightful 70 degrees with it to be in the 80s by kickoff. Be jealous snowy East Coast. :)  




Today’s match up features the Burgundy & Gold going up against the Bolts. The Bolts should just permanently wear their powder blue while the Skins should never ever wear their all burgundy again. It’s not that I don’t like the all burgundy look, it’s that they’ve never won while wearing it. 


Meanwhile, 15 minutes down the road at the LA Coliseum you’ve got the Eagles at the Rams. And their kickoff is 20 minuets  after the kickoff here. Who scheduled this? You’ve got the East Coast Skins & the West Coast Skins playing in the same city at the same town. Oh & I was hearing last night that the Rams/Eagles tickets were going for $200 as of last night. Plus the hotel & everywhere went last night in El Segundo seemed to be infested with imported iggle fans. Let’s hope our guy McVay puts the Eagles on the L train outta town.


On paper, both the Chargers & Redskins seem evenly matched. However, the Redskins have seen this before in KC & New Orleans along with the Rams & Seahawks. Hopefully this game is more Redskins/Rams/Seahawkish then the other two. 


The Redskins will need to do several things to get the W today. First is to protect Cousins against a nasty pass rush. Second is the WRs need to catch every ball. These dropped passes from the last few weeks need to be eliminated. And thirdly they can’t get away from the run even if it’s not working at times. They’ll  also need to keep their Defense off the field so they have time to actually dissect what Rivers is doing on Offense & make the proper adjustments. 









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Why is it that the Rams and Chargers coaches have winning seasons in their first attempt as head coach, but our Skins suck year after year?!!  What happened to all the depth this team was supposed to have and being in healthy shape...why so many injuries year after year while other teams don't suffer as many?  Isn't it time to stop carrying injured players year after year.....who cares if you have talent when you can't get on the field.   Time for a few players to go and start with Reed.....not worth a roster spot when you play 2 games a year.  So sick of the same coaching excuses......losing is losing and this team needs an overhaul starting with Bruce Allen.


It really does'nt matter if the Skins play in all Burgundy uniforms...they suck in all colors.  Another year of hope wasted....this franchise has turned into an embarrassment.  

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An answer to why the skins continue to lose and almost every season perform below expectations is the culture of the franchise. This begins with this totally clueless owner Daniel Synder.  Just compare the skins under Jack Kent Cooke and this current bozo. Yes we fans have gotten use to how our 1st round drafts picks turn into busts, how the front office signs high priced free agents who are in the twilight of their careers, how they go thru so many head coaches and coordinators and blah blah.  Its just so incredulous to me that it still continues to go on. I think Josh Norman is overrated and overpaid, he is more trouble than he is worth, the so called stud receiver Terell Pryor is a bust.  I think this team has a lot of talent but are not coached up properly.  I think DJ Swearinger summed the season perfectly. The practices are blah, no sense of urgency, just going thru the motions. Jay Gruden openly admits that he failed to get his team ready to play against the chargers. When a team deals with so many injuries and woes that means that they lack proper conditioning and mental focus. These players need to take care of their bodies and self motivate themselves. This all goes back to the culture of the organization, which is bad and nonconductive to winning. What kills me the most is how we always lose to our prime arch rival, the Cowboys. This aint no rivalry anymore. I just wish Dan Synder would disappear because I do not foresee this franchise turning itself around anytime soon.

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