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  1. Wow can’t people see the skins have packed it in. After Gruden’s comment that he didn’t prepare his team against the chargers. That’s the assholes job. He will be fired for his apathy and the defeatist culture he brings in the locker room. Swearinger called out his team mates for being “blah” during practice.. they will lose the last 3 games because they deserve to
  2. lmfmd60

    It’s Always Sunny In LA

    An answer to why the skins continue to lose and almost every season perform below expectations is the culture of the franchise. This begins with this totally clueless owner Daniel Synder. Just compare the skins under Jack Kent Cooke and this current bozo. Yes we fans have gotten use to how our 1st round drafts picks turn into busts, how the front office signs high priced free agents who are in the twilight of their careers, how they go thru so many head coaches and coordinators and blah blah. Its just so incredulous to me that it still continues to go on. I think Josh Norman is overrated and
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