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According to NFL bylaws, we know the Browns pick will be out of football within 4 years, and the Jets pick will barely hang on as a career backup. Bad news for Mayfield (for whom I had high hopes) and Darnold (who seemed rather "meh").


I will go with Josh Rosen...although his situation looks drearily sumilar to Matt Leinart.


The football gods have probably still not forgiven Buffalo for benching Flutie for Rob Johnson, which is sad news for J.osh P. Allen.


Lamar Jackson is a joke. 


I think one of the mid-round picks (Lauletta or Mason Rudolph) will emerge as the best in a couple years (I would take Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins over Luck [or obviously RG3] now, though that might have seemed crazy in 2012).

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Kirk Cousins is going to bust, but Mason Rudolph will play and get Jimmy Garoppolo level hype. The Steelers will trade him to the Vikings, where Rudolph-Rudolph will turn into the greatest teaming since Montana-Rice.

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