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  1. I'm so with you, my friend.
  2. **** this team. This front office can kick rocks. Collectively. I'm officially done with spending money on this team. I'll see anyone who wants to travel to Kansas City since it's in my back yard. But no chance I'm coming to FedEx to give a dime to this joke of a franchise. And eff you, Bruce. Pathetic you can **** this up on a colossal level. Rant over.
  3. Why wait? Is there an advantage to waiting and still signing? I know this is my selfish impatience talking, but why in his shoes would you risk injury this year if you're still open to signing here long term?
  4. I miss my ES crew. But I'm not certain I'm willing to spend the dollars on this franchise to fly halfway across the country to watch a lame duck QB and a lame duck season. Get the damn deal done already, or trade him by Monday. Makes ZERO sense to not pick a lane.
  5. If....and I PRAY this is a very big IF, because I'm still in the camp of clinging to hope of a contract...but if this is how it plays out...why even waste a year on a guy who is checked out? Why not go ahead and trade him or start Colt to start the next chapter and stop wasting time?
  6. 8 days. Straw poll on what day it ACTUALLY gets done if it does? My money says Thursday is the day.
  7. 15 days. I've ONLY been coming to ES for this thread right now. Come on FO , please give us some good news already...
  8. Yesssssssssss. Welcome to DC, young man!!
  9. What I'm holding out hope for is that for the 10 yr anniversary, ESPN will FINALLY do a 30 for 30 on Sean. Can't believe it's never happened already. RIP ST21, you will never be forgotten.
  10. I'm buying the team. I think Danny will take $3B if we structure the offer properly. I've got $200 so far, I think I'm gonna start a GoFundMe for the remaining $2,999,999,800.
  11. Loved seeing the appearance by Chief at about 4:20. Rest in Power, old friend.
  12. Don't know if this is OK for thread worthiness....but now that it's official that he's going to SF, I think it's deserved to say thanks to a guy that poured his heart in week after week. The guy was a warrior on the field, one of my favorite Skins, and will be missed. Best of luck, just not against us. Hail.
  13. I can't take this. Every day drags expecting this saga to finally end. Sign the damn man already.
  14. Can we please get breaking news soon? The suspense is killing me.....
  15. One of these days, I'm gonna have to make the trek to STL for a beer and to see that one, my friend.