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  1. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Never a doubt! teehee..
  2. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Needed that TO. Gruden's 1st down play card only had run up the gut written on it..
  3. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Cousins had me fooled a bit last year. I was in the "pay the man" camp.. Glad someone on the team saw the truth. Dude is the "non" play maker.
  4. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    VD with a nice move!
  5. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    We won't need that TO. Nah..
  6. Game Day Thread - Redskins at LA Rams

    Hopkins has to lead the league in bar hits.. FML
  7. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I give it another game or two.. Once we're 0 and ? Kirk will bounce back with a couple good/great games.. I just don't think he's one to thrive in an environment with high expectations.. Unfortunately.
  8. How do you feel about the Receiving corps?

    Just saw the scroll.. Redskins: WR Doctson - questionable (hamstring) ..
  9. Redskins vs Rams Prediction Thread: Possible Gauntlet March?

    SkinsFTW said it.. There's really no reason why a rebuilt Rams team with a bust QB and new HC should compete with Gruden's league leading QB and 4 year plan.. (I almost got all of that out w/o spitting my coffee on the computer screen) Im gonna watch anyway though!
  10. Eagles Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Actually pleasantly surprised by the D.. A couple nice stops, a pick 6, some pressure and sacks.. Bummer they dropped some int's and whiffed on some sacks, but overall it was better than I'd predicted.. Cousins? Oof.. Im sorry, Kirk had little time and lots of pressure, I get it.. But if you think you should be the top paid QB in the league, you need to be able to make a play at some point, even with pressure.. I just don't see much play making ability coming from him. He still looks like a 1 dimensional guy to me, who excelled (last year) when he had small game pressure (ie: low expectations) lots of pocket time and a couple all pro receivers to target.. Just nothing about him looks "special" in any way.. Wentz made him look like a backup.. The rest of the O? Meh.. Bout what I expected. (not much)
  11. Gruden gonna call plays and be head coach.. lol Let that sink in.
  12. Terrible call.. Probably didn't matter. Kirk is a panic monger.. Prolly throw a nice deep ball now that the pressure is off.
  13. How much did Kirk think he was worth again? lol
  14. Nice play AND finish! Finally something to cheer about!!