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  1. I thought the best (well, one of) scene was when Jimmy started into -full- detail about how they were gonna con the obnoxious guy in the bar.. Kim got a glimpse of what Jimmy is capable of there and looked a bit scared. lol
  2. I doubt it, ( I don't watch Hershey either) but he only got in half the games of their last series, unless he was injured? I just like his motor, attitude and work ethic. But he's not cut in the Hershey/Caps prospect mold, (ie: skate/skill/soft) so he'll probably never be heard from (around here) again. Edit: #Smashville (They're gritty! Hope they can smash the Pens as well)
  3. Legendary voice and soul!! RIP Chris Cornell..
  4. XXVI Skins stole everyone's sunglasses.. Lights are just too bright for DC teams since then..
  5. Every time I looked up, Celtics were scoring a layup.. D stunk, bench stunk. It should be fun watching Cleveland roll them in 4, 5 tops.
  6. We got Pheonix Copley back in the Shatthispants/Sanford deal. Our tender situation is better than most, imo, even if we lose Gruby to expansion. I've heard rumblings about trading Holtby and going with Grubs.. While that wouldn't be terrible, as the return could be huge, I don't think Im ready to give up on Holts just yet. He's had a couple tough playoffs, but he had a couple tough seasons before he got the Vezina/Beast dialed in.. He's young enough and good enough, that he alone could propel the team to the playoffs and beyond, if he just plays to his potential.. I'd rather find a couple young defenders and try and new defensive scheme/coach and see if we can do better than multiple odd man rushs' and stupid bounces per game, next go round..
  7. And in games 1 and 2.. (Pretty much every time they were "expected" to perform at their best.) Last night was just pathetic though. I didn't notice ANYONE making a difference. Not a single player looked like they had a "good" game or were on the cusp of making a difference.. Holtby actually, thought he did about all he could.. The rest of em' just looked like they were overwhelmed in the moment.
  8. If they're going to keep the Euro core (Ovi, Nicky, Mojo, Kuzy, Burt) Then I'd welcome a new coach, tomorrow.. If they're going to gut it and start over, he'll be a good filler to get them to play "right", but once they get decent again, they'll need a better coach.. He's solid at the basics but not much else.
  9. Wow, weakest game 7 I've seen in a while.. Couldn't even score a goal in the biggest game of their careers..
  10. That's the Holtbeast we need!! #1 star!! No handshakes tonight Pittsburgh.. Not tonight!!