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  1. Ovi Nicky Wilson Beagle Bondra Hunter Erskine Maruk Gartner Langway
  2. Just gotta laugh it off.. This team can't have nothing nice. Not (again) in our lifetimes..
  3. Outside of the obvious defense calls, now a running back can't "lower his head" and make contact with the defense? Just about time to start designing the flag dimensions and attachment methods.. (NFL version will be smaller and harder to pull off!) The announcers will also have to go back to school on how to call games, as this is a term that's said, just about every running play where tough yards are gained..
  4. Where on the curve are the Gruden Redskins?

    Hopefully the Caps winning a championship will get the city back on track, where 8-8 is good enough to hold the HC job for 5+ years.. Haven't even been paying much attention in the offseason.. Is Gruden still gonna try to be the HC and OC?? Is so, get the popcorn ready..
  5. Gonna have to call him "MISTER" Wilson now suckas!! Glad they locked him up for his prime years!!
  6. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    This whole scenario is just another example of people not knowing how to behave properly.. Don't start berating/yelling at someone in public and you probably don't get shoved to the ground or beat up by a stranger? Don't shove/beat up a stranger in public and you probably don't get shot to death? Some simple common sense is always missing in 99% of these instances.. Then we get to debate how someone else should "feel" from watching a video.. lol
  7. Coaches fleeing like rats off a sinking ship.. Lane Lambert heads to NYI with Trotz and they say Mitch Korn (who isn't actually a coach anymore) could be next. Hopefully Rierden is able to fill the spots with comfortable replacements.. He'll need familiarity, imo..
  8. Sucks we lost Beagle.. But, like everyone has said, we couldn't afford him at 3mil per year.. Good for him though, got his cup and now getting paid.. Enjoy your time in Vancouver! I hope they we don't issue a #83 for a couple seasons..
  9. Welcome to the head of the table coach Reirden! And I stand corrected.. Forget they needed to sign Beagle and it appears he's probably gone.. If he does go, I wish him the very best!! Stephenson going to have some huge shoes to fill.. That motor, forecheck, PK and especially 50+% faceoff win percentage looms large..
  10. So it looks like everyone is coming back, outside of Orpik and Im still hearing they could resign him too, if ish lines up.. It's a long shot, but I'd take him back in a heart beat for 1 million per or there abouts.. It's amazing what winning a cup will do to your opinion of players.. lol
  11. NHL shop has been a joke.. Hat I ordered took 3 weeks to ship. Now I have to pray they sent the right one and that it's got all the logos on it.. Seen some that were missing the Caps logo.. lol Just said Stanley Cup Champions with a big blank spot in the middle, where the Caps logo should be.. I think they'll probably lose Beagle or DSP.. Hope they can keep em' both but it'll take some doing..
  12. Yea, I guess everyone on the shows gonna have a turn at mental illness? lol I did enjoy the premier though, but I feel like we saw the season finale in the 1st 30 seconds? Its a unique show, for sure..
  13. So, imo, they should of paid Trotz if they wanted a real shot at repeating.. I dunno about the full 5 years/ 4 mil like he (rumored) got from NYI, but something in the 4 x 4 range would of probably got it done. Now we have to hope Reirdon can keep them focused.. At least we got a Cup out of it.. Would be really twisted if he'd of gotten us to the finals, then left.. That would of been even more Washington DC esque.. lol
  14. Oh, and "The Affair" season 4 started the other day.. (These shows that only drop once a week need to get with the program!)
  15. You know it's slow in tv land when this thread falls to page 3... "Im dying up here" (season 2) came back and "Wentworth" (season 6) comes back tonight.. Oh and Animal Kingdom (season 3) is back, of course.. Anything else premiering soon?