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  1. 4th Minn goal.. Entering the zone, one of their players was trying to get out, before they brought the puck in.. Clearly didn't make it and the linesman still called it a good entry.. They "claimed" since the player entering the zone took his stick off the puck for a split second (thus meaning he wasn't controlling it) it allowed for a "delayed" offsides.. Total BS and rules interpretation conundrum.. Dude had full control of the puck before, across and after crossing the blue line. I pray these "rules interpretations" can avoid us this playoffs..
  2. That offsides call? lol Can't wait till the playoffs start so we can once again hear how the rules are supposed to be interpreted.. Shoddy!! Anyway, thankful for the special teams play! The 5v5 looked like we got outplayed a bit.
  3. Got to see the game on NBATV.. I don't want to play the Cavs, not because they're so good, but because their announcers hurt my ears..
  4. Can you imagine if his name was Crosbsky? lol The league would have an entirely different view of his punk ass tactics.
  5. Don't think Cindy even got a hearing for the stick to the nuts? I get incidental stick fouls, but if a player intentionally hit someone in the head, they'd get talked to/suspended, no? Don't really see a difference when it's obviously intentional. No way he didn't mean to hit the guy in the nuts.. (And that wasn't the 1st time) Players need to put the bounty out, since the league doesn't seem to give a crap.
  6. Was only able to catch the 1st period.. Thought they looked noticeably quicker and more fluid. (Similar to before the bye week) Read that the D got a little hanky later on, but it's nice to see the offense back to scoring! From the highlights the PP also looked sharp! Tight race at the top, hope they use it for motivation! BTW, Crosby is such a ****.. (Hitting guy in the nuts with his stick) So glad to see him checking for teeth at the end of that game!
  7. Looked like they got the band back together in the 3rd! Finally! lol That late goal off the faceoff sucked but whatever.. Keep grindin'! Burt looked good! I wouldn't mind an in game review of high sticks/slashes. (Stuff you can black/white with a review) And do away with the offsides reviews.. If a coach wants to burn his timeout, have at it! Definitely would like to see post game review/suspensions of embellishments like that. Did Joe/Locker notice it? The Tampa homers didn't even mention it.. Looked like the stick missed him by a foot on my replay? Then the head goes back, drop to the knees, touches face to check for blood.. Just an embarrassment to the NHL if it was all an act..
  8. Need to be able to review high sticks. And then suspend for embellishment. Too much soccer creeping into hockey.
  9. Welcome to playoff style hockey! Gotta bury your chances or you risk losing to most anyone. Thought they played well enough to win that in regulation, but nothing going in and a couple (great) shots Im sure Holtby would like another chance at.. Oh well, got a point, on to the next one!
  10. Good to see the boys back in town tonight!! Looked like the lugnuts were getting loose there for a bit but they tightened em' up and closed it out! Nice to see Ovi back in the mix.
  11. Smelling salt, white towel, something! lol These guys need a long nap and forget the last week of games entirely.
  12. Man, WTF? Was that Alzner again, watching? Just not computing in my head what the **** is up with this team right now..
  13. Officially? Charging. Unofficially = being a dumbass, leaving his feet/head shot, when his team was down a goal late in the game..
  14. So is the player only meeting today or should they wait for one more? Looks like adding a "superstar" puck mover (that we didn't need) has upset the apple-cart! Carlson must be butt hurt, Alzner and Orpik reported to be battling injury? No way they'll bench 22. Meanwhile, coach will leave 2 more than capable guys on the bench "just cause".. Puck luck dried up, giving up 3+ GA? No worries!