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  1. If only Casey Anthony would get locked up for something.. She'd rival OJ in the hatred/daytime tv ratings race.. lol
  2. Tony Soprano Dexter Morgan Walter White
  3. He's a tough SOB! Hope he kicks cancers ass! That letter from Meghan.. Dang. Tears welled up for sure. God bless their family!
  4. Another good one (showing my age lol) that I forgot.. The Unit!
  5. The Wire Dexter NYPD Blue Breaking Bad Sopranos
  6. Burt only got 2 years? He must feel slighted.. Guess he didn't have the KHL to threaten to run off to? lol As for Ovi, I don't see any "contender" being able to afford his salary, for a PP specialist.. And if weaker teams want him he'll have the NTC to keep him from them. I see him here until he becomes so much of a liability that his ice time dries up, then he'll probably go back to Russia.. On a slightly bright note, I could see Nick, Kuz, possibly Burt having super years, because well, they'll have to.. But then April will roll around and we know what happens in April.
  7. Just had to double check and see if it was a misprint.. Looking for something like "Sorry folks, it was actually Lars Eller traded for a 2nd or 3rd" But nope, it was 26 yo, 58pt, 2way center/forward, PP specialist, Marcus Johansson.. Who has 2 years left on a pretty sweet contract.. We gave up more for an UFA Shattenkirk rental.. lol
  8. Im no huge Mojo fan, but he put up points and could -COULD- be an absolute beast if coached to use his size to contribute, when he's not scoring.. But a late 2nd and a 3rd? Wow.. Just SMH kinda wow.. All that to sign Kuzy and Burt who have the same size/soft attributes.. Kuz had 59 pts - worth 8.7 mil a year! Mojo 58 pts - is worth a (late) second and third round pick. Read on another board how BM could of (easily) done that deal before expansion, then protected 4 forwards and 4 D.. (ie: kept Schmidt) I think GMBM has been asleep at the wheel a bit this off season..
  9. Somebody who makes a bunch of money is gonna get traded..
  10. Nashville signed Hartnell for 1m/1yr.. I'd of taken that in a heart beat to toughen up this team!! I hope the Rangers have fun trying to make up for the 50 pts Shatt gets, with the 30-40 he'll give up.. lol Williams also signed in Carolina. 2yrs/9mil.. Yikes!!
  11. Holy ****, is it just me or does that seem like way too much? 5.1m?? I like Orlov but didn't think he's proven himself THAT much.. I was thinking 4 would be a stretch..
  12. That's a long ass contract.. At least he's multidimensional and can move down lines as he ages and hopefully still "help".. Should just give him the C now and be done with it..
  13. Another young, promising guy with a good cap hit gets away.. Its too bad they didn't expose some guys who'd actually free up cap space if taken.. Least we could replaced them with similar value/$ player.. Not sure there's any inexpensive (yet good) D men available. Even if we trade Grubs, we won't have much cap room.
  14. Damn.. Capitol police get shot, still go after and stop gunman! Straight up bad asses!!! God bless the victims and all who serve and have the nads to run into gunfire!!
  15. If only Comey would say Trump had his hand in the shape of a gun and was pointing it at his head, while asking to drop the Flynn investigation.. Or better, "he kept dragging his thumb from one side of his neck to the other..."