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  1. Absolutely. Offer him the 24M/year and a huge chunk guaranteed or stop saying trying to convince the fanbase you're doing all you can. Because you aren't until you make that offer.
  2. It's possible that due to the deep TE draft, after teams see their rookie haul, some decent vet TEs hit the market. I don't want to pay much for anyone but we could probably do better than Paul/Carrier for depth purposes if a more well-rounded guy becomes available.
  3. Weird to see someone post like that with no sense of context to their thoughts. There are multiple entire threads detailing what you're asking. Don't come onto a message board, where the only means of communicating comes via reading and replying, and basically say you don't have the patience for people's thoughts before ****ting on them with your own. Are some overboard with the negativity? Maybe. Are some not worried enough, or kidding themselves? Probably. Are some right on the money with where this organization is? Likely. Is it fair to say that you're ignoring lots of context in order to paint the rosiest picture possible to make us all look like moronic chicken littles for no reason? Absolutely.
  4. Same here. It's about the best we can hope for. I just want a smart, opinionated talent evaluator in the room. I've pretty much given up on anyone having absolute power while Allen is here--and I don't think qualified candidates who want 'final say' or are good enough to demand it would work with Bruce anyways. They want to be the top dog in their dream FO and build it from the top on down with their guys, their choices.
  5. Seeing pics online of Cousins/Doctson/Pryor/Crowder working together and working on that elusive chemistry between QB/reciever going into a year when the QB is throwing to a bunch of new targets would normally excite the hell out of me. Working with Jon Gruden is basically a cheat code that our team has because he obviously knows what his brother wants, and they obviously communicate. It lets us get around the rules about working with coaches in the offseason. It's a clear, albeit small, advantage we have. But I just can't gather up the excitement in me, the way this offseason is going. Gonna need a good draft and a LTD for Kirk to feel it again, probably. Not even crossing my fingers for a real GM, it's a pipe dream.
  6. This doesn't make sense to me. Where do you think the grade comes from? Different people value different traits and evaluate them differently. At some point someone's opinion weighed heavily into one aspect or another of every prospect's final grade. I imagine the more say you have, the more you influence the final grades guys have and hence, where they end up on the big board.
  7. Why would anyone cite Williams constant bouncing from one aspect of football operations to another as a positive qualification? To me that screams that he can't find his niche and keeps getting chances due to his NFL pedigree and the fact that he's a nice guy. Nothing on his resume says he's qualified to be a GM in control of personnel. He's probably qualified to do what Bruce Allen does, with a guy like Schaeffer at his side for contracts. But not personnel.
  8. Maybe if jerry hadn't made such a big deal out of advertising that after all these years he'd "do right" by Romo, the guy wouldn't be all pissed that they're holding him hostage with no trade market. Should have treated it as business all along and not decided halfway through to play hardball.
  9. If you guys are trying to out-condescend each other, you're killing it in here. Like watching Serena vs. Serena, back and forth, back and forth. What a serve! What a recovery! And again! What a treat for fans of the sport.
  10. I'm a big Josh Allen fan too. Good QB class next year with a lot of potential but I'm nowhere near ready to start thinking in that direction yet.
  11. I don't think we'll ever get comp picks with this FO. We sign too many replacement level players and it always cancels out anything we lose.
  12. Don't know why people are confused about why Bruce keeps saying McCloughan is free to sign a contract and work for someone else at any time... The two opposing narratives are that: 1. Scot is a troubled but employable genius and Allen wronged him because he wanted more power. 2. Scot was basically making himself impossible to employ and not doing his job any longer. Pretty clear Allen is saying "If I fired his ass for my own ends, then hire him. Anyone. Hypocrites." Regardless of how you feel about Allen as the head decision-maker, who really thinks McCloughan has a job in the NFL this year? The team may have handled it all wrong, but in the end he's right back where he was when we hired him--not working for an NFL team. Despite how well-respected Scot is across the league, his problems are real. So Allen is saying, "Okay, if I'm the asshole here then you work with him. Yeah, that's what I thought".
  13. Preston Smith is a "stud" now? Man we just throw that word around nowadays.
  14. Like taking the air out of the room. Apathy.
  15. I would interpret that as, they tried waiting for him to get straight and back to work, and eventually had to move on without him on basically the eve of FA week to make sure everyone was on the same page. Kind of ties into a lot of what Art has said about the situation.