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  1. 1. I didn't say Scot didn't have power (at some point at least), I said Doug doesn't have power. He's not leading the FO, it's a group decision like it's been for a while. Doug is in the room but he's not a traditional GM, this is well known. He's not in the same position that Elway is, or other traditional top FO personnel guys. 2. I could and have made the case that Doug Williams is incompetent at his job. He was a bad "hire" (really just a title change), and I don't really care to repeat all the arguments that were had when he was promoted. Were you on vacation during this hiring process and the aftermath? I'm hardly alone on this. He wasn't the best choice, and he wasn't the most qualified--its very easy to make the argument that he wasn't qualified at all. As with the Manusky hiring, it was easy to predict the Doug Williams promotion the moment Scot was fired, and many of us did. It's classic Redskins under Bruce Allen.
  2. Doug Williams doesn't have the power Elway was immediately given in that organization. It was his, from the top down, and he was the final decision maker. Doug doesn't have power here, he has a nice nameplate on his door.
  3. I don't think Dan had anything to do with firing Scot. That was Bruce's call, and he's the only one Scot seems to have issues with.
  4. Aren't both these guys already FS?
  5. He didn't have much athleticism to lose in the first place, so idk what the impact will be on his game once he's healthy again. The ACL/MCL combo is really bad for a player who already lacks explosion
  6. @AdamSchefter: Washington LB Trent Murphy has a torn ACL, as @nflnetwork reported, but also has a torn MCL as well, per source. Season-ending injury. ACL and MCL?? He may never be the same
  7. I mean, the offense sucked and I'm very concerned, but I'm not worried about Gruden's actual ability to call the plays. That's taking it a step too far imo. He's proven in that regard and it didn't just go away. Our issues on offense are more micro than macro. The OL and running game was a disaster overall, but I'm not going crazy over the playcalling yet. The thing with playcalling in the preseason is that they aren't trying to exploit the other team's defense or run any type of game script...they're trying out different concepts and doing specific things to get plays/players on tape that they need to evaluate. Its not just vanilla, its almost completely out of the context of whatever the defense is doing, unlike a real game of football. So to me its not the playcalling that should be questioned right now--we aren't privy to what the coaching staff's goals were going into today, what they needed to get on tape. The play selection didn't really matter--it was the execution that consistently concerned me. That's what matters in preseason.
  8. Hate waiting all offseason for football, and then immediately having a sour taste in my mouth. And even by our standards its been such an unsatisfying offseason: First the McCloughan drama. Then a good draft, yay. High point for me here. Then the Doug Williams promotion, yuck. Then the Cousins contract drama, with the outcome I was rooting against. Then the fragile hope of training camp reports...the excitement really got me here. Then tonight. Why do I do this to myself.
  9. Oof at those slipped tackles
  10. What are "thoughts Califan007 has never had" for 500, Alex
  11. Whoops. glitch in the system, posted that a bunch of times
  12. Apparently. You're actually in the lead for the week with 138 likes.
  13. You're actually in the lead for the week apparently, with 138 likes this week You're actually in the lead for the week apparently, with 138 likes this week You're actually in the lead for the week apparently, with 138 likes this week
  14. Seems like you'd have to do some mental gymnastics to not see what people are worried about. Like you're trying to invalidate people's concerns with a technicality. The starting offense looked bad and out of sync. When that has happened in the past, its lead to some slow starts in the regular season. That's the complaint/worry I've seen expressed the most, but maybe you were responding to something else, and if so I'll back out.
  15. So? Our starters generally looked out of sync, consistently. And then our backups mopped up other teams' depth. Which was cool and gave us some flashes of young players, but doesn't really address why people are worried about what they saw from the starters/rotational starters.