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  1. Schefter just tweeted "Hail yes" Not sure if I'm missing some other context but is he hinting at a Skins signing? Schefter doesn't really play that game, he just reports things. So I'm confused. Edit: Michigan thing, gotcha. Disregard
  2. I actually think this deal signals the opposite. If you're giving that much to move up to #3, don't you check with #2 first? The Giants must have said no. I don't care how highly regarded Barkley is, you don't turn down that haul for a RB, especially since in that case it's conceivable he could still be there at 6 or after a small trade up to 4 or 5 after the QB run happens. Either way, that haul and still drafting at 6 would have gone a long way to rebuilding the whole roster, if they really were content with Eli. The Giants rarely draft top 10, nevermind top 2. And they don't plan on being in that position again for a long time, I guarantee it. They are taking a QB.
  3. Not sure I've ever read a more well-reasoned post from a respected member that I've disagreed with more strongly, KDawg.
  4. And lots of Packers fans have hated it. They appreciated the years of good draft picks and comp picks but have felt like they were too complacent through Rodgers's prime
  5. Interesting that it seems to have been Pierre Garcon's personal recommendation that made Paul Richardson take the plunge with us. It seems his agent was already on it, and obviously the contract was good market value. But he really emphasized, twice, in his introductory press conference that Pierre told him he'd be a good fit here and should go for it. We know there were some frictions with Pierre here, especially towards the end. This, to me, confirms that it was Kirk and the opportunities he was getting from him that were the problem, not Gruden or the offense. If Pierre had an axe to grind with anyone still here, it appears he may have talked Richardson out of signing here.
  6. Quitting, after causing an awkward scene or two over his injuries that already rubbed people the wrong way, and refusing to practice and play despite being healthy enough towards the end of that season...there were a string of issues with him showing his immaturity and possible lack of toughness, leading up to his "retirement". Teams, and more importantly locker rooms, don't really take kindly to that. I still don't know what was going on with Cravens. If it was a mental health issue, maybe he's got it figured out and he's got his passion for the game back. But that's something we can't know. Seems the team is pretty much done with him, though.
  7. I don't think they're completely lying. I think their doctors probably noted something small that lots of players have or are expected to recover from, and that gave them the right to do what most teams don't, which is nitpick and nullify the deal in order to spend the money on a better player. I doubt there's some standard as to how bad an injury has to be to fail a physical. It's arbitrary, different teams doctors will worry about different things and different FOs will weight those concerns differently. That's why after the Combine you always hear that certain players have been red flagged or taken off a certain number of teams boards--its not a standardized process.
  8. Sucks losing that Grant contract for comp pick reasons. That was an unexpected windfall and I doubt the next deal he signs will be as good.
  9. This is sketchy as all get out. Crabtree comes unexpectedly available, they want him to visit, and now all of a sudden the guy they were killed for overpaying, who is taking up the money that could go to Crabtree and has rarely been injured (if at all?) has a problem with his physical? Yeah right Edit: this has to hurt your soul if you're Grant. You only had one miniscule chance at a big deal like this, had to hear about how unworthy you were in the media for a few days, and now to have it snatched away...whew. I feel bad for the guy.
  10. Well Honey Badger isn't in the same realm of talent as Earl Thomas, and the effect he has on a defense is nowhere near the same. So they shouldn't make the same. I'd say Thomas is worth a little more than this (and you have to factor in that he needs to be traded for), while Honey Badger is worth a little less than this.
  11. I don't think there's anyone left in FA that would qualify as a "fix", so as most of us hoped/suspected we'll probably target the best guy in the 2nd. Of course we felt that way last year as well and watched teams steal Cook and Mixon from in front of us (if I remember correctly)
  12. It's happened before. Manning and Brees have both had no tag provisions in their contracts I believe.
  13. Yeah the first reports are usually the rosiest to make the player/agent look better. So the fact that the first report even acknowledges the "max" qualifier probably means we're looking at a deal we'll all like more than the raw numbers suggest. All depends on if the incentives are "likely to be earned" or not