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  1. What do you mean "better figurehead"? No one is getting hired or promoted to a position above Bruce Allen in the organization on his watch, obviously. We're just talking about adding more talent to the brain trust he's pulling player grades from, and Doug Williams is already in-house so he's not an addition. A new title does nothing.
  2. If fan imagination led to good ideas I think we can all agree that the Redskins would be perennial playoff contenders lol
  3. There's no argument that he isn't at best mediocre. And he's already in the organization contributing in whatever way he's capable, so a new title doesn't change anything. Much better to bring in another talent evaluation guy or three from the outside to get more football brains in the room alongside him. The title is basically meaningless with Allen in control anyways so promoting him at the expense of giving an outsider the spot doesn't make sense to me.
  4. He deserves nothing, and this is a personnel job. He does not have the resume for that position unless we're just shuffling titles around. (Note: I'm not advocating for Mayock either). Williams has spent a couple years here and a couple years there at all levels of football operations--coahing, evaluation, administration. Some may think this makes him well-rounded. I think it means he never proved good enough to stick anywhere or in any specific capacity, and nepotism keeps getting him different jobs, where he doesn't really succeed, receive acclaim, or get promoted. Or, you know, even keep the current job for any real length of time, through most of his stops.
  5. Disappointing to see Graziano be another one to take such a surface-level look at our off-season. He's been insightful in the past.
  6. (I do agree with your whole post lol)
  7. I don't want to believe it. But I will admit that he was very close to cracking this year with all the ridiculous mid-round draft pick announcement gimmicks when he just wanted to talk about the prospects. He wouldn't have final say here and I don't respect his eye for talent enough to think he'd be a vital addition to our draft in the end this would just be a gimmick hire by Allen, kind of a distraction from the real issue in the FO structure. I'd be extremely disappointed.
  8. Get rid of the Griffin reference in the title and you'll have a better chance to succeed with this. Its not even an issue here anymore anyways. There was one guy a couple weeks ago, but he was a hilariously uninformed troll.
  9. Very excited to read all of the new, original arguments in here.
  10. If they're that concerned with ego at this point in the process, after years of being proven wrong, then yes, they are in fact dumb.
  11. Someone should tell Norman he actually can't do his bow and arrow celebration again lol. Poor guy
  12. This is good, we're gonna need a new weekly feature now that SIP can't recount his visit with McCloughan in every thread This was a joke SIP
  13. This is cool. So now teams can't deny us permission to interview guys. They will now get the chance to deny us personally, which is probably pretty satisfying.
  14. I've been reading that Domenik would join the Seahawks scouting staff, did that not happen? Wonder if they were just floating his name as a favor on the job market. He would be yet another Tampa connection hire. It's getting comical at this point. No interest in A.J. Smith unless its just he sends in scouting reports when he feels like it for a fee. He's extremely disliked around the NFL and known by other GMs as "The Lord of No Rings" because he's so difficult to negotiate with and disliked. Agents and players generally dislike him for similar reasons, he hates spending even more than Bruce seems to. No thanks. Plus he's been out of the game too long to jump back in at a higher exec level. I want someone who is obsessed with football.