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  1. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    There's one starting QB thread on the front page of ES and it only has 15 pages in May...I'd say the fanbase is cautiously optimistic about Alex Smith, or wants to be.
  2. I don't care about the specific dynamic of the Martin situation, and whether it was bullying or just over the line ribbing. Martin obviously has issues of his own (but that doesn't mean he was not a victim). Its the content of the recordings and messages revealed in that investigation that show Incognito is a garbage person, regardless of context. There have been other things through his career as well, and things he believes that I detest personally. I'd still sign him to help the OL, since we have a strong OL room and its not a "face of the team" position. I want to win games and damn do I want a good running game. I still think he's a POS.
  3. Incognito is extreme trash but at a low visibility position like interior OL, surrounded by established vets who can lead rather than young impressionable guys...I'd look the other way on his issues and sign him for the sake of the offense.
  4. Crowder vs. Richardson

    Take over as in beat out Crowder? As a 7th round rookie? That's ridiculous. And I say that as someone who thinks Crowder is fairly overrated by Skins fans in general.
  5. Per Schefter: DeAngelo Hall Retiring

    Keim reported it earlier as well, and got pretty salty about the team's tweet, saying Hall personally told him "I'm done playing, that's for damn sure". Keim's point is it doesn't really matter whether he files the official paperwork or not, he's done. Some guys don't actually file the papers for years.
  6. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Troy Apke S Penn St

    I'm thinking of this pick as pure upside, just for my own mental health. After the free 3rd we picked up in the trade down where we still stole Guice, I'm thinking of our 3rd round upside OL pick as a freebie who I would have been even more cool with in the 4th, where we actually took Apke...and Apke as a free upside "what the hell" pick on a hell of an athlete. I know that the whole "playing with house money" mindset is a dangerous gambler's fallacy. But its a technique I use for my own mental health to be "okay" with the bad value of certain picks lol.
  7. Per Schefter: DeAngelo Hall Retiring

    If there's one guy on the roster going into this offseason whose age I could reverse back to 20 years old and watch their career begin from scratch again, but on our current might be DHall. Many would say Trent Williams, or Alex Smith. Those are great options and probably more logical. But a prime, freakishly athletic DeAngelo Hall slotted into this young secondary we're putting together would be a damn sight to behold. He was one of the most exciting DB's in the league through the first 10 years of his career, and a really underrated Redskin due to his Atlanta/Oakland reputation and his last few injury-plagued years imo. Its insane that Hall played for us for so long that he overlapped a year with Springs. I thought for sure you had to be incorrect about this until I looked it up--yup, 2008. I know he was injured the last few years, so they barely "count", but getting almost 10 years from a FA signing like this is impressive. He really became a core Redskin.
  8. Welcome to the Washington Redskins Trey Quinn WR SMU

    Good, anything to keep dudes like Brian Quick off this roster
  9. 2018 Redskin's Major Injury Thread

    It is, he released a statement
  10. 2018 Redskin's Major Injury Thread

    I'm sorry, this is poor timing, but...
  11. Per PFT: Scott Campbell Out as Senior Personnel Executive

    I agree that we need someone who can seamlessly run FA and the draft in sync, in concert with a stable coaching staff, to develop the best roster over time. If that guy can be the young, up-and-coming Kyle Smith and he brings with him respect around the league and connections with other teams through his father, that will be best case scenario (post-Bruce). But we've already unlocked the beginnings to the winning formula imo, if accidentally: We pursue and pay guys based on their fit in our team culture--hard workers who love football--and we hand them to technically proficient assistant coaches who know how to motivate. That's a change from the Vinny years. We do not overpay good players just based on name value, we consider scheme fit and roster construction/salary cap allocation. That's a change from the Vinny years. We value our draft picks and hoard more than the standard allotment--this is the BIGGEST change from the Vinny years, and by far the most important. It is simply a numbers game, no matter WHO you have making the picks, as long as the picks are made following a purpose and are given a stable environment in which to develop. I do not exaggerate when I say that studies have been done, and over a long sample size NOT A SINGLE NFL TEAM DRAFTS BETTER than any other. Let me repeat: no NFL franchise consistently hits on picks more than any other over a long period of time. Teams have hot streaks (like Seattle putting together that defense/secondary from mid-late round picks in a single draft or two but then ruining it by trading away multiple cost-controlled 1sts and not valuing their OL), and teams have cold streaks. And some teams provide their prospects the time to develop without constantly changing coaches. That's it. The single significant factor that leads to teams hitting on draft picks more than their peers? Quantity. The more picks you throw at the wall, the more that stick. The second biggest factor that allows drafted players to develop into hits at a better percentage? Stability. Usually this involves the same coaching staff, which usually also involves a stud QB keeping teams afloat even when they hit cold streaks in roster building. My point is that if we proceed with these main variables staying the same, we will eventually stumble into a hot streak in the draft and have a period of playoff success: 1. A core leadership group of Jay and assistants, plus Kyle Smith, Shaeffer, and seemingly Doug Williams in a buffer/facilitator role. 2. A core philosophy of valuing and hoarding draft picks and drafting guys who love football. 3. Continuing to smartly navigate the salary cap in a way as to keep our important homegrown talent while cycling out replaceable pieces for new cost-controlled rookie contracts, not becoming too top-heavy. These 3 factors staying stable may not get us to a spot that a HOF QB would, but it should help us ascend into a competitive tier. That's why our QB being 34 is kind of scary, even if he turns out to be a perfect fit with Gruden and the talent assembled around him. The number one thing that can derail this slow but steady progress towards being a good, stable franchise is having a crater at the QB spot in future years that undermines the rest of what's been built to the point where someone gets impatient and brings in a new regime who throw out the baby with the bathwater and starts the process over again. Jay is not special. Our talent evaluators may not be special even if we boot Bruce and go with Smith. Our roster may not be special. But keeping everything stable, fostering a football culture and just throwing 8-10 draft picks at the board without being idiots about the salary cap every year IS the best way to consistently win 9-11 games...and when your FO lucks into a couple home run drafts in a row, you get a monster roster for a few years and you're in position to capitalize already. Alex Smith has to be good and we have to adequately replace him in a couple years, if everything else stays the same. That's our ticket--stability, lots of draft picks, smart cap management, and good enough QB play to keep it all relevant.
  12. Yeah, and a significant number of us had parents who beat the crap out of us when we didn't do our homework or talked back. Should we all beat our kids because of what we and our parents and their parents experienced? Society learns and grows, the rules we agree to live by change and evolve. That's the nature of society. Because things have been ****ty for certain groups before doesn't justify things being ****ty in perpetuity. Its ****ed up beyond belief to refer to people wanting to be treated the same as everyone else and not be taken advantage of as "this victim thing". Edit: Obviously we don't know the details or facts of this specific case. I'm addressing the general world view that leads to some (mostly white dudes, if we're being honest) feeling this disdain for "SJW's".
  13. I've never met someone who used the term "SJW" derisively who wasn't an enormous asshole. Does that apply here? I have no idea, I don't know you guys. Your posts do not reflect well on you. And for the record, to the guy who quoted my previous post responding to bh32 and then went on and on about how I just hated Snyder--I did not once in that post mention Snyder, the team, or the FO. It was entirely about his post. You're projecting.
  14. Yeah this thing with @Califan007 and @Monk4thaHALL is 75% about cascading miscommunication and 25% about neither being as handsome as me. You guys I think are having slightly different discussions and talking past each other a little, since the miscommunication happened right at the beginning of the conversation.
  15. Stop posting in here please, just in general.