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  1. It depends on when we have a recession. We haven't had one for 7 years already. I think we are due one.
  2. One full term. Nobody will have the balls to impeach him due to his popularity with the Republican base.
  3. Without AMT, he supposedlly would have paid only 4% in taxes in 2005. He wants to get rid of AMT to benefit himself basically. I think that is newsworthy.
  4. It is not totally useless. What I am reading is that Trump wants to get rid of the alternative minimum tax, which would mean he would pay less in taxes. That is newsworthy.
  5. 100% Trump leaked this. Where are the sources of earnings? Conveniently left out.
  6. It appears that it may show ties to Russian oligarchs...
  7. I have a feeling that this was leaked deliberately by the White House.
  8. They will find a good replacement. Now, I don't mind Bruce Allen as our GM, but fans are mad right now. Bruce is pretty good at hiring people. See Jay Gruden, and, yes, Scot Mccloughan. I do not believe in conspiracy theories. He drank too much. Simple as that.
  9. There was too much drama in DC. He had to go. Too many leaks. We all love a little bit of soap, but it was getting tiresome.
  10. It was an alcohol issue. The jealousy angle must be coming from Scot. Good luck though. He needs ti do something about alcoholism.
  11. Do you really believe that Scot Mccloughan is smarter than our entire scouting department? Come on man. The simple explanation is that Bruce Allen let his scouts to do their jobs. Scot Mccloughan is not a superscout. He cannot scout every single player. He needs his people. 2014 was Bruce Allen's draft. Everything else is fake news.
  12. Yeah, the position that does not require an athlete. Kickers and Punters would probably do fine until 40 as well.
  13. That's fine to me. You strengthen your tream by strengthening other positions. We dont necessarily need a top 5 receiving group. The team was too financially invested on offense. Time for some balance.
  14. Okay, but who did Mccloughan bring with him? The scouts I dont think were ever replaced.