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  1. Sure, she deserved to be slapped, but a better strategy is to pull out your cell phone and start recording. We could have gotten a clearer picture of the woman's face. And she would never be able to find a job. I support exposing racists.
  2. Some of it is economic issues, no doubt, but I agree with this paper: Some of the rust belt states may be going the way of West Virginia, in all honesty.
  3. He won't improve. Those aspects have remained the same the last 10 years. It's not going to change all of a sudden. I like Burakovsky's game way better than Ovechkin's.
  4. I assume Ovechkin was injured this year. His goal total went downhill this year. If he hasn't been injured then yes, we need to trade him. Still doesn't change the fact that he is fat and has not taken care of his body. He doesn't have the drive that someone like Crosby has. Relied too much on sheer talent. He has never been able to control the puck. Can't win like that.
  5. McDavid is probably the best offensive player, but I see him going the way of Ovechkin. Too much speed and nothing else. Crosby on the other hand is an elite grinder. That's the type of game that lasts for a long time.
  6. Trotz is a coach who will get you to the playoffs, but that's it. He won't take you past the second round. That was his problem in Nashville. Boudreau 2.0? So then fire him.
  7. No it's not. Trotz refuses to give younger players much of a chance. Last year, the Penguins had a nice combination of youth and veterans. We need a team like that. Trotz played Burakovsky for 13 minutes max. Kuznetsov in the doghouse for how long? Just too old school.
  8. Here is why it is all coaching: the ones we have hired have all been a bunch of losers. None of them with stanley cup in their resume. However, I don't mind starting from scratch.
  9. The Penguins have a terrible D. The offense laying an egg. Can't do jack. The only explanation here is coaching.
  10. It's over. They have gotten owned in the third period IMO. They will score another. Caps will score zero.
  11. I heard somewhere that the Penguins lost only 6 games at home in the regular season? That game will be tough. We need our best game.
  12. I am so glad that Burakovsky got close to 18 minutes. He is a possession machine. I love the first line today. Ovechkin on the third line works better.
  13. The refs will make it difficult I bet. They will give Pittsburgh a powerplay or two. It's a pattern.
  14. Goal Ovechkin. Look, this is our chance. We need to shatter Fleury's confidence here. Score 7 or 8 goals if possible please.