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  1. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    Ohio supreme court justice brags about sleeping with 50 women.
  2. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    If there is another accuser, he needs to resign immediately.
  3. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    What if that photo is staged? Let's have an investigation first and figure out what happened. Someone took that picture. What does that person have to say? Maybe he should take a polygraph. Even if he is innocent, he still should have apologized, and I am glad that he did.

    Josh Norman looking overpaid today.

    Defense looks absolutely terrible. Have they stopped their drive more than once?
  6. Election 2017 Thread

    CNN just called it!
  7. Election 2017 Thread

    NY Times estimating that Northam is going to win by >7%. We'll see if that is accurate.
  8. Election 2017 Thread

    Northam wins this, guranteed. if he doesn't, I'll eat my shoes.
  9. Redskins @ Seahawks Game Day Thread

    I think that it is a touchdown.
  10. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    Name of the shooter is confirmed by NY Times.
  11. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    Apparently, this guy is not the shooter. His aunt supposedly confirmed.
  12. Redskins @ Seahawks Game Day Thread

    Cousins is just too conservative. Looking like a blowout loss to me.
  13. Mass Shooting at Texas Church

    There is a rumor going around that he killed his family first before going to this church. I saw a picture of the perpetrator on facebook. No point in posting any of that until it is verified officially. Social media for all I know may be targeting the wrong guy.
  14. Looking at VA's demographics. In 2010, it was: 68.6% White 19.4% Black 5.5% Asian 0.4% Native 3.2% Other race They don't separate Hispanics separately, but the number is 6.1%. Most of them probably go into the White category. Let's face it though, Hispanics are minorities, even if, for census purposes they are lumped as White. It is 2017, so what would the change be? The non-hispanic White category might be less than 60% by now. I would guess Asians at 7% and Hispanics at maybe 8. Based on those numbers, energizing minorities is very important. Northam should theoretically win the election given the fact that the Republican party has gone full mode racist due to Donald Trump. 80% Whites voting in the election might be a historical trend, but we are different demographically these days.