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  1. I highly doubt most people would check for proof from a handyman. Those are essentially small jobs. It's not going to change your house drastically. And for big-time jobs, it will be the big-name contractors you will hire. What you will no doubt notice is that the people who will do your work will be immigrant types.
  2. A lot of illegal immigrants are working for contractors who will have all the required proofs. The boss will be a White dude, whereas the ones who will do the work appear to be the types who don't speak English. My roofer was recommended to me by my home insurance company. The boss was White, and he hired people who were more than likely illegal. I also had to replace my Aluminum siding. So, two different contractors were used, as the roofer would not do the siding. Again, the boss was a white guy, and the people working under him were Latinos. And actually, one of the workers only recently flew from some country in South America. They did an efficient job though. They finished the work in 4 or 5 hours. I gave them a good review on Angie's list, as they said they would give me a discount. Also, does anybody ask for proof when it comes to handyman types? I know I don't.
  3. Recently, I had to fix my roof. The main guy who we talked to was a White dude--pretty clearly an American. Then the people who actually came to fix the house (there must have been 5 people there) were Latinos who barely spoke any English. Am I supposed to ask for their license? If I recall, I already signed the contract before those guys came to fix my house. The contractor we hired was recommended to us by our insurance. Good reviews online. 4+ stars.
  4. I know this for a fact. My mom is sponsoring her brother for a green card. The process has gone for 10 whopping years. If this is what Trump means by chain migration, the process is not very easy at all. I have a feeling Trump (or his supporters) doesn't even know what chain migration means. My response would be they are too expensive. And anyways, unless the plan is to discriminate, how do you know who is legal or illegal? Am I supposed to ask for citizenship proof if a person looks brown or has an accent?
  5. The Official 2017 Game Day Thread

    Damn, what a game. Vikings to the superbowl hopefully.
  6. If you look at all the European countries, all of them have a shrinking population, or close to it. For argument's sake, if, let's say, we allow Europeans to immigrate freely to this country, what will happen to those economies? They will go down the toilet. There is no guarantee that they will want to come here anyways, at least not Norwegians. It's not like 100% of Puerto Ricans have moved to the mainland even though the Puerto Rican per capita income is <30,000. However, if Norway allows dual citizenship, then I sure as hell would apply for a green card. What harm is there? This is a bigger country with bigger opportunities. Make money here and move to Norway to retire for social benefits. Let's say though, what if Norway also allowed Americans to move in freely. What would happen? More Americans would move to Norway than Norwegians would move to the United States. They have a better safety net, no question, all Scandinavian countries probably do. Japan's population has been shrinking for a while now. Their economy has stagnated for decades. In Western countries, nobody wants to have more than one child because of how expensive it can be. Without immigration, the US economy would be stagnating like Japan. And everybody is old.
  7. I know a colleague who supported Trump because Whites are becoming minorities, according to her. She is completely against illegal immigration, always has been. Now she is totally anti-Trump. She is in reality pretty liberal, except when it comes to immigration.
  8. Someone should ask him what he thinks of Eastern Europeans. And Southern Europeans as well.
  9. But his supporters will love him even more now... There was an article that came out in the Atlantic recetnly about Trump's approval rating. What was striking was that more than 20% of black men support him. Now, it is different for black women (only 11 % approve of the job he is doing). Furthermore, more than 40% of Hispanics over the age of 50 approve of the job he is doing. A lot of minorities support him, which is just astonishing.
  10. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Yep, and if they get rid of Case Keenum, he would be a good choice as well.
  11. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Exactly, we need someone who can just be average. We need to fire every single one of our scouts/front office personnel if they can't even find an average QB in the draft. If you look at all the QB names out there, half of the teams have QB's that are good enough. Is it hard to find a QB how can be in the 10-20 range? How much will we lose in terms of wins/losses? Looks like ESPN updated their QB rankings. Cousins right now is sitting at 15. Josh Mccown is at 14. How about someone like a Josh Mccown? We will be fine. How much is Cousins better than Mccown?
  12. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I don't know the answer to that. To me, here is the bottomline. So they have Cousins ranked anywhere between 12-17. Is it really that difficult to draft a QB who will be just as productive? That's just average IMO. A guy like Carson Wentz would probably require a high draft pick. Now, if we can find a guy like Cousins in the 3rd or 4th round, we will be saving a lot of money. We would be able to address a lot of our needs.
  13. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Okay fine. Either #12 or #14 per footballoutsiders: With the Giants defense ranked at #27 or #28, if you look below his rank is going to slide even more. Even ESPN has Cousins ranked at #13: Bear in mind, this was all before the 3-int debacle against the Giants.
  14. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    PFF gave Cousins a grade of 39.3. See below: They had him ranked #15 last week. It will probably sink even more. 17? 18? With a rank that low, I don't see how a salary of 23 million is justified .
  15. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    Obviously, Kirk Cousins is not garbage. He does some good things. The team has so many holes that paying an average QB (#15 per PFF) will only hamper us in the long run. What's also obvious to me is that Jay Gruden is not Kyle Shanahan. Kyle Shanahan could make even a below average receiving corp look good. He always had someone open. I think we need to build from scratch(which means fire both Gruden and Kirk Cousins) and create an analytics department of some sort. If Depodesta from the browns gets fired, he needs to be hired by us asap. He does not draft players, but rather, he makes recommendations based on analytics. We really need a guy like that. Look how the Jaguars have developed their team. Shad Khan's son is head of their analytics department. Over the years, they have done a great job of developing their team. Even when they had a bad record last year, I thought the team was going to do well in the very near future. Obviously though, coaching matters big time as well...