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  1. Ernest Goes to Camp
  2. I'd like to see Marlon Mack @ #114. I see a play maker with that extra gear to be a threat each time he touches the ball. I do believe he would be very effective in this offense.
  3. Good Lord the Bucs offense is going to be explosive
  4. Dan supposedly covets Mayock a lot
  5. Head scratcher for sure with all their holes on defense
  6. He and Conley will definitely help the Raiders defense for sure.
  7. He's a senile **** though j/k
  8. Meh too high for Ryan but still solid.
  9. For me, it's a Blue Moon honey and wheat ale
  10. Everett is no joke
  11. Would not mind Gerald Everett or Mixon...
  12. Stoked for Fantasy Football this year
  13. Chase Rollier later would be perfect IMO
  14. Zay Jones and Watkins if he can stay healthy = sweetness
  15. Cardinals defense looking pretty damn good...