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  1. I'm sure would feel the same were your flesh and blood at risk right? Sure...
  2. Sessions was a terrible selection I agree but the country and government's asinine view about marijuana has been a huge problem for a very long time. The DEA refused to reschedule it, which is utterly ridiculous. The DEA should be completely disbanded.
  3. I am mostly in agreement with your post except here. I personally would opt for Baker, King, Tre'Davius White or Conley much more than Obi.
  4. I think we should stay put and keep the mid rounders we currently have. I'd also try and acquire more personally. Having multiple picks in rounds 3-5 in this particular draft could prove to be immensely valuable to us especially on the defensive side. I see your side too and might agree with it if not for the Albert debacle. We need professionals out there.
  5. Just finished the first season of Quarry and it was excellent.
  6. I here he's real good at the football...
  7. I say, yes. I like the additions we've made and do think we've improved on the DL and secondary on defense.
  8. I like Christopher Carson RB Oklahoma as a value pick. Surprised he is projected as a late-round UDFA player.
  9. Hang in there bunny. It's Dan Snyder's Redskins after all and they're always going to be some level of dysfunction no matter what. You're a great contributor to this draft and board so don't get too down please. I'm looking forward to kicking this thing off so buck up mate! I personally do not see the depth of this class in some positions others do. I see great value in DB, TE and to an extent OLB & WR but everything else to me is just meh.
  10. This is the narrative that I personally believe. I have zero respect for anyone that needs their ego to be constantly stroked and wanting people to fall all over themselves in an effort to appease them. I am of the opinion, however, misinformed it may be that Dan and Bruce are exactly those types of 'men.'
  11. I'm inclined to agree though I am not as high on JuJu as most personally. The only exception for me would be Corey Davis.
  12. GHH, The Raiders have a confirmed trade with the Rams GM. As I understand it, this will only become official when the Raiders on are the clock on March 30? I'll send the details to you at that point I assume too. Thanks for the undertaking btw! I'm sure you made a lot of guys happy me included.
  13. Hold tight Monk I'm sure GHH will make sure you get a team...
  14. The only choice for me is between Wiliams and Takk. Williams 1st step is elite but off the field stuff is a concern. I'd go Takk. Great upside, character and has the ability to be an impact player which we obviously sorely need and the need for OLB in general.
  15. I was recently banned from my gym for life. My warm up exercise each morning consisted of using my custom made thigh-master whilst blaring AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck.' Fascist ****s...