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  1. True enough GHH should have gone earlier this one makes me look slightly less like a hack however 😛
  2. I've some time to kill. Here's the Raiders 2017 draft recap: #44 ZAY JONES WR EAST CAROLINA (Bills, very slow start but should rebound in 2018) #69 GERALD EVERETT TE SOUTH ALABAMA (Rams, I expect a solid 2018 after a slow rookie season - stud in the making IMO) #88 MARLON MACK RB SOUTH FLORIDA (Colts, at least going to be their 3rd down back and perhaps much more as he is electric) #112 JARRON JONES DT NOTRE DAME (Cowboys, trying a position switch to RT we'll see how it goes but taken way too early and a mistake by yours truly) #113 RAYSHAWN JENKINS FS MIAMI (Chargers SS, slow rookie season and suffered a concussion) #119 JALEN MYRICK CB MINNESOTA (Jaguars, buried in depth chart we'll see if he can get better but another mistake taken way too early) #129 HOWARD WILSON CB HOUSTON (Browns, devastating knee injury hopefully he gets healthy and rebounds) #151 DEATRICH WISE JR. DE ARKANSAS (Patriots, starting DE and posted 5 sacks in his rookie season could be a gem) #188 KENNY GOLLADAY WR NORTHERN ILLINOIS (Lions, up and down rookie season with some flashes expect a solid 2018 and IMO is a sleeper WR for FF) #189 TREYVON HESTER DT TOLEDO (Raiders, in their DE rotation and could be very good in the future if he wants it) #208 BRANDON WILSON CB HOUSTON (Bengals, unfortunately suffered a knee injury but has a legit shot to become a solid contributor) #210 BRAD SEATON OT VILLANOVA (Buccaneers, buried in depth chart but will try and make a push for a backup RT role I assume) #242 JEREMIAH LEDBETTER DT ARKANSAS (Lions, in their DT rotation and has played well) Meh, overall mixed feelings, but, thus far, all 13 Raider selections are still on an NFL roster...
  3. Suggestion Commish if I may... There are a few guys in the 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread you might want to try and recruit for the 3 vacancies we have currently. I'd like to see The Consigliere get a team and a few others. Just my .02
  4. Tell your friend Chucky and I are looking to trade down
  5. Raiders fielding offers for their #10 overall...
  6. Guys, please try and find some common ground here and work this out. Forgive, and move on as we are steadily approaching the lock down date. This increasing vitriol is not doing anyone any good. We all want you both to settle this so we can all get to our boards and start planning!
  7. I'll take the Raiders again... See you guys around soon...
  8. The last movie you saw......GO! (After you read the OP!!!!)

    Watched it online. Enjoy. Atomic Blonde is not bad either which is in the link. Yes, a very good movie I agree.
  9. The last movie you saw......GO! (After you read the OP!!!!)

    Brawl in Cell Block 99 is awesome and highly recommended... Vince Vaughn gets laid off from his job and goes back to running drugs to provide for his family. A deal goes down bad and the drugs were lost. Vaugh's character actually saves the cops from being killed in a shootout. He gets a tough sentence in a medium security jail and is visited in jail by the drug dealer's consigliere and is presented with the choice of carrying out a supposed assignment for them in a different max prison or they kill his wife. Two thumbs way up!
  10. I'm sure it must have been mentioned but Star Trek Discovery is excellent IMO...
  11. 2017 Fantasy Football

    I'm looking like a genius for taking Kareem Hunt in the 2nd round
  12. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Thanks! QB's go quickly in my league wanted Russell and he went in the 3rd! Some a-hole took 3 QB's too. Keep an eye out for TE George Kittle in San Franciso.
  13. 2017 Fantasy Football

    12 team PPR: QB: Rivers, Cutler RB: Ajayi, Lynch, Hunt, Henry WR Michael Thomas, Crowder, Decker, Coleman, Thielen, Garcon TE: Jimmy Graham DST: Steelers K: Hopkins
  14. All Things Boxing

    Just my gut opinion: I like Conor a lot and am rooting for him but if he does not KO Floyd in rounds 1-3 the fight will tilt heavily in Floyd's favor. Conor's speed and power are legit and if his legs hold out he does have a chance.
  15. Ernest Goes to Camp