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  1. Scandrick Cut

    Typing on phone - too lazy to edit :-) My past precedes me. Or something! Fat fingers and I think faster than I type. Which says more about my typing than my thinking.
  2. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I make my kids laugh still. They have to or they don't get their allowance.
  3. Scandrick Cut

    There are reports the Skins have reached out to Dominique Rodgers Cromartie. Reaching out and sining being two very different things. We had spoken to him a couple of times during free agency but his price had been too high. Be interesting to see if its dropped.
  4. 2018 Season Injury News

    Totally agree about the resources point. But I don’t care how much you spend on medical facilities or programs - freak injuries like this will still happen.
  5. 2018 Season Injury News

    The size of training centre has zero impact on who tears an ACL and who doesn't. Which is not to say we don't need to invest more in medical staff and facilities for both prevention and treatment. This is gutting news. Real shame for the player more than anything.
  6. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    So is quoting pictures in replies - so lets not do that
  7. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    Smith might not even play in the first game. If he does it will be one series. Same goes for almost all the starters.
  8. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    The Thursday night package was recontracted a few months ago. The NFL got an increase on the previous deal. $3.3 billion dollars over 5 years from Fox.
  9. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    First man tackles the ball carrier - second man tackles the ball. Tackles being the operative word here. You still use your shoulder in rugby style tackling - and you can still make a ‘statement’ at impact. But it’s in the context of a tackle not a hit. As you say the shoulder will still almost always be the first point of impact with the ball carrier. Head position is key - get it behind the ball carrier don’t throw it across him. Safer for both players and has the potential to actually make the game better from a defensive standpoint. I also used used to scream at idiots like Landry who tried to knock out 270lb TEs and literally bounced off them.
  10. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I translated that as an auto correct version of ‘watching dinks and dunks’ :-)
  11. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    NFL revenues rose by close to a billion dollars last year.
  12. Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    The hit last night was not a penalty period. Refs will clean that up (mainly - there will always be bad calls). But here is what is happening - defenders are going to have to learn to tackle not hit. We talk about tackling but it almost never happens in the NFL (or College). Defenders launch and hit rather than tackle. Arms are seldom used. If you tackle properly using your arms and correct head position - behind not only in front of the ball carrier - and striking with the shoulder the head will almost never hit the ball carrier flush. At speed it will from time to time but if you keep your head up (see what you hit) it will be the face mask not the helmet that contacts. Tackling is shockingly poor in the NFL. Habits will take time to change but this does not mean we are heading towards two hand touch. Or at least it doesn’t need to. It might be the end of the Sports Centre highlight reel hits but if that means fewer missed tackles then it might actually improve the game.
  13. Maybe ‘non traditional’ sources from overseas have dried up in recent months ...