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  1. Don't quote gifs, videos or pictures or it will be back to the naughty step for you but officially :-) Same applies to you!
  2. No idea on cost. He a quality safety. He was the 18th overall pick back in 2013 and can play FS (he’s a 4.5 guy) and is physical enough to come up in the box and match up with TEs and be active against the run. Hes not a backup.
  3. Cover 2 safeties are not that hard to find - not easy mind you but they are out there. They 'only' have half the field to cover. Really good single high Cover 1 guys however are a rare beast.
  4. I could care less about that and really hope our coaching staff and front office share that view.
  5. Yep. thats correct. But then you have to factor in snaps when we are in short yardage or goal line or in long yardage dime or prevent packages. There are really only about 10% of snaps (sometimes a bit more depending on the DC) when you are in true 3-4 or 4-3. 100%. Either through whats left of free agency or the draft we need to add another quality player to that D'Line rotation.
  6. Speaking of safety Eric Reid is still out there unsigned. He's a good player - he's a quality starting safety.
  7. Again. No. Seriously aside from the fact he's a head case and malcontent who I would not want anywhere near our locker room his skills are diminishing. Hes got by on his immense physical talent and not worked on his craft. He runs crappy routes, does not get separation against man coverage and relies on his size to out physical DB's. Now his physical skills are fading he's a decent receiver who will win some 50/50 balls and who you can throw a slant to and who can use his size on dig routes. But hes far from the guy he thinks he still is and is paid as.
  8. This is me talking in my non MOD person with a sense of humor* capacity. But just no in any case. *My wife disagrees
  9. Go and sit in a corner and think about what you just said. Come back when you are ready to say sorry. And no iPad.
  10. FWIW we ranked 7th in the NFL last year in terms of number of sacks made. I can't find it but we ranked highly on pressures as well IIRC. We are in 3-4 more like 10%-15% of the time. But Kerrigan and Smith play mainly as DE's in our sub package which is what we are in about 60% of snaps. So as well as them you need additional OLB who can sub for them in base to keep them fresh and play stood up to rush or drop in sub. Which is where Galette came in ... This squad lacks a true speed edge rusher. As for D'Line pass rush - I think we were and are fine in that regard with Allen and Ionnidas. Couple them with Smith and Kerrigan as 4-3 DEs in sub and thats a decent group. The people we are looking at on the D'Line are more to help us inside against the run. I doubt there is anything schematic happening here in regards to pass rush.
  11. I totally agree with your analysis that we need to add a couple of impact players to that front 7. But besides that part of how we get better next year is by (hopefully) being healthier and by hoping all the young guys who had to play because of those injuries have got better from the experience. If we can improve the running game and sustain drives and stay on the field on 3rd and short more then the defense will not be n the field as long either. We were 20th in the NFL in time of possession last year. Hope is not a strategy of course ... until it is.
  12. Yep. I learned something today! Here is a link explaining it. So this means we have circa $13M of space available taking into account the rookies and an injury reserve.
  13. The final number absolutely means something. In this case it means that based on the positions and numbers of the Redskins draft picks (most importantly reasonably high picks in round 1 and round 2) we need to allocate about $6.5M to signing our rookies which is not therefore available for using to sign free agents.
  14. Check out what the rookie pool for the Redskins is on that link you posted.
  15. By the way on available cap space we have $21M and some change free based on the top 51 contracts. But the rookie pool is circa $6.5 Million so that gets you down to $14.5M. Then you need an in season pool for injuries - say another $5M maybe a touch less. We probably only have another $9 or $10M of cap space to play with right now, We also might want to be able to roll some of that over into next year when we will have to exercise the option on Scherff or extended him - which is going to cost a LOT.