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  1. Unless you have an alternative planet for you or more likely your descendants to live on it should be. If the FBI/DOJ were going to discredit Trump based on the information they got investigating possible Russian attempts to infiltrate and influence the Trump campaign why did they wait until after the election to allow news of this to come out? While meanwhile announcing new investigations of Clinton weeks before voting almost certainly pushing Trump over the top? As for the informant being a spy illegally planted in the Trump campaign the DOJ gave a briefing to selected senior House Republican members on the nature of that informant and information. Trump attended - with his lawyer to boot. The silence from Trump and those who attended since that briefing has been deafening. Well apart from GOP members saying that actually the FBI acted properly and that its important Mueller is allowed to finish his work. Meanwhile Trump's Campaign Chair is back in Court this Friday, facing even more indictments and likely to end up in jail for breaking his parole conditions by trying to tamper with witnesses ...
  2. The edit still does not save you. My wife likes steak well done as well - its like burning dollar notes buying her a good cut of steak.
  3. 2018 Away Games/Road Trips/ Meet ups

    Very true. I live in Chandler which is South East of Phoenix and guess what we are about 30 minutes from downtown :-) Not that we go often plenty of really good places to eat and be in Chandler. Glendale is not a place anyone in the Phoenix area with a choice would head for the evening though. Though I’m sure there places you can eat/drink which are fine.
  4. 2018 Away Games/Road Trips/ Meet ups

    Centrally located for what :-) Its NW of Phoenix, about a 30 minute drive with reasonable traffic. If if it’s just for a night then those hotels local to the stadium sound like a plan but if you can do a couple of nights I’d stay over in Scottsdale and chill. As you say plenty of really good golf (not that I play).
  5. How about we watch them play a game or two that matters before making that call? (But hard not to get excited about the potential).
  6. Almost every NFL Network "top 10 list" or game advert is punctuated with obligatory shots of NFL cheerleaders wearing not a lot doing stripper pole routines to camera (without the actual pole). Now I enjoy that - but it does seem very anachronistic and inappropriate for what is a sport trying to attract younger and female viewers/fans.
  7. 2018 Away Games/Road Trips/ Meet ups

    Yep - I went to game we had there in 2016. Its a good stadium with good parking and access - but its way North of Phoenix. You could stay in Scottsdale and have some fun on the Saturday - lot of resort style hotels up in that part of the Phoenix if budget is not an issue or some cheaper options further towards the City. Depending where you are in Scottsdale you would be in the right side of Phoenix to get to the stadium which is in Glendale. Not sure about what Redskins tailgating there is at the stadium though. We have a couple of native Indian tribes in the area. I live in Maricopa County and we have a reservation here, more out West of us and some to the North. If you see a Casino here thats a clue ... I did not see a noticeable presence in any group at the game I went to. But I didn't spend a lot of time outside the stadium.
  8. 2018 Away Games/Road Trips/ Meet ups

    Well I live in Phoenix so you can count me in for the Cardinals game :-)
  9. The height/weight ratio kind of goes together. So height is certainly part of the conversation. But if London in his prime was running towards you at 5’ 10” and 245 I doubt you would think “who is the small guy running at me”.
  10. No it’s exactly the average height for a US male. Fun historical fact - people think Napoleon was short (there is a whole complex based on this). In fact he was also exactly the average height for a French male of that time. 5’ 7”.
  11. Well it’s short for an NFL middle linebacker but exactly average for a US male. It’s all relative :-)
  12. London Fletcher was short (5’ 10”). But he was also around 240. Thats not small.
  13. No argument there. I totally understand my views here are FAR from mainstream.
  14. You mean Mazda don’t spend more on marketing cross overs than sedans in the US? I’d be stunned if that’s not the case. Fair to argue if that spend is about brand choice within a segment versus demand creation though.