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  1. Yeah - I tend to stay away from spending money based on my hunches. Track record is not good.
  2. Yep - I was being sarcastic. Your right. Some of the media folks are too invested in this now anyway to back away almost whatever. This ruling though does mean its really reduced the name opposition to PR and pressure though organising demonstrations and boycotts. Their opportunity to challenge the name and trademark in court is very limited and difficult now.
  3. The plan seems to be to have Pryor and Crowder start when we have only 2 WRs on the field. Pryor as the X (split end) and Crowder the Z (flanker). When we go 3 wide (which is most of the time) Crowder will come inside to the slot and Doctson will line up at Z. Behind them we will likely have Harris, Robert Davis and, yes, Ryan Grant! Top 3 are locks, training camp and preseason will shake out the 3 behind the starters.
  4. I'd assumed those guys would have read the ruling, accepted it with good grace and moved on to other issues more deserving of their time. Was I being optimistic?
  5. We do - but he's a very different receiver than Jackson. I think looking for him to do the things Jackson did as a deep threat is a mistake. He has elite speed but is more of a long strider than Jackson and he does not have that quick twitch ability to hit another gear immediately to separate from a DB. He will make DBs respect him deep but not in the way Jackson did. He averaged just over 13 yards a reception last season. Now that was with some godawful QB play but still compare that to Jackson with an 18 yard per reception average. But Pryor will be able to do things Jackson didn't - like run digs or skinny posts and challenge the area between the hashes in front of the safeties. He's a much bigger body which should show up in the red zone. I think he can do some of the things Jackson did in terms of making DBs respect his speed and dictate coverage but not to the extent Jackson did. He will also be able to do some of the dirty work Garcon did. Be a much more complete receiver than Jackson. I think we can reasonably hope Pryor replaces Jackson's production - but that production will come in different ways to Jackson.
  6. You must be new around here ... Or actually old now I come to think of it.
  7. "Global warming has pushed temperatures up to 5 degrees higher in the region since the 1950s and could increase up to 7 degrees more by the end of the century, putting more stress on ice, according to Climate Central."
  8. perhaps extinction is hyperbole - but it will cost life and drastically impact standards of living if not prevented.
  9. Weve spent about 200 years making use of fossil fuels as energy sources more efficient. If we continue to invest and at the current pace of development renewables will soon outstrip fossil fuels in both percentage of energy developed and efficiency. We really have no choice but to do that if we want to survive as a species.
  10. Knock yourself out.
  11. As measured by Co2 overall emissions China does pollute more than the US. Per capita the US is BY FAR more polluting than China. As for the earth warming just read this thread, there are lots of links and references. Or use Google and do your own research on unbiased academic sources. The summary is this - man made global warming is real, it's happening and it does threaten human life on this planet (at least as we know it). True. I suppose technically unemployment would be zero. Than again so would employment.
  12. There are no 'rules' at the behest of the US. Targets and standards there are - set by each member Country. It was a sop mainly to the US that targets were non binding and penalty free. China is on track to BEAT their targets and standards. WE are the ones people can't trust on this.