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  1. I have to disagree with you on C. I thought Long was a very good taking into account it was his first go around starting at that position. I'd expect him to be better for the experience as well. Looks like Sullivan is gone so we need depth. I'd expect us to draft someone and if that person beats Long out great - but I don't expect it to happen. I do think if we upgrade the LG spot that automatically helps whoever is at C.
  2. Everything is relative, and the bar has been significantly lowered.
  3. I agree about Hankins - but not at $10M per. There has been zero connection between the Redskins and Hankins though. I'm hoping for someone in the first two rounds of the draft but it needs the board to fall that way. I would not advocate reaching based on need.
  4. I mentioned no names :-) But your right. I did not get the 'draft plans' angle that a couple of the beat writers mentioned.
  5. The word on cutting RJF was they wanted the cap space for 'draft plans' to get younger on the line with some of the younger guys on the roster. Lanier I guess. The draft plans caught my attention. Unless we are going to sign someone like Hankins at his reported price we already have plenty of cap space for our $7M rookie pool based on the current picks we have. But what if they wanted the flexibility if we somehow acquired a second very high 1st round pick. You know, just as an example ... Apart from Hankins who is out there in free agency who could really make a difference as opposed to be a rotational guy?
  6. There are some very good 3 and 5 techs in the draft. Not sure there is a zero/1 tech though that could come in and start. Maybe they think Phil Taylor can be the guy at NT on limited snaps. But thats more hope than expectation with a guy who has been out of football for a year.
  7. I'm sort of with you on that. But if its Cook he can be a huge weapon in the passing game not just run game. I think hes going to be a very productive back in a WCO. Think a slight bigger and faster Brian Westbrook.
  8. He was meeting with the Colts as of a day or so ago and then had a visit to the Bengals lined up. Seems to be a market for him.
  9. Both of you chill out. Stick to talking about football not attacking each other. Feel free to argue with each others posts based on what was said and the logic or otherwise - but attacking the poster is against the rules. General warning if there is any more of this there will be time outs being handed out.
  10. So a reminder this thread is for tweets only. If you want to talk about the tweets go find the appropriate thread, or if none exists (unlikely) start one. I just deleted some posts in here. Next time one it will be warnings being handed out.
  11. Well all the talk is Pryor was looking for a long term deal at elite WR money - so $15M per year. Teams were not willing to do that off one season. Cleveland had offered him a long term deal at a higher per year than he signed here. But he wants a one year deal with an offense that will allow him to put up big numbers so he can hit free agency again with two years production and get that big money long term deal. Apparently Cleveland thought he would take the Redskins offer back and by all accounts they would have beaten it. Pryor did not give them the chance. So one thought on this as it relates to Cousins. Pryor wants to have a big year in a passing driven offense. He has to have asked about our QB situation and been given some kind of assurance Cousins will be at QB at least this year. I think this is a strong signal Cousins is not getting traded.
  12. LOVE the Pryor signing. Obviously a prove it year for him and then hit free agency again next year. I hope there is some kind of option in the deal or that if he produces the way we hope we extend him mid season. We have some real size and speed outside now with two big outside guys and Crowder in the slot and Reed and Davis at TE. Exciting. Now if we can get a true 5 tech and a quality starting ILB we can switch the focus to the draft.