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  1. Thats how I read it. I've got a friend who was a tackle in a Div 2 school. He blew out his ACL his junior year and would not have been able to play his senior year. He was asked by a coach to quit school (and therefore not graduate) so they could get his scholarship back. It's a crappy business. He told them to eff off.
  2. Its not a comment on Nicholson, who I know nothing about. It's a general comment in response to the idea that a player can learn toughness from other players or coaches.
  3. In all my years playing competitive sports I never met anyone who learned to be tough. They either were or they weren't. I met a few who learned how to act tough but when the chips were down reverted to type. I think it's one of those things you are born with. Or not.
  4. He looks like the Don Warren of our 2 TE sets :-) He will catch a few passes off play action but will make his living as a 3rd guard lined up in line. Good pick.
  5. I don't think you can coach toughness. You either have it or you don't.
  6. Dust off 50 Gut! Loved this pick - he's someone I hoped we would pick. If nothing else we got a very good short yardage and goal line back.
  7. Elaines boss. Got it. Actually now I look at the picture he does look a lot like me. Sort of.
  8. Yeah i get the limited snaps argument. But I'm in the camp that thinks that some of those snaps are really important ones. Short yardage and goalline for example. I would not have advocated spending big dollars or a high draft pick on the spot but right now all we really have there is Phil Taylor or moving someone who is really a 3 or a 5 tech and asking them to try to do the job. I'd like Stevie Tu'ikolovatu in say the 6th. He might be a guy you can get some good snaps from in that spot.
  9. You sound like my wife. Actually you probably do!
  10. I have no idea what this means 🙂
  11. Loving what the Redskins have done so far. Added 3 starters on defense, one at each level. And got great value with each pick. I'm gutted the Giants got Tomlinson though, he is someone I wanted to plug into the middle of our base defense. We still don't have the 0/1 tech for our base. I think that and a quick twitch pass rusher are what's missing to really help our D turn the corner. Grade A draft for the Skins thus far though IMO. i'd like Peterman if he lasts in the 4th round. He's a great fit in Grudens scheme and at worst a very very good backup for Cousins if he stays and possibly his replacement if he leaves after this year.
  12. Bowser is the edge player on the board who I'd like to fall to us. Give me him in the 2nd round, Tomlinson in the 3rd and Peterman with one of the 4th round picks please.
  13. I'd rather have Dalvin Tomlinson - he can plug is next to his College teammate and play inside in base at 0/1 tech. He is only a 2 down player but he's elite against the run. In related news we were last in the NFL last year on yards per carry conceded on 1st down. 2nd round might be a tick early for him but I'm not sure he will last until our 3rd round pick.
  14. Well he will not be around for a short while to provide it. Neither will anyone else who follows him down the same rat hole of attacking fellow posters in any way. Attack what people say or their ideas - do not attack the poster themselves.
  15. With the latest drug test news on Foster its starting to be possible he is there at 17 for us. I'd take him in a heart beat if he is. I think McCaffrey will be gone. I'm not a fan of Cook but is another possibility. Then hope that one of Brantley Wormley is still there when we pick in the 2nd round - though I fear they wont be. If not there will likely be a corner or maybe an edge guy like Tyus Bowser or ILB like McMillan available. Another alternative is Mixon - I'm not a fan of that personally but he's a first round talent at a position of need. 3rd round someone like Dalvin Tomlinson or a receiver like Kupp or Hansen, FS like Maye - or a QB like Petterman (though I'd prefer him in the 4th).