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  1. Strength & Conditioning Coaches; S&T: Let's Face Reality

    I don’t see a lack of core power in our line though. Of the original starters I think Moses has technique issues run blocking, He a bit of a waist bender not a knee bender and plays high IMO. Long is maybe the one who I would say lacks power but I actually think he’s improved in that respect since he was drafted. One issue that impacts run blocking is I think we are a very tall line. Pad level matters in run blocking. You might be right but I think it’s very difficult to really know. There will be lots of testing and measurable the club will have which will tell the story there.
  2. Strength & Conditioning Coaches; S&T: Let's Face Reality

    Interested why you think this?
  3. Latest FA Disappointment: Josh Norman

    Norman has been very good. In fact our corners in general have been good. Best and deepest position on the team.
  4. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    The communication and some of the game management decisions I give you. Not Gruden's real strength though he has improved. The stuff you list above though - most of that is execution IMO and nothing to do with 'discipline' per se. That's on players. Players win games not coaches. Coaches put players in a position to win, players have to execute. Talent over coaching every time.
  5. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Good. Because there is maybe only one coach in the league who could have withstood the level of injuries we had this season. Ane even with him it's only a maybe. Here we agree. Until we get a proper GM and front office structure everything else is window dressing. Ownership is whole other ball of wax and as long as he stays out of the GMs way (which is seems to have laregly done with Allen in place) it is what it is.
  6. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    I'm stunned there are people out there who want to can Gruden. I get its after a bad loss to the Cowboys and that we have hovered just over .500 even in the best years under him so I am not saying he should be bullet proof but this season he and his staff have done a great coaching job just keep this team competitive. Injuries matter. We are ranked 12th in the NFL in scoring and 11th in yards. Thats miraculous when you consider - 1. We have done it without consistent production from any WR (Crowder perhaps excepted but even he has been up and down this year) 2. Jordan Reed has been injured all year and a shell of himself even when has played, which has not been often. 3. The O'line is a MASH unit. We have had I think 22 starting combinations along the line and are currently starting people who were on the street 3 weeks ago - those who are playing from the original line Williams, Schreff and Moses are all hurt and way less than 100%. Moses might be done for the year now anyway and its likely Trent gets shut down at some point. 4. One of the few bright spots is/was Chris Thompson. He's on IR. Him and an ageing TE in Davis are the only guys Cousins has really been able to consistently count on to make big plays for him. Gruden has done more with less this season than any Redskins coach I can recall. In past years this level of offensive 'talent' would have resulted in a 3 or 4 win season and us being toward the bottom of the league in just about every statistical category. Gruden (along with Cousins) has done a wonderful job this season getting production from not a great deal. On defense we have also been hammered by injuries as well. How many ILB's have started, 6? 7? We lost Allen our best DE and Ioannidis who was having a great year is playing injured. Zach Brown is having achilles issues and is less than 100%. Norman and Breeland missed time.We have started about 5 safeties next to Swearinger. A defense that started the season looking good has gradually fallen away. No team could survive the level of injuries we have had and been a real contender. That we have stayed even competitive is to the credit of all concerned. It might get ugly down the stretch with even more injuries and nothing for guys to really play for apart from pride. But Gruden absolutely should be back next year. He's a very good offensive coach who has grown into the HC role. He's not Joe Gibbs or Bill Belicheck - but I'd much rather have him as my head coach than say Jason Garrett.
  7. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    I don't think you are in the minority. If you are I'm right there with you. Jay has done a great job this year IMO. He's held this all together through a ridiculous spate of injuries and in a year the GM was canned just before the draft. The wheels have stayed on the bus and the team clearly enjoy playing for him. On the offensive side of the ball he has performed minor miracles conjuring offensive performance and points from a team that has been starting 3 or 4 guys on the O'line who are backups or backups to backups and with a receiving group which has been mediocre at best. Contrast what Jay has done with what's happening in New York with the Giants when they lost two receivers. Or the implosion of the Dallas offense when they lost Elliott and Smith. Frankly the only purpose of a thread on the Head Coach this season is to say thank you.
  8. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Yeah that’s what I was thinking when he ran the fake punt deep in our territory - mans just got no balls ...
  9. Smith is the bigger miss there. But that's just one player - Cousins had to function with 4 starting O'line out, his starting TE, a starting WR and his starting RB. As I type Prescott throws a pick in the red zone, his third of the game.
  10. As per Gruden it was supposed to be a bubble screen but Crowder did not get the audible. Cousins said he was throwing it away - he should have thrown it a bit closer to Crowder to be safe. However whatever it was NOT a penalty - blown call by the officials. For it to be grounding the QB has to be under imminent danger of losing yardage and there was no one close to Cousins. Refs blew it - but you never want to put the Refs in a position where they can screw you.
  11. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    So there WAS a chance ...
  12. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    You cited an example of a coach asking Trent Williams to throw a deep out with a coach asking his H-back to to lead block as your illustration of a coach knowing what his players can do. Paul plays full back on a regular basis is our short yardage and goalline packages - it's not like Gruden just pulled this out of his ass.
  13. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    Equating Trent throwing a deep out with your Hback playing fullback is ...not the same.
  14. Saints vs. Redskins Post Game Assessments

    If Paul does his job and blocks the inside 'backer Perine gets the first down. If McGee doesn't jump offsides we attempt a FG before the half rather than having to punt. If the defense cover someone and tackle we don't give up 15 points in the last 3 minutes. In overtime the Saints call two run plays, pick up 50 yards (running back not touched until they are 20 yards past the LOS) and kick the winning FG. At some point it's on execution. I'm not blaming coaching.