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  1. Its clear maintaining the Union was Lincolns concern. But slavery was the issue tearing it apart. The South wanted to maintain their 'way of life' and economic system based on slavery. So wether Lincoln was acting based on a moral position against slavery, from a pure concern about maintaining the Union and seeing slavery as the issue threatening that or a mixture of the two - the war was ultimately about slavery.
  2. The second video is a repudiation of the one I posted :-)
  3. This is a really good explanation of the causes of the Civil War.
  4. Earned us. Based on a minority of the people who voted of those that bothered to do so. So now the jokes on us and not many people are laughing. I suppose thats something we can cling to in this whole mess :-)
  5. Nobodies comments on here matter accept in so far as they reflect views that lead to actions (or inaction) in the real world that do have impact. However limited. Each of us have to pick a side on this and it's not right or left. If your saying you will be voting against Trump you've picked a side.
  6. I use it on Apple TV but I have used it in the past on a MAC but using Chrome not Safari.
  7. In times of National crisis it's time for good men to step forward. Or something.
  8. I'd always thought it was the ability to do handbrake turns and heel and toe with a non synchromesh gear box?
  9. My 'right v wrong' comments are not specifically about this thread. I made them in the Conservatives thread as well. They weren't specifically about that thread either. In fact they are not about ES and posters on here as such (although some sail close to the wind and it would be naive to think we don't have members who have sympathies with those right wing extremists who marched). Its much more general than that. I think thats how Burgold meant his comment - but he does not need me to speak for him. We don't tolerate extreme views here on ES but some of the opinions and stuff I see on Twitter and other social media makes it clear just how far we have to go as a nation (and not just the US you could apply this to the UK or most Western Democracies). There are people out there with these views just barley under the surface and it does not take too much scratching until it comes to the top. Some of them seem to be in or close to the White House.
  10. 100% this. I've posted this statement in another thread but I think it bears repeating here. This is no longer a left v right issue. Its wrong v right. Pick a side and be judged by that choice.
  11. I agree with your overall point about the slippery slope of deciding which parts of history to airbrush and on what basis by whom. Its also problematic to apply the standards and morality of today to historical acts as well. In the main. However there are exceptions. Use of or display of Nazi emblems or glorification of leading Nazis is against the law in Germany. Not largely because they took them into an illegal and ruinous war but because of their genocidal racism. That is burned into the national consciousness and is still relevant today. The Confederacy and slavery is a similar event burned into the US consciousness. Slavery and racial discrimination and economic and social disadvantage emanating from slavery are very real, current and daily issues for a large percentage of the US population. The symbolism and heroes of the Confederacy are viewed differently (by both sides of this debate) than other characters in US history who have their own fair share of baggage.
  12. Never mind that (although I agree) - who the hell are the 6% of Democrats who approve of him?? It was alway a real long shot that an 85 year old with no prior convictions was going to serve jail time for the offense he was convicted of. I live in the County he was Sheriff of by the way. Good riddance to him.
  13. I am sick and tired of this 'what about-ism'. If people carrying communist flags start riots, beat up innocent people and drive cars into crowds I will call them cowardly murdering scum. I have no time for them and having them in positions of power in our political system would be a disaster. Meanwhile people carrying Nazi flags actually DO support the President of the US and he can't bring himself to condemn them. We actually DO have crap like Steve Bannon at the heart of our Government. Its not about left or right anymore. It's about right and wrong. Pick a side and be judged by your choice.
  14. Well part of the core Trump support seem to spend a lot of time carrying the flags of defeated racist and/or genocidal causes. So let's drop all the 'You lost, suck it up" schtick.