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  1. posse87

    Can we stop pretending now?

    The offensive line is decimated.
  2. Sounds more like they are just trying to save salary/paying him.
  3. Weird, I thought they were really high on Lanier and this guy seems to be a reclamation project off the Browns scrap heap.
  4. posse87

    The House that Bruce Built

    One relationship that I know the least about and wonder what it is like, is the relationship and roles of Bruce Allen in relation to AJ Smith. Smith was always known for his personnel acumen, but was a poor politician, and Bruce is more of a Politician and less of a personnel guy. They have a long existing friendship/relationship. I like the fact that AJ Smith served as a successful GM in SD for 9 years or so and is there to help with personnel decision making. I would just like to know more about his role in the organization?
  5. posse87

    The House that Bruce Built

    I, for one am happy Bruce "Team Gruden" Allen is in charge! In all seriousness, I do think Bruce deserves this chance to handle GM responsibilities....this team is in his blood. He is a good dude, and certainly has the organization's best interest in mind! I think Scott Pioli would look nice in our FO as well....just saying!
  6. In my opinion, this happens to be directly Redskins related as Berry has been a full tilt lifelong fan. If the moderators feel this is not relevant for the stadium, then I'll take it down, or they can take it down. The fact that a "true fan" has adopted this policy is weird. I have never been a member who starts needless threads.
  7. I was looking over some fantasy football stuff and came across his weekly love hate, http://espn.go.com/fantasy/football/story/_/page/TMR130919/matthew-berry-players-loves-hates-week-3-fantasy-football-rankings , I noticed that he now refers to the skins as only Washington or The Washington Professional football franchise. I think that if he is going to adopt this stupid PC police policy as a self proclaimed lifelong redskins fan, then he should refer to every team by city of origin only rather than mascot at the very least. Take this crap over the top!
  8. posse87

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I checked 642 on directv and it says the preview is blacked out. Is it only available in the DC area?