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  1. I have a Ricky Ervins rookie card in my basement
  2. Seems a lot of players are pushing long term contracts to next year when the cap goes up because of the new broadcasting deals. Bad business to lock in when the cap is down as well cause of COVID. He could move on or get a deal done to stay at a substantially higher rate
  3. He strategically passed the Giants in the Trevor Lawrence sweep stakes
  4. He’s gonna make the offense more entertaining to watch. He will torture LB’s when he motions out of the backfield into the slot.
  5. I agree. I don’t think there is much of a comparison there. Monk was slow. He had pillow soft hands and used is body to make incredible possession WR catches. McLaurin is a superior athlete.
  6. Scott Turner is a two for one. Rivera essentially gets two offensive minds for the price of one. Norv will be a regular for sure.
  7. Your supposition is just ludicrous. You should read about conflation.
  8. Why do you even try? Understood. It’s cool.
  9. Nope, believe your conspiracy theories but no one is buying the garbage
  10. This isn’t about proof. In fact you are creating misdirection where there is none. It’s called conflation. Your supposition that Rivera made some sort of immediate concession to Snyder is ludicrous. He neither needed or necessarily wanted this job. I really could care less, but you sound silly given the current circumstances and should stop embarrassing yourself. It’s simply annoying and misguided.
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