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  1. Yeah as really seems like these girls are kind of wild. And that you do not know how to deal with them. Hope you can find someone who will treat you right.
  2. Happy St Patty's Day!

  3. Justice Department is now ran by Trump. And not really that of US AG of Jeff Sessions.
  4. March of Ides!

  5. Really if anybody is doing the fake news it is Trump!
  6. Ides of March!

  7. Anybody watched the Oscars tonight?!
  8. Hidden Figures 9/10 As it is an inspiration to keep on keeping on regardless of obstacles.
  9. Happy February!

  10. Yeah as expect there to be a third movie as it did great at the box office. Not #1 but it got $30M.
  11. La La Land 9/10!
  12. SB LI Pats Champs!

  13. SB LI is Here!

  14. Well i does not at all surprise me that they are protesting!