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  1. June is Here!

  2. Yeah as heard that VP Pence has gotten himself a lawyer as well.
  3. Father's Day!

  4. They both tie. As they were good martial artists. But they just could not act. No offense.
  5. It is about getting to ISIS and more importantly that of lone wolves and using vehicles as killing machines. Europe in two years has had seven attacks in France, Great Britain, and Belgium.
  6. June is Here!

  7. Really has not been the same in eight or nine years.
  8. Memorial Day Weekend!

  9. Return of the Jedi hands down!
  10. Flowers of May!

  11. May he RIP. Remember the Jim Jones story as he played that part very convincing and won an Emmy over it.
  12. Really think that either you love the FBI director or love to hate him!
  13. Happy Mother's Day to Be!

  14. Sometimes I think the feds are the ones that need to be fired. They must have some kind of immunity to be thugs. Due to working for the government. Though I do respect all law enforcement. No matter what way you look at it. Mostly good just 1% bad.
  15. Yeah as really was a huge figure in Watergate. May he RIP!
  16. Happy May Day!

  17. Happy Awesome April!

  18. Hey I am 42-years old beat you by one year your niece.
  19. A hoodie in 80 degree weather I do not think so!
  20. Had one sip of beer in my lifetime. That was enough. Tasted like dirt!
  21. April is Here!

  22. Really it seems nothing has gone right for Trump at all.