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  1. Yeah as it may had been due to the Vietnam War and in the Woodstock and partly the Civil Rights era that caused this. So I can see why. Yes Baby Boomers may regret it. And sadly they passed it to Generation X,Y, Z, and the Millennials!
  2. Ready for Summertime!

  3. Happy sunday people (weekly bible verses)

    Thank you as always. So so inspirational and Christ like!
  4. Mother's Day!

  5. Random Thought Thread

    As really Australian vs American outdoors men as they are different, not the same.
  6. Press Release: #REDSKINS ANNOUNCE 2018 SCHEDULE

    Yeah as really think that hopefully the new schedule and having a new QB under center will help the Skins in surprising people.
  7. Ready for May Flowers!

  8. HapHaszard's Passing

    Very lovely pictures there. As you are thinking about Hap Haszards there. He will be there in heart and spirit no matter where you go.
  9. Ready for Spring!

  10. All Things Star Wars Thread

    That made me LOL over on it!
  11. April is Here!

  12. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Yeah but it seems that Ezra could show up in the movies. As you never know!
  13. Easter is Coming

  14. 2017-2018 NCAA Men's Basketball

    Villanova is the team to beat there!
  15. March Is Here!

  16. The XXIII Olympic Winter Games In PyeongChang

    NBC again getting not so nice reviews. And it will never at all match up to that of ABC with the late, great Jim McKay!
  17. Chocolate milk = Diversity!

    Not much of a milk person. Rarely drinks them!
  18. Parkland Strong!

  19. Mass Shooting on the Las Vegas Strip

    Really think that in a room of 3,000 people and in the process you would have a lot of security. But really you can do as much security as much as you can. But it is about calling the police if you see the red flags.
  20. Ready for Valentine's!

  21. Yeah but Kirk seems to be a classy guy. But it is a business no matter what.
  22. Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Remember the cops there are 95%that are good. Sadly the bad ones make the news. And really it is time to show that they do have to put everybody's lives ahead of their own. That is what they do for a living. Remember that.
  23. Ready for Valentines!

  24. Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Baltimore PD former chief is canned. As a new chief is now in. After all of the homicides, drug dealing, and corruption crossed a line and caught up with the police department.
  25. 26th Anniversary of Super Bowl 26

    Remember watching that game. Glad the Redskins won. But felt bad in a sense for the Bills who never won a SB. Really Hap seemed like a class act all the way. May he RIP!