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  1. Any streams for this game?
  2. am I Chicago or Dallas?
  3. no. He does not want to get rid of the law. He's not going to veto a full on repeal of HB2 but he isn't going to negotiate a partial repeal either. You can 100% be against HB2 and all that it stands for and at the same time not want to get rid of it.
  4. Nope, he will sign off on a 100% repeal of the HB2 law (everything that was in the bill including the bathroom portion) but he apparently won't negotiate anything other then that right now.
  5. So now Cooper (D), governor of NC, doesn't want to get rid of HB2 because it's a polarizing issue that will motivate his base in the 2018 mid terms. After the elections he's OK to negotiate again.
  6. Bump for final four week........oh wait...
  7. YES YES YES!!!!! MORE OF THIS!!!!
  8. Hey there fellow VCU alum
  9. Is anybody following this cracker barrel / Brad's wife thing? It's hilarious
  10. My heart, doc's ankles, your ass. What are things that are broken Alex?
  11. Always pegged you for more of the "catcher" type.
  12. @jschuck12001 our thoughts and prayers are with you. Are you close to Raleigh NC by chance?
  13. Wow wow wubbzy PJ Mask
  14. MRI day for Abby. All clear still! The left is her pre-op image last January. Right is today.
  15. MRI day today. All clear! Next one is in June