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  1. Does this take into account land covered by water?
  2. Alpha X Boost....yes or no?
  3. Better off paying for a kitty when you want it. Being tied down to one offers no flexibility with your schedule, they are not calm lovin' at all, and they require serious attention. Plus they hate it when you play with other kitties.
  4. Wouldn't be the first time your dad saw your gfs boobs. Won't be the last either.
  5. How ironic that you are the one saying this.
  6. Your Curry ankles wouldn't be able to handle it.
  7. Dear Penthouse......
  8. Football and Hockey market the team. Baseball and Basketball market the player. The difference is in baseball the team can control the players movement for years and the fans get used to their guys. In basketball right now (and a lot of this is due to the 1 and done rule) it takes a player 3-5 years to really be ready to play. By that time they can move on from their original team. The local fans don't fall in love with the player and there is a disconnect from the team.
  9. Dude. The Raptors would have won at least 2 champions in the 90s with their current ro........... I'm sorry. I cant.
  10. So true. I love having you on this board. Your basketball knowledge is probably top 3% on the internet and your takes from day to day are 99% of the time spot on and hold up long term.
  11. The shining was scary at all @TryTheBeal!
  12. I'm ideas man not a details man. Then flip Okafor, the 1st you have from Brooklyn next year, and some of the players stashed in europe for Paul George.
  13. #1 to 76ers for #4 and Okafor
  14. Beer, Women, and Redskins. You guys are like perfect wing men for each other. Good cop / bad cop. Cagney and Lacey.
  15. I'm guessing he's out around month 15.