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  1. Man, so back in college me and this girl Tiffany were long time friends and high school sweethearts. We both had to face a long distance relationship when I enrolled at University of Ithaca and Tiffany enrolled at the University of Austin. We made a promise to be true to each other and call each other every day. But when Tiffany didn't or answer any of my calls, I began worrying that Tiffany was seeing another man (actually, her maternal grandfather died). To show that i was still in love with her, I made a daily recorded video log to her. After a one-night stand with hmyfriend Beth, I discovered that my sex with Beth had been taped, and, through a series of misunderstandings, the tape was sent to Tiffany instead of my latest blog entry. This promped a road trip in which me and my friends set out for Austin to intercept the tape before Tiffany got a chance to view it. An epic road trip ensued.
  2. UVA is going to finish ranked in the top 25 and win the ACC.
  3. Yes, I'm getting busy with you mom.
  4. Well....1 goal went through his legs and the other almost through his hands.
  5. Easy on the ankles homie.
  6. This must be what Dave felt like when he made an epic post on extremeskins
  7. You left out "who we named the baby after".
  8. If you want I can pose with your wife and the newborn.
  9. Ha! Donna is like the queen on Monroeville and Murrysville. Everyone knows her. Speaking of that area, I'll be up there at the end of July. Hitting Kennywood for a day. Want to meet up and paint a picture of me?
  10. No No No!!! That's the last thing you do with a picture of an ex that your wife doesn't know is of an ex that you have kept for all these years while also keeping up with her life story and knowing where your ex's mom lives.
  11. Send it to her with no return address and a note that says "Forever & Always" Make sure to address the package to her husband so he is the one that opens it. Everyone live a good gag.
  12. so.....you jerked on her loofah again?
  13. You guys playing that game where you walk in on each other jerking off again?
  14. Healthy and rich or poor and sick. F everyone else.