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Norweigian HS student strips for council seat


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Antics by Norway's 'russ', reveling high-school students who celebrate impending final exams with often unbridled debauchery, have caused a new controversy after a stripping stunt was filmed and publicized via the Internet.

The traditional jumpsuit of the red russ, even more provocative when removed.

A 19-year-old girl promoted her campaign to be the local russ president by stripping naked at a student assembly at Atlanten High School in Kristiansund two weeks ago.

This received a new wave of publicity when someone posted a video of the performance online and Norwegian news site TV 2 Nettavisen made the controversial decision to provide a link to the video on their site.

TV 2 Nettavisen's editor Gunnar Stavrum backed the decision to point readers to the video.

"The story has already been made public. The performance took place in public. The video is of public interest. It illustrates how far the russ go. In addition, it would be a bit strange to write about it without showing the video," Stavrum said. The link was later removed from the story.

Russ foreman Louise Garhol told TV 2 Nettavisen that she could understand the fuss, but pointed out that the stripping was just one of several election stunts, and that "two years ago a boy went even further" without attracting any attention.

Secretary General of the Norwegian Press Association Per Edgar Kokkvold called the TV 2 Nettavisen decision to link to the video "speculative, stupid and an invitation to all crackpots that want to promote things like this".



I have the link to said video of said striptease. I don't want to get in trouble so I'll wait till a Mod says it's ok before I post it with a huge NSFW along with it.

It's DEFINITELY worth the download. :D

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Originally posted by TK-IV II I

PM me a link to the video.


I'm sure it's for "research" purposes to see if it is suitable to be posted with a NSFW warning. :D

For everyone else, it is a girl on stage at a HS event dancing to some music and then unexpectedly taking off her clothes.

It's great. ;)

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You post that link here & I'll ban ya.

That wouldn't even be allowed in the Daily Babe thread.

11. Please refrain from posting explicit pictures in posts.

"Explicit" pertains to sexually explicit or implicit (ie. hardcore/softcore pornography, animated pictures, written language, etc) content. Use your discretion. A very significant quantity of our traffic visits during work hours or in public environments. Since pictures can be inserted at any interval within a thread without advanced warning it is unfair to the reader.

PLEASE NOTE: This rule shall be enforced strongly in every forum with the exception of the Tailgate forum. There is a disclaimer for the Tailgate on the forums description warning about the potential for questionable and offensive content in that particular forum. Even in the Tailgate forum, however, there shall be no full/partial frontal or full rear nudity.

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Originally posted by TK-IV II I

And just for the record...

The camera man sucked. He should know how to use a zoom being he's so far away.

Haha, I think everyone was in shock. I mean, a HOT girl gets naked and there is hardly any reaction from a High School crowd? I think half the guys in the crowd soiled their pants. :D

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Originally posted by Art

Uh, PM me the link.

I have a much sharper eye than TK and could come with a totally different conclusion :).

I think its important to maintain staff decision-making integrity.


It wouldn't be right to make a decision based on partial staff input. We need unanimity.

You'd better pm ME the link.

Just to be on the safe side. :)

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I'm going to pm my good friend Art the link since he is my favorite member of extremeskins. At that point, Art can decide if he wants to post the link in here.

After that, please pm him for the link since he is the grand pubah of this forum.

Thanks in advance. :D

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Or we could all take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and do a google search for 'norwegian girl strips', click on the top result, go about halfway down the page, and find the thing for ourselves.

At least in theory : )

And yeah.

Norwegian camcorders apparently lack zoom. Either that, or a chick was filming.

Girls got some moves.

Oh.....and I think I've found a movement that can bring us ALL together.

I'm voting Skinocratic. From here on out.

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I have now watched the clip with great care and thought to the best interests of the community. Is it FAIR, I ask, to make WB PM this link to all 30,000 members, as all the men will ask?

Is it FAIR, when discussing such a newsworthy topic, to prevent all from being able to make an informed decision?

Is it FAIR to comment on how awful that camera person was, without letting others agree?

I hereby move we set aside the verdict of TK and allow a disclaimed link. All in favor, vote AYE :).

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I'll be honest.

Given the distance and shoddy camera-work, its more PG than R-rated.

I submit to the will of the masses. Because isn't it really all about the giving? And oh how she gives and gives and gives.

If I were President Bush, I might well contemplate a trip to Norwegia. And soon. School'll be out soon.

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