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Official Tailgate and Draft Day Pictures - 4/23/05


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Day 1 of the 2005 Draft brought out Extremeskin members in full force to the Draft Day Party at FedEx Field. As always, Tailgating was in full effect! :cheers:

The infamous members of the 4C and DTC were "partying it up".

Myself and fellow 4C members showed around 10:00 a.m. and of course the DTC was already there. Skinsfan44 had the flags flying and Pez was cooking wings.

Plenty of food as you will see was eaten and plenty of adult beverages consumed!

Overall I thought the event was EXCELLENT. I had an absolute blast eventhough I may have disagreed with the Skins picks. (I am sure there are 25 threads about the pick's over in FedEx so I will leave it at that).

I will post pic's of the day along with a narrative. Hopefully other's that were there will post their pic's on this thread too.


The Grill.....we had steak, chicken, keilbasa, lamb, etc grillin'!

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We decided to take the field at FedEx. Of course the field seemed small when you are down there on it. My drunken thought was that it was the same size as the high school field I played on....(that's because it IS the same size dummy)...:doh:

4C Takes Fedex Field.

l to r....Unsonny, Me, Dave Chapelle, Bugs

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Dmac, Randy Thomas, and John Hall during their Radio Interview.

Raub gets the award for getting all of them individually to acknowledge us in the crowd. He yelled out there names until they pointed and waved at us. Randy Thomas stood up and gave us the point. Funny stuff if you were there!

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