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Official Tailgate and Draft Day Pictures - 4/23/05


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Here is a pic of Pez and Huly with the Super bowl trophies.

I have 8 pics up on my webshots page now. I took more, but they didn't come out very well, so I posted the best ones.


I had a great time Saturday. It was nice seeing my DTC family, and the 4C.

It was also nice seeing some regulars at our tailgates, and a few new faces.

This was our first tailgate at the Draft Day Party, and it went so well, that the DTC will be doing it again next year.

When the Redskins made their #25 pick, all of us that were back at the tailgate had a mixed reaction to the selection.

Not even one minute later, we saw lightning off in the distance, so we lowered our flagpoles, and started to put some things away from the tailgate.

Before we could do much, the rain started coming down pretty hard, so about 8 of us stood under the canopy and the rest ran for their cars. A minute later, the wind got real strong, and tried to pick up the canopy. We grabbed it and tried to hold it down, but then the wind blew over our tables, and everything that was still out was blowing across the parking lot.

As you could see from the pics Pez posted, we were soaked to the bone.

That put an end to our great tailgate.

I think GOD made it clear he was NOT in favour of who Gibbs picked. :laugh:

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Good pics :thumbsup:

Originally posted by halter91

I would love to be on Fed Ex field. Someday, someday.

I love how the field feels.

It makes you wanna run. Hopefully they'll start having goal to goal races or some type of running competition.

I think GOD made it clear he was NOT in favour of who Gibbs picked.


I thought the same thing :doh:

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