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Profootballtalk: Arrington a 6/01/06 cap casuality?


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Time for some comedy relief... Besides Bubba hasnt had his blood pressure raised in a few days ;)



Even if the Redskins have decided that the sun is setting on their relationship with linebacker LaVar Arrington (or vice-versa), the raw contract numbers show that there's simply no way the 'Skins can afford a divorce in 2005.

Arrington's cap number of $5.54 million in 2005 would skyrocket by $12.165 million if the 'Skins tried to trade Arrington this season, or if they were to dump him before June 1.

After June 1, the 'Skins would carry a $5 million cap charge for 2005, and a cap hit of $12.165 million for 2006.

The more likely outcome is that the 'Skins will dump Arrington after June 1, 2006, when the cap hit would be $5 million in 2006 and $7.165 million in 2007. Because the team wisely finagled a July 15 due date for Arrington's $6.5 million 2006 roster bonus, the team will be able to push him out the door without incurring a cap charge of $12.165 million in 2006.

There's a catch, however -- as a league source told us Monday night, the 'Skins would be required to take the full $12.165 million cap charge in 2006 if the collective bargaining agreement is not extended, since so-called dead money cannot be pushed into the uncapped year of 2007.

If, on the other hand, the 'Skins were to keep Arrington, his cap number would rise to $11.5 million in 2006, although the team has the right to guarantee the $6.5 million payment, thereby spreading the cap consequence over the final four years of the deal.

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What I don't understand is what is the point of this kind of reporting.

Obviously nothing has been said about getting rid of Arrington, 2006 is a full year away and just about anything can happen between now and then... So what is the point of even making this statement?

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Originally posted by FBChick

What I don't understand is what is the point of this kind of reporting.

That's just it...PFT is not reporting...it's just a bunch of guys speculating about recent events around the NFL. However, they phrase their speculations as if they've gained some secret, private insight from "league sources", which makes it sound as if they are indeed reporting.

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Originally posted by PleaseBlitz

Lets wait and see how he does this year before we $hitcan arguably our best player. Thanks

Our best player?

I beg to differ...all too many times he has had a chance for a big tackle and missed. He doesn't wrap up when needed, too many times looking for the BIG HIT.

Fundamentals boys! Plus he is becoming injury prone.....5 dollars say's he get injured again this season and he doesn't play the full 16! :doh:

Washington is a better LB than him right now! :D

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