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Zen-like Todd

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But...if you look at that play again, it's not necessarily Gardner's speed that is the issue. It's physics! Gardner caught the ball at near a dead stop, than had to go up through the gears to reach the endzone. The Eagle defender already had a head of steam by trailing the play so he easily closed the gap and was able to drag Gardner down.

Had that been a slant, with Gardner catching the ball in stride, I doubt anyone would have caught him. I'm still weary of his speed, but I'm not about to stone him until I see him this year after a year of NFL conditioning and speed work.

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Originally posted by Blade

Excellent find TCO! That would be perfect for a polite, well-contributing Philly fan in the same vein as Tom or Dale.

Too bad we've never seen one here....


Now, now, let's give Eagles_Legendz his due. He is as congenial and respectful as Tom or Big Easy (the good one, not the obnoxious BigEasy):cheers:

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Originally posted by Henry

EL, TexasEagle and Blazers21 are all pretty decent Eagle-fan regulars. I wouldn't mind seeing any of them get a 'toasted visitor' icon. :)

Thanks, Henry.

What I find interesting is that this board does have its share of what you would all consider "typical" Eagles fans, but there are more of us normal ones than any other team. In fact, Tom seems to be the only Giant fan here.

Cowboy fans contribute mostly smack, but disappear quickly. Most of the other team's fans, if any, only pop up when they play the Redskins that week or their team does something good.

EL, TexasEagle, EagleRob, and I try to bring a different perspective. Phantom and Phanatic appear occasionally, but don't often talk smack, as does the extremely hostile Richard M. Nixon. :D

Only Stinky keeps the Eagles smack going around here, along with any pre-game "visitors."

As EL indicated in another thread, Eagles MB's are bad. So much smack from Eagles (and other) fans that very little football gets discussed, even on well-moderated boards. Here, thanks to Blade, Die Hard, Art, Om, Buddha, et. al. the discussion is usually civil and intelligent. That's one reason why we all stay here and pester you 'Skins fans. Most of you know football and don't mind talking about college, NFC East, NFL, etc. in addition to the Redskins.

In fact, Blade, if you're listening :) I'm almost ready to buy a t-shirt set. I wouldn't be caught dead in one, of course, but my wife will enjoy them.

That Avatar wouldn't be bad - at least I'd know that the end result of the play was not a TD. :D

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Originally posted by gridironmike

:yes: and it remains bleak for the Feebles!

It's been bleak for years now.

Next season all we'll need is a 12-4 record, home field advantage, the NFC championship game in the cold against a warm-weather team, then on to the Super Bowl...:shootinth

The opportunities that were wasted this past season. :gus:

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