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Washington Redskins (1-1)

Here's my take on what has happened. They feared the Tampa Bay rush, so they max-protected with three TEs and kept things buttoned up. Against the Giants, well, they didn't respect the rush, so they had plenty of receivers going out on patterns. But they didn't count on the Giants having a hair up their nose and really coming after them and they got killed. Turned the ball over seven times and got their QB knocked out of the box.



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The Redskins lost to a putrid Giants team. They committed SEVEN turn overs. Both quarterbacks played lousy.Receivers were dropping passes left and right. The defense played good but Coughlin played it real conservative once he got that 20-6 lead and face it, the Giants offense isn't all that.

Power rankings are meaningless but if your going to have them I'de say 24th is aboout right.

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