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Who is the hardest hitter in the NFL today.


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You are an nfl wide reciever and you have to run a pattern in the middle of the field. The QB throws it a little high. You extend. Who do you not want to see once you look down. More simply, who is the hardest hitting som-B**** in the game today.

:wewantd: :dallasuck :gaintsuck :eaglesuck

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Hardest hitter.....In this thread and in the last 4 threads like it is still urlacher

I don't care WHO I am a fan of......If you watch highlights of this guy you'll see what I'm talking about. He is the strongest LB in the league. Lewis may have the rep to be "bad" but a lot of his skill comes from his AWESOME ability to read a play. Putting him in the position for a big hit.

Urlacher period...


DB...ehh I'm up in the air......

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Originally posted by f_dallas

Hey, Homers:

Don't put a rook who hasn't played an NFL down yet into the top handful of hardest hitters in the entire NFL.

What a joke...

Point taken, but as the original question was framed ("Who do you not want to see when you look down"), when it comes to D-backs in the NFL right now, I don't want to see a 235 lb. guy coming at me with CB speed. And not many beyond Sean Taylor fit that description.

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LaVar hits as hard as anyone I have ever seen. True, he misses on occassion, but we aren't taking percentages here. Ray-Ray probably wins the argument due to the shear number of punishing hits, but LaVar's shots are just crippling. Rook, Schmook....I have seen enough of Sean Taylor to know he already belongs in this conversation. He's a Widow Maker. Believe that. Urlacher is more smoke than fire.....

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It looks like I am in the minority, but how could you say Ray Lewis is a hard hitter? He makes a lot of tackles because he is so quick and a real smart player, but he doesn't hit hard.

Hardest hitters:

LB - Lavar Arrington, Marvin Jones (even though he is injured a lot)

CB - Roy Williams, Rodney Harrison

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