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redskins.com: Smoot: 'Our Identity is Coming Together'


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Smoot: 'Our Identity is Coming Together'

By Rich Campbell

Special to Redskins.com

June 4, 2004

Cornerback Fred Smoot can always be counted on for a good quote. With all the issues and idiosyncracies surrounding the team, this weekend's mini-camp was as good of a time as any to check in with Smoot.

Q: With all of the changes the team has made this offseason, has the team begun to come together?

A: "I think our identity is coming together. I think a big part of that is because everybody has been here this offseason. We've got a lot done this offseason, a little bit more than other teams can say they have. We had great attendance, just people getting around jelling together--beyond just getting a group of athletes together. You've got to get the right group together to jell, come together and search for the same thing. I think that's what we've got right now."


Fred Smoot says the defense is progressing in learning new schemes. (AP Photo)

Q: Is the team progressing the way you thought it would?

A: "We are. I can really say that we're progressing a little bit faster than I thought we would. Everybody is learning what we want to do and just learning what our coaches expect of us. I think that's the big part--just jelling as a team."

Q: Are you pleased or surprised that the team has gotten this much done?

A: "I'm surprised we've gotten so many [defensive packages] put in place and I'm surprised we've gotten so much done. But now we know what the coaches expect from us--that's a big part of it."

Q: What do you think of Coach Gibbs' loud-pitched laugh?

A: "We've heard it. But when we get out here on the practice fields, I doubt he'll ever do it. Like he said, when we're out here, it's all football and nothing else."

Q: Does his laugh ever catch you by surprise?

A: "The first time I heard it, it caught me by surprise. I was looking around the room thinking somebody else was laughing. It's a funny laugh. Hopefully I can keep him smiling all year."

Q: What are your thoughts about Ifeanyi Ohalete agreeing to give jersey No. 26 to Clinton Portis?

A: "They finally came to a conclusion. Ifay gave the number up to Clinton. I'm just glad it's over. Now we can focus on playing some football."

Q: A lot of people use mediators to solve issues about jersey numbers. Were you one of the mediators?

A: "I was one of the mediators. I just wanted peace and tranquility in the locker room. It all came through. One thing led to another, Clinton got No. 26, Ifay got No. 30, and everybody's happy."


from main page of redskins.com:


Fred Smoot Q&A

The always affable Fred Smoot weighed in on the Redskins' busy offseason, Joe Gibbs' giggle and the Portis-Ohalete jersey number affair.

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It's a testamant, imo, to the abilities of the coaching staff that the players have picked up on things so fast. It's also shows how much the players must believe in what they being asked to learn. this is a good thing. And I very much like the way Fred is developing into one of the team leaders. Thanks jen.

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Originally posted by New

Smooty is slowly but surely growing up and garnering respect. Should be interesting whether they can get him resigned to a new deal. Until then, I'm glad he's one of us! HTTR!

Slowly? Where have you been? :laugh: That man's had my respect for while now. This season he's going to blow up and we're just going to sit here telling the world with their jaws on the ground, "Told ya so". I hope we hold on to him for the rest of his career. He's a redskin through and through.


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Redskin for life.

Althought he is almost the anti-Darrell Green, he is the kind of player we need to hang on to.


On a related note, since Deion is Smoot's idol, did you hear he got canned from his American Sportsman job? In case you don't know, it was some fishing show. Anyway, I heard the problem with was with his tackle...

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Originally posted by Jackson's Ward

On a related note, since Deion is Smoot's idol, did you hear he got canned from his American Sportsman job? In case you don't know, it was some fishing show. Anyway, I heard the problem with was with his tackle...

LOL thats good.

Smoot may just turn out to be the steal of that draft. Take that Peter Queen. :D

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Some of you skins fans on here are really good with the cap numbers. How probable is it that we can sign Smooty to a new deal next year..a deal worth a player of his caliber. I hope we do not lose him. He definately is a skin thru and thru. Hope we sign him longterm!!!!!!!

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Guest Westbrook36
Originally posted by Park City Skins

Now now Westbrook. No trolling. Want to use that one, there's a nice big ol' thread already going to post it in. And don't even :halo:

You are right. I apologize.

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I remember what Smoot said, when he would make teams regret passing him over and letting him sink to round 3. He took that as a slap in the face and his pride. He has shown he deserved #1 consideration from jump.

Others will argue otherwise because he didn't bring the house down, but keep this in mind.

Marty saw something in Smoot, he once saw in Cherry in Kansas City, and yes the great Derrick Thomas, Leadership and unstoppable pride. He hated to lose, and he always stayed positive.

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I'm glad everyone thinks Smoot is so wonderful. Don't get me wrong his attitude is infectious and his interviews with that Mississippi accent are hilarious. But Smoot is a little light in the cleats and he was replaced with a safety (Todd Fransz I think) in a lot of situations last year because he's small and can't tackle in the open field that well without a little help.

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