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I need a coffee maker, give me suggestions!


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I moved recently and my old trusty expresso/coffee maker wasn't invited along. After a year of duct tape and extra attention the decision was made to put the poor thing to sleep. So now I need a new one and I don't want to spend a lot of money on a POS that will dump coffee all over my counter and be impossible to clean.

So anyone got any ideas?

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Oh come on Destino.... be a man...... get a good four cup French Press. Much stronger coffee, just as easy to brew as an automatic coffee maker. The difference, it's not brewed when you get up so you have to put a little effort in while being half a sleep. The advantage... after a couple of cups you eyes look like this -----> :yikes:

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Originally posted by riggins44

I (my wife) has a Cusinart Coffee Maker and Grinder. It grinds the beans than makes great coffee. Found it at SAMS Club.

I third this motion, It is a great coffee maker, We have one and it makes some good HOT coffee.

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OK guys.

Mark the day.


A woman with no opinion on a coffee maker. What is wrong with this picture?

I do not drink nor have I ever drunk coffee. The smell alone is enough to send me to the porcelain god.



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