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PFW: The Way We Hear It- NFC EAST: 5-24: Upshaw goes after Coughlin when Giants pla


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Upshaw goes after Coughlin when Giants players complain


NY Giants

The subplot between head coach Tom Coughlin and NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw over Coughlin’s abuse of the NFL’s rules regarding offseason workouts came to a temporary resolution when two days of the team’s offseason practice were taken away, but residual effects could linger. Not only does it appear that Upshaw has Coughlin on his radar now, but there might be a rift between Coughlin and his players over what the coach expects out of his team. The situation came to the NFLPA’s attention after 7-10 Giants players issued complaints about Coughlin’s definition of “voluntary.” Upshaw and NFL executive vice president Harold Henderson found enough evidence that Coughlin bent rules regarding how much time players were required to spend on the field as well as supposedly mandatory meals and workouts. Coughlin’s hard-line reputation has been well-documented, and Upshaw was readily aware of it, but it appears the players were not ready for the sea change from the more lax days under former coach Jim Fassel. The source said Giants assistant coaches even called players on their cell phones who didn’t attend practices.


With Troy Hambrick officially out of the fold, sources close to the team say rookie RB Julius Jones will get the first crack to earn a starting spot, but head coach Bill Parcells knows he can lean on Richie Anderson to carry some of the load if necessary. Still, the team feels very good about Jones, and provided he succeeds, it would then use Anderson as the full-time nickel (third-down) back. That leaves Aveion Cason’s role in question because he assumed a similar third-down role before missing the second half of the season with a knee injury. Cason, ReShard Lee and Erik Bickerstaff likely will battle for one or two RB spots, depending on how many true fullbacks the team keeps; Jamar Martin, Darian Barnes and undrafted rookie Lousaka Polite are the FB candidates for roster spots. The team also can’t rule out scoping the post-June 1 landscape for veteran help, though don’t assume it will be a big name such as Eddie George.


If all things go according to plan, first-round pick Shawn Andrews will be the starting right guard in Week One. Yes, right guard. Some had speculated that Andrews would step in to departed John Welbourn’s OLG spot, but the team plans to move ORG Jermaine Mayberry over to the left side, making the transition easier for Andrews — a college right tackle. Some had speculated that Artis Hicks, who received a new five-year extension, might compete with Andrews at left guard, but sources say the team values Hicks’ versatility, a la Bobbie Williams last season. But with Andrews come serious question marks. One NFL personnel man told PFW that Andrews’ weight and character concerns were troubling to him and could end up being significant issues.


WLB LaVar Arrington’s decision not to challenge the defensive coaching staff’s desire to move him, in some packages, to defensive end on third down should be viewed as a positive step in his development as a team player and leader. Arrington has balked at previous attempts to move him to end — first, two years ago under former coordinator Marvin Lewis and occasionally last season. It’s also clear that assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams understands that the regular front four will not be able to generate much of a pass rush with the status quo. So he’ll depend on Arrington and new SLB Marcus Washington as his primary pass rushers.

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A bit of old news but I think that this means that we will be seeing a few different DL formations out of Williams this year. Possible 3-4, 4-4 or 4-6 formations to generate a pass rush.

Makes sense as we have loaded up on CB with Harris and Brown to supplement Jimoh and Bauman.

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How can Lavar complain about the coaching that has given him the most professional success (double digit sacks while working under Marvin Lewis)

Shouldn't he realize that the coaches see something and trust them enough to follow the orders he is given?

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I've always felt that this sort of information should be kept on the Down-low.. We don't need Parcells knowing what were up to :)

Either way though, Arrington is going to ring some heads this season. I can just imagine Arrington jumping over a lil RB, landing on a QB, forcing a fumble.

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Originally posted by Larry

I would think, if I were LaVarr, that after the first time I sack a QB, I'd be "Hey! This is pretty cool!"

I think he knows how cool it is to sack a QB but I'm a thinkin that he'd rather do it when blitzing from LB and going against a TE or RB who are his size or smaller than at DE when he has to line up V a big ole OT. Those guys can outweigh him by 50 to 100 lbs and chicken fighting with them has to take a lot out of a player who spends the rest of his downs on the field at LB. Most smaller DE's are specialists who rest the other downs or are at least part of a rotation that has become the rage in the NFL because OLM are just too big and mean for DL's.

Also teams sometimes run on passing downs and then he's got this big ugly all over him starting from a distance much closer than he's used to and trying to make Levar's day as unpleasant as possible. I can see why he'd be hesitant about playing DE. It's not his fault your best DE is an OLB and he might think he's going to get the crap beaten out of him because your FO failed to procure a good DE. I think the only reason he agreed to do it is because he thinks at DE he will visit different parts of the field and therefore has a better chance of finding that 6.5M that he and the Postons have been searching for......

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