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Another portis in Madden screenshot


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i agree with you jbooma, the players always seem to float on madden, easily seen in an instant replay. I would like to see more field/grass detail and more foot in grass detail, and its not like they dont have the capability to do it either. I still love madden otherwise, though I remember the days when Gameday used to compete well with Madden, I used to like Gameday 2000 over Madden 2000.

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On the EA Sports Madden 2005 Website, If you click Movies on the left...there is a movie featuring some of the new Hits you can do. One of them shows Brunell throwing a deep pass to Rod Gardner and (unfortunately) Gardner gets lit up by Roy Williams. And if you click Screenshots on the left, there's a picture of Darnerian McCants high-stepping over one of the Chargers DB's.


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