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  1. I know it won't happen, but tell me how sweet that would be to come out of the tunnel in Texas Stadium wearing the throwbacks one more time this year! :point2sky :dallasuck :dallasuck :point2sky
  2. Yeah I saw that. That sucks if it is true. maybe they are trying to avoid the debacle that was the 70th anniversary season, or they just don't like money. Hopefully we come out and destroy the team we play while wearing the uniforms and they reconsider wearing them for more games...
  3. Ok guys, I modified my throwback that I did a while ago and tried to add the R helmet. So this should be close to what we'll see.
  4. Sounds cool. That'd pretty much what i heard from rumors so far. Just curious about an "official" announcement with the uniform actually on display...
  5. Are we doing it this year or not? Any announcement or images of the uniform they are planning to use?
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