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Recasting or Casting a Movie or TV show


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Okay. Got this idea from Mrs. Utah. What say you're in charge of making a movie and it's time to cast it, or in this case, recast it. That's right. Take a movie or TV series from say...... 1989 and earlier. Go back as far as you want to go and recast the movie. Who would you put in the leading or supporting roles. Or even bit parts. Could be Gone with The Wind, Breakfast Club, Star Wars, Kelly's Heroes, ect... Or, to make things a bit interesting, how about casting something that hasn't been made yet? Johnny Quest? How about a movie based on Halo? Something like that. Or, like this.

Star Trek, ( yeah I know, some independent group may be doing this but let's use some names).


Spock: Hugo Weaving

McCoy: John Hannah



Uhura: Halle Barry

Sulu: Jason Scott Lee

Fill in the blanks or whatever.

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I love that skit on SNL where Quentin Tarantino (Norm MacDonald) was talking about casting Pulp Fiction. Burt Reynolds as the Travolta character was great.

I think the whole cast of LOTR was absolutely perfect except for Elrond. I can't see that guy as anything but the Matrix dude.

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Gilligan's Island

Gilligan - The guy who played the father in Back to the Future, or ...ugh... Adam Sandler :puke:

Skipper - John Goodman

Marianne - Sandra Bullock

Ginger - Selma Hayek

Professor - Harold Ramis

Thurston Howell - David Ogden Stiers

Mrs. Howell - Sonia Braga (I would make Mrs. Howell a gold-digger instead of the aged society woman in the original. I'm thinking along the lines of the late JKC and that floozy Marlena (sp?) who got busted in DC with her boy-toy.)

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