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another angle to same old question......


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we need a Vet DT so the following can happen.

I think Bruce comes back for one more year but won't be a everydown player. So, we get a Vet to play DT when Lang is over at DE and when Bruce comes in either Lang or that Vet DT gets a rest.


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in order to contend next season the Redskins need to revamp at both qb and dl.

if you look at the productivity of Smith and Coleman you will see that at ages 38 and 32, we need to find perhaps TWO ends if Marty returns and keeps Lang at tackle, one otherwise.

we also need a true run stuffing DT to start if Lang moves to end and to platoon on the early downs if not.

Other needs such as for a veteran receiver, middle linebacker (?) and safety should be more easily filled.

But qb is the most difficult. At least it would be on a team that valued the position.

Marty could very easily decide to bring back Banks based on his starting record (7-6) and disregard the other obvious statistics.

Marty is like George Allen. For Allen, Kilmer helped him win his 9 or 10 games each season in a manner he was comfortable with.

Banks may be able to do the same given a strong enough supporting cast.

And Banks seems to be ready pupil. Something that Bledsoe or Brunell would not be as established quarterbacks.

In a way this is a shame, I can see what is coming and while it is not going to be a disaster as most of the Norv years was, in the end we are going to be disappointed on the altar of Marty.

People say now 9-7 or 10-6 and a playoff berth is just fine with them. Until they get one or two and then lose badly in the first round.

The fact is people's expectations rise with success so that once achieved a 10-6 record is no longer the bar.

The bar will rise to an East title, a conference title, a Super Bowl title.

We should all remember that Marty left the Browns, was fired actually, for refusing to hire an offensive coordinator.

I hate to say it, but doesn't this seem like deja vouz all over again?

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bulldog....wasn't aware that the cleveland firing was based on OC problems. i happen to agree with your assessment. we are in for a long tease with marty. the only gotcha is that the rest of the league has been sinking to mediocrity rather than rising. so, there is an outside chance that in any given year a system like marty's that (let's face it) assumes the worst of its players, can make a run. you then get into a probability game: "on any given Sunday".

as a side note, although not entirely convinced, i'm drawing to the conclusion that marty truly is a con man. he is vain, manipulative and, from all appearances, not blessed with grace or a higher vision. hard to articulate, but the way the man operates lacks dignity.

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The priority in the draft, to me, has to be defensive line. We need to get some youth at both end and tackle. Personally, I would find a way to get Parella here and draft a young end and hope it works out. A QB is the dream pick though. If it works out, we're set there for years and everyone is happy. If it doesn't, and too many don't, it's a blown pick. I think with where this team is at present, we would be better served getting a vet at the QB spot rather than taking a chance on the potential of an unknown.

Also, bear in mind that where we will be picking will likely be the classic spot that someone is tumbling unexpectedly in the draft and we'll be in position, likely, to get a guy that is falling. Not that he'll be falling, but if Williams, the safety from Oklahoma, is tumbling, I'll take him without question.


Doom is in the box.

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This draft is going to intersting do w pass up the 2k2 version of Merton Hanks if he falls in our laps?

And what if in the Second round an excitable homeground project at QB from Marshall is there?

We might go BAA available then startin in the third round address the Line.

However I think we will get a decent DT in free agency or wait for the preseason cuts.


Take A Sip of the Marty KoolAid and Believe.

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If the goals is to compete NEXT year, you can just about rule out any qb that does not come via FA. Now, down the line, a draft choice may work out but by that time we'll need $ to sign the guys around him and probably need to find Stephen Davis' replacement.

Our draft depends in the main upon who we sign in the first FA market (and our FAs we resign), who we think we may be able to sign in the second FA market and whose available when we pick. If we sign a DT, we need a DE and the other way, a DT. If we can't sign Lang, doesn't that leave as many as three holes? We probably would have to give up most of our draft (and part of next years) to get a vet qb like Bledsoe (of course, one of the other teams could be stupid or someone like Dilfer comes in and plays like everybody expected when he came out).

My dream, given what I just stated:

Resign Lang

Sign a vet DT like Parella

Draft somebody like Kalimba Edwards

Sign Dilfer would be okay (I'd love to get Brunell, though)

Draft a guard like Gurode

We're not going to get somebody to drop this year, unless we start a rumor about drug use!

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I don't see Washington spending picks on anymore projects at QB.

If they have their sights set on a guy they believe can start relatively soon they might jump. Otherwise I would look for them to make their moves at that position in FA. I think they take the best available player at their spot at EITHER the DT or DL position. Later picks should be used for interior O-line, WR and maybe Safety.

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I agree our top need on offense after quarterback is a veteran receiver that can advance the chains.

On defense, Art's idea of Parella is interesting. He is very active inside in the run game and pins down two blockers on the opponent's line most contests.

The Redskins missed out before last season on gettin Norman Hand who I thought was one of the steals of free agency by the Saints, also from the Chargers.

A pass rushing DE is going to have to come from the draft as everyone is looking for one of those and few emerge in free agency.

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I think the Skins should just buy madden 2002 and create their own QB who's a 99, then some huge OL who are 99's. Then just run the ball.

problem solved/





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Must say I'm in agreement with Art as well as you others on needs in the draft. However, depending on what the Skins (read Marty and Dan) decide to do with a G.M. and or QB, draft picks,especially high ones, could be a moot point. This is business time as well as team needs time. Drafting a QB, as reported by King, I don't think is an option. That screams rebuilding. We fans have put up with enough of that. It's also not the best way to attract veteran free agents. Hard to sell them on a project. Always a roll of the dice.

Getting either Wolf or Bledsoe will cost picks. If you want to attract a QB of starting ability that most of us definately want and the team so desperately needs, then one must think recievers. If/when Michael goes, then you have to go get one of equal or superior ability. Contrary to what some might think, guys like him are not coming out of the wood work. Might be nice to keep him as a selling point to possible free agent QB's. This is a long winded way of saying that the draft picks are selling points as well. Something to stir the pot if you will.

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