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Interesting if true.


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Appears we may have interviewed recently fired Packers coordinator Ed Donatell for a position on our staff. I think he's going to go to Atlanta is the latest I saw, but it looks like we were one of the teams who had him in as a possibility to add to the staff.

This was from a throwaway line on CNNSI about what he's about to do. Shows Gibbs is trying to get some very quality guys in here if this is correctly read.

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Originally posted by jbooma

Any news about Grimm?? Since now he isn't not going to be OC at Pittsburgh, can we get him?

nope, no word yet. I don't think the Steelers will let us interview him anyway. That's okay, we play them this comin season. We'll jus give 'em a woppin anyway.


0-16, 16-0, skins fan till i die!!!

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