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the world of sid and marty krofft


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my friends and i were talking the other day about the sid and marty krofft shows that used to be on saturday morning. there were shows like "h.r. puffinstuff", "lidsville", "land of the lost" "far out space nuts" "sigmund and the seamonsters" and others. these were kind of crazy far out shows even for the 70's. of all the krofft shows, what were your favorites and what were your most hated shows.

my favorite is "land of the lost." and "sigmund and the seamonsters."

i don't really have a most hated.


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You all realize the young ones here won't ahve a clue what we're talking about.

One of my young troops had a old gas mask during our last exercise, the ones with two eye holes instead of the clear one piece mask. A guy my age said it made the kid look like a sleestack. THe kid was befuddled of course, and suddenly we realized we were the only two in the room that knew what we were talking about.

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Lidsville FREAKED me out as a kid. They used to have an indoor theme park in Atlanta in the 70s. Crazy trippy place that went under because (big shock) it became a haven for acid heads and parents didnt want to bring the kids.

They had some awesome shows though.

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Marshall, Will and Holly ... on a routine expedition ...

Poetry on the small screen. :D

Electro Woman and Dyna girl rocked. :)

Dr. Shrinker has the best theme song ... or maybe the Bugaloos. They were pretty cool too.

Far Out Space Nuts wasn't bad, or the other space one with the baby sitter and the kid and the two robots ... can't remember the name. That was a long time ago.

Sigmund the Seamonster always bugged me. The two bigger Seamonsters were always so mean, and never got called on it. Poor Sigmund never seemed to catch a break.

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