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To all those who said it wasn't going to happen, I give you the following.


'Mr. Redskin' Green To Join Gibbs's Staff

By Nunyo DeMasio

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, January 12, 2004; Page D03

Darrell Green, who retired from the Washington Redskins in 2002 after a historic 20-year career, will return to the organization to be part of Coach Joe Gibbs's staff, according to two sources with knowledge of the move.

Green, who played 10 seasons -- and won two Super Bowl titles -- under Gibbs, is likely to be a defensive backs coach, said a source outside the organization. But according to another source, who also requested anonymity, Green and Gibbs are ironing out his coaching duties.

The former cornerback -- nicknamed "Mr. Redskin" because of his popularity -- did not return phone calls yesterday or respond to an e-mail.

Green's two decades on the Redskins, which included 313 games, remain NFL records. Green made the Pro Bowl seven times and is expected to be selected to the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible in 2007.

In an interview during his final week as a player, Green didn't rule out eventually working for owner Daniel Snyder as part of management. But Green also insisted that he was looking forward to life after the Redskins.

"I don't fear change," Green said in December 2002. "In football you have a game plan. Typically something happens different. But you still try to get the same result."

Green, 43, his spent his post-football career overseeing the Youth Life Foundation, which he founded in 1988. The organization operates 12 learning centers for local children in the Washington area, and has plans to expand nationally. On Dec. 10, 2003, a six-mile stretch of Route 28 in Loudon County was named after Green, whose jersey number was 28. On Wednesday, Gibbs -- who coached the Redskins from 1981 to 1992, winning three Super Bowls -- returned to the NFL, replacing Steve Spurrier, who resigned on Dec. 30 after two seasons. Although Green is a year removed from playing, he can serve as a bridge to the current roster. Four of Spurrier's former assistants, who have contracts that expire after the 2004 season, are not expected to be retained. Green has no experience as an assistant. But former teammates -- who dubbed him "the Godfather" -- considered him a player/coach.

"He taught me everything from wearing your socks right to just reading the quarterback," Rashad Bauman said in 2002 after displacing Green as a nickleback. "Darrell Green has always been there for me and tutored me in every way possible."

Before the 2001 season, then-coach Marty Schottenheimer replaced Green at cornerback with Fred Smoot. But Smoot said the move didn't change Green. "He really guided me," Smoot said. "He didn't mind watching me blossom."

The Texas A&I product was a starter on Gibbs's championship teams following the 1987 and 1991 seasons. Green was picked 28th overall in the 1983 draft, Washington's selection in the first round after Gibbs's first Super Bowl title.

On Wednesday, Green was among several former players at Redskins Park, the team's training facility, for Gibbs's announcement. Since retiring, Green has rarely appeared at the park, but late this season he was spotted in the locker room a couple times, exchanging pleasantries with former teammates.

Gibbs's staff thus far is composed of Don Breaux, the running backs coach; Jack Burns, the quarterbacks coach; Gibbs's son, Coy, an offensive quality control assistant; Rennie Simmons, who is expected to coach tight ends; and Gregg Williams, the defensive coordinator. (The Redskins haven't officially announced the signing of Simmons, a Falcons offensive line coach.) Williams is Gibbs's only defensive coach because Gibbs has been stifled by NFL rules that bar a team from interviewing an assistant under contract without receiving permission. Williams, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills the past three seasons, has wanted to hire a slew of his former assistants. He has received permission to interview Bills special teams coach Danny Smith and safeties/ third-down coach Steve Jackson. The Redskins are expected to hire them both this week. Before 2002, assistants were free to leave another team to take a promotion.

According to a source, the Redskins had expressed an interest in Falcons defensive backs coach Emmitt Thomas, but not for the same position. Thomas, who coached the secondary under Gibbs from 1987 to 1992, declined to become defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals under new coach Dennis Green, the source said. (Thomas was defensive coordinator for the Vikings in 2000 and 2001.)

The Redskins are also bringing back Bubba Tyer, who served 25 of 33 years with the organization as a trainer. Like Green, Tyer -- who retired after last season -- is in the Ring of Honor at FedEx Field. Tyer's title is expected to be announced. According to sources, the Redskins have fired trainer Dean Kleinschmidt, who was with the organization for two seasons.

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Can life honestly be any better right now? My all-time favourite Redskin is gonna be back with the burgundy and gold, and roaming the sidelines alongside Joe Gibbs! My goodness, our group of players next season should be kissing the ground they walk on each and every day. They are going to be surrounded by winners in the coaching staff. The importance of this cannot be underestimated.

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Originally posted by Sarge

What did we do to deserve this past week? Aside from hanging with the Skins through 10 long years!

Being with this team for 10 years is enough to deserve all we're getting. I guess you could call this karma paying us back in bulk for the past 10 years. Just hope we save some for the regular season.

All Hail Coach Gibbs :allhail:

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Wow, what a great time to be a Redskin fan? We're going to have some great years ahead of us. It's funny that for as long as I've been here people have talked about the posibility of Gibbs coming back to coach. A lot of us embraced the fact on how great it would be for him to come back. And a lot of us just wanted to remember the good things that Gibbs did for the team and to look towards the future and not the past.

Now, one of the greatest icons in the history of the Redskins, Joe Gibbs, has returned to banish the dark clouds above us and return us to the glory... And now, Mr. Redskin, Darrell Green, one of the best CB's of the past 25 years is going to rejoin us.

The fruit is going to taste sweet, my friends... very sweet indeed!

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This is a good move. a DB coach is more useful in practice for coaching and during the games, he's the one who helps with the little things.

DG already knows these two CB's and can only help whoever else is here. He played way above his physical talent, he studied the CB spot. Even Bauman still says it.

I think with Gibbs here, Champ will NOT be traded and at worst will be franchised. Nobody is going to outbid us.

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It's nice to have Darrell back in any capacity. However, is this really a good move strictly from a coaching aspect? Darrell for YEARS played on ability more than technique. So, essentially we're asking him to teach guys the things he ignored when he was taught.

Even as Green aged and started playing with more technique, he wasn't the strongest technical corner out there. I like the feel of adding him, but I'm not sure he's as qualified for this role as others might be at this point. I'd rather him be an assistant cornerbacks coach or something for a couple of years under a guy like Gray first. But that's just me.

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Ok who has been sacraficing the live chickens for our fortunes to turn like this?

A safety/ 3rd down coach?

you mean there will be attention to detail on the down where we usually blow it?

Good moves and if we get emmit thomas to be secondary coach he and D Green can both work on the DBs.

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Originally posted by goldenster95

On Wednesday, Green was among several former players at Redskins Park, the team's training facility, for Gibbs's announcement. Since retiring, Green has rarely appeared at the park, but late this season he was spotted in the locker room a couple times, exchanging pleasantries with former teammates.

I wonder if Sonny tipped him off.

In any case, this really looks good to me.

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I gave thought to that as well, but I think what is possible is that Darrell always knew the techniques, but knew that his ability and feel for the game were better options. Once he got older and started to lose his speed and quickness somewhat, he probably had a hard time adopting the "technical" aspects of playing the position in game-time.

But it doesn't mean that he doesn't KNOW them. Kind of like you know how to multiply 7 by 8 the long way, but learn the tables to avoid wasting time.

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Excellent point Art.

I would say, though, that the fact that the guys on the team know Green, respect him and are anxious to learn from him as they have done in the past may counter some of what we would consider concerns about Green's coaching ability.

At least that's what I'm telling myself. :)

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