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Game Day Thread: 2022 - {{SUPERBOWL 57}} ~ THE CHIEFS vs. THE EAGLES


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1 minute ago, zCommander said:

Since 1960 no player that has ever played for Washington have ever been a sack leader. The Watts brother have done this multiple times though. Must be nice for other teams to have these special kind of players. 

Really? With Dexter and Mann that surprises me actually.

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People forget the impact OBJ had on the Rams offense once they figured out how to use him. They're really missing that extra weapon tonight. Kupp is racking up catches but they haven't really been downfield big plays.


Bills D is tremendous though. Lots of talent across all three units.

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35 minutes ago, Koolblue13 said:

Yes he does. Dudes a unicorn and first ballot HoFer.


No doubt.  He is also so much more seasoned and a true professional pass rusher.  He has moves and counter moves to his counter moves.  Silky smooth.  I really hope Kerrigan can work with these guys, and develop their push rushing skills.  I think that gets overlooked a lot that it is truly an art to rush the passer, effectively.  I mean Young especially justs simply tries to go around the tackle creating a huge hole, idk.  Do these guys watch film and critique themselves, I mean i would want to get better, I try to do that in my own life.  


Totally agree Miller = 1st ballot

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We had Diggs in our own backyard and didn't even draft him. He gets drafted in the 5th round, I believe and looks like a 1st rounder now. His brother also in our own backyard and goes to the Cowboys. Our scouting team sometimes overlooks - seems like a lot for some reason. 


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  • zCommander changed the title to Game Day Thread: 2022 - {{SUPERBOWL 57}} ~ THE CHIEFS vs. THE EAGLES

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