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Game Day Thread: 2022 - {{SUPERBOWL 57}} ~ THE CHIEFS vs. THE EAGLES


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6 hours ago, SkinsFTW said:

Mahomes got the MVP and he deserves it BUT the difference in that game and them getting blown out VS Tampa was their OL.


Over the past 2 weeks everybody was saying that the Chiefs OL vs the Eagles defense would be the difference and it turned out that their OL completely shut down the Eagles defense in both phases of the game.


Pacheko was running all over them and Mahomes never got sacked. That was the game right there. You can't really name an entire OL the MVP though so of course Mahomes gets it but if they sucked it could have been worse than the Tampa SB considering Mahomes injury this time. It wasn't even a factor.

Yeah I am genuinely shocked by how little the Eagles front seven could do. Mahomes is elusive but *no sacks?* 


And that's not to mention Pacheko gashing the line and getting to the outside, absolutely eating up yards. They just beat the breaks off of what was a historically great defense 

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On 2/14/2023 at 5:21 PM, thebluefood said:

They just beat the breaks off of what was a historically great defense 


That defense was good, just like the Football Teams defense in 2020 but they didn't really play anybody all year. Cousins and Dak once each. Besides that they gave up over 30 to Detroit, GB, Dallas, and 32 to Washington. The rest of the schedule was against garbage besides them owning a decent Giants team. 


It could have been a lot worse for the Eagles. They almost won anyway. 


What I really appreciate is that the NFLN is playing the game non stop almost all week. Every time I turn the tv on the game is on. Must suck to be an Eagles fan lol. 

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