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Is it safe to go to bed yet?

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Originally posted by Even Madder

Stay awake! Joe Gibbs is setting up a cot right now... rumor is he's gonna log on himself.

You are a cruel, souless scoundrel!!

I will have nightmares tonight of missed press conferences and champagne being uncorked and poured over Mr Snyder and Coach Gibbs all live on ESPN while I lay sleeping blissfully unaware.


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Originally posted by bubba9497

I just realized, nothing can be signed until the part ownership in the Falcons is settled with the NFL office, so there will not be any official announcement until tomorrow at the earliest.

yup he has to get rid of the dirty bird shares he owns before he can sign anything official.

Of course he can announce his intentions and that a verbal deal has been placed.

Who knows..

hell its 11:25 PM now.. I gotta get some sleep people..


:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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