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Some more coaching candidates


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Not neccisarily limited to just Head Coaches. Looking at good assistants too.........

Tampa Bay Coaching staff

Monte Kiffin - Tampa Bay - defensive coordinator; Born February 29, 1940, Lexington, Neb., lives in Tampa. Offensive/defensive tackle Nebraska 1959-63. Pro defensive end Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL) 1965. College coach: Nebraska 1966-76, Arkansas 1977-79, North Carolina State 1980-82 (head coach). Pro coach: Green Bay Packers 1983, Buffalo Bills 1984-85, Minnesota Vikings 1986-89, 1991-94, New York Jets 1990, New Orleans Saints 1995, joined Buccaneers in 1996.

Joe Barry - Tampa Bay - linebackers; Born July 5, 1970, Boulder, Colo., lives in Tampa. Linebacker Southern California 1991-93. No pro playing experience. College coach: Southern California 1994-95, Northern Arizona 1996-98, Nevada-Las Vegas 1999. Pro coach: San Francisco 49ers 2000, joined Buccaneers in 2001.

New England Coaching staff

Pepper Johnson - New England - inside linebackers; Born July 29, 1964, Detroit, in Foxborough, Mass. Linebacker Ohio State 1982-85. Pro linebacker New York Giants 1986-1992, Cleveland Browns 1993-95, Detroit 1996, New York Jets 1997-98. Pro coach: Joined the Patriots in 2000.

Eric Mangini - New England - defensive backs; Born January 10, 1971, Hartford, Conn., lives in Medfield, Mass. Nose tackle Wesleyan (Conn.) 1989-1990, 1992-93. No pro playing experience. Pro coach: Cleveland Browns 1995, Baltimore Ravens 1996, New York Jets 1997-99, joined Patriots in 2000.

Rob Ryan - New England - outside linebackers; Born December 13, 1962, Ardmore, Okla., lives in Franklin, Mass. Linebacker Oklahoma State 1984, Southwestern Oklahoma State 1985-86. No pro playing experience. College coach: Western Kentucky 1987, Ohio State 1988, Tennessee State 1989-1993, Hutchinson (Kan.) C.C. 1996, Oklahoma State 1997-99. Pro coach: Arizona Cardinals 1994-95, joined Patriots in 2000.

Charlie Weis - New England - offensive coordinator; Born March 30, 1956, Trenton, N.J., lives in Cumberland, R.I. Attended Notre Dame. No college or pro playing experience. College coach: South Carolina 1985-88. Pro coach: New York Giants 1988-1992, New England Patriots 1993-96, New York Jets 1997-99, rejoined Patriots in 2000.

Romeo Crennel - defensive coordinator-defensive line; Born June 18, 1947, Lynchburgh, Va., lives in Foxborough, Mass. Offensive-defensive tackle, linebacker Western Kentucky 1966-69. No pro playing experience. College coach: Western Kentucky 1970-74, Texas Tech 1975-77, Mississippi 1978-79, Georgia Tech 1980. Pro coach: New York Giants 1981-1992, New England Patriots 1993-96, New York Jets 1997-99, Cleveland Browns 2000, rejoined Patriots in 2001.

Ravens Coaching staff

Mike Nolan - defensive coordinator; Born March 7, 1959, Baltimore, lives in Baltimore. Safety Oregon 1978-1980. No pro playing experience. College coach: Oregon 1981, Stanford 1982-83, Rice 1984-85, Louisiana State 1986. Pro coach: Denver Broncos 1987-1992, New York Giants 1993-96, Washington Redskins 1997-99, New York Jets 2000, joined Ravens in 2001.

Rex Ryan - defensive line; Born December 13, 1962, Ardmore, Okla., lives in Ellicott City, Md. Defensive end Southwest Oklahoma State 1983-86. No pro playing experience. College coach: Eastern Kentucky 1987-88, New Mexico Highlands 1989, Morehead State 1990-93, Cincinnati 1996-97, Oklahoma 1998. Pro coach: Arizona Cardinals 1994-95, joined Ravens in 1999.

Steelers Coaching staff

Tim Lewis - defensive coordinator; Born December 18, 1961, Quakertown, Pa., lives in Pittsburgh. Defensive back Pittsburgh 1979-1982. Pro cornerback Green Bay Packers 1983-86. College coach: Texas A&M 1987-88, Southern Methodist 1989-1992, Pittsburgh 1993-94. Pro coach: Joined Steelers in 1995.

Tom Clements - quarterbacks; Born June 18, 1953, McKees Rocks, Pa., lives in Pittsburgh. Quarterback Notre Dame 1972-74. Pro quarterback Ottawa Rough Riders (CFL) 1975-78, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL) 1979, 1981-82, Kansas City Chiefs 1980, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL) 1983-87. College coach: Notre Dame 1992-95. Pro coach: New Orleans Saints 1997-99, Kansas City Chiefs 2000, joined Steelers in 2001.

Russ Grimm - offensive line; Born May 2, 1959, Scottdale, Pa., lives in Pittsburgh. Center Pittsburgh 1977-1980. Pro guard Washington Redskins 1981-1991. Pro coach: Washington Redskins 1992-2000, joined Steelers in 2001.

and of course....................

Head Coach

Bill Cowher

Pro Career: Became the fifteenth head coach in Steelers history when he replaced Chuck Noll on January 21, 1992. In 1995, at age 38, he became the youngest coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl. Cowher is only the second coach in NFLhistory to lead his team to the playoffs in each of his first six seasons as head coach, joining Pro Football Hall of Fame member Paul Brown.

During Cowher’s 18-year coaching career, teams he has been associated with have made the postseason 14 times. Began his NFL career as a free-agent linebacker with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1979, and then signed with the Cleveland Browns the following year. Cowher played three seasons (1980-82) in Cleveland before being traded back to the Eagles, where he played two more years (1983-84).

Cowher began his coaching career in 1985 at age 28 under Marty Schottenheimer with the Browns. He was the Browns’ special teams coach in 1985-86 and secondary coach in 1987-88 before following Schottenheimer to the Kansas City Chiefs in 1989 as defensive coordinator.

Career record: 116-74-1.

Rams Coaching staff

Lovie Smith - asst. head coach-defensive coordinator; Born May 8, 1958, Gladewater, Texas, lives in St. Louis. Linebacker Tulsa 1976-79. No pro playing experience. College coach: Tulsa 1983-86, Wisconsin 1987, Arizona State 1988-1991, Kentucky 1992, Tennessee 1993-94, Ohio State 1995. Pro coach: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1996-2000, joined Rams in 2001.

Jim Hanifan - offensive line; Born September 21, 1933, Compton, Calif., lives in St. Charles, Mo. Tight end California 1952-54. Pro tight end Toronto Argonauts (USFL) 1955. College coach: Yuba City (Calif.) J.C. 1959-1961, Glendale (Calif.) J.C. 1964-65, Utah 1966-69, California 1970-71, San Diego State 1972. Pro coach: St. Louis Cardinals 1973-78, 1980-85 (head coach), San Diego Chargers 1979, Atlanta Falcons 1987-89, Washington Redskins 1990-96, joined Rams in 1997

Colts coaching staff

Howard Mudd - offensive line; Born February 10, 1942, Midland, Mich., lives in Indianapolis. Guard Hillsdale (Mich.) College 1960-63. Pro offensive lineman San Francisco 49ers 1964-69, Chicago Bears 1969-1970. College coach: California 1972-73. Pro coach: San Diego Chargers 1974-76, San Francisco 49ers 1977, Seattle Seahawks 1978-1982, 1993-97, Cleveland Browns 1983-88, Kansas City Chiefs 1989-1992, joined Colts in 1998.

Jim Caldwell - quarterbacks; Born January 16, 1955, Beloit, Wis., lives in Indianapolis. Defensive back Iowa 1973-76. No pro playing experience. College coach: Iowa 1977, Southern Illinois 1978-1980, Northwestern 1981, Colorado 1982-84, Louisville 1985, Penn State 1986-1992, Wake Forest 1993-2000. Pro coach: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2001, joined Colts in 2002.

no one esle seems impressive except for Dungy

Broncos coaching staff

Gary Kubiak - offensive coordinator; Born August 15, 1961, Houston, Texas, lives in Englewood, Colo. Quarterback Texas A&M 1979-1982. Pro quarterback Denver Broncos 1983-1991. College coach:Texas A&M1992-93. Pro coach:San Francisco 49ers 1994, joined Broncos in 1995.

Keith Millard - asst. defensive line-pass rush specialist; Born March 18, 1962, Pleasanton, Calif., lives in Englewood, Colo. Defensive lineman Washington State 1980-84. Pro defensive lineman Minnesota Vikings 1985-1991, Seattle Seahawks 1992, Green Bay Packers 1992, Philadelphia Eagles 1993. College coach: Fort Lewis 1996, Menlo College 1997-2000. Pro coach: San Francisco Demons (XFL) 2001, joined Broncos in 2002.

Packers coaching staff

Sylvester Croom - running backs; Born September 25, 1954, Tuscaloosa, Ala., lives in Green Bay. Center Alabama 1971-74. Pro center New Orleans Saints 1975. College coach: Alabama 1976-1986. Pro coach: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1987-1990, Indianapolis Colts 1991, San Diego Chargers 1992-96, Detroit Lions 1997-2000, joined Packers in 2001.

Ed Donatell - defensive coordinator; Born February 4, 1957, Akron, Ohio, lives in Green Bay. Defensive back Glenville State 1975-78. No pro playing experience. College coach: Kent State 1979-1980, Washington 1981-82, Pacific 1983-85, Idaho 1986-88, Cal State-Fullerton 1989. Pro coach: New York Jets 1990-94, Denver Broncos 1995-99, joined Packers in 2000.

Jethro Franklin - defensive line; Born October 25, 1965, St. Lazaire, France, lives in De Pere, Wis. Defensive end San Jose (Calif.) C.C. 1984-85, Fresno State 1986-87. Pro defensive end Seattle Seahawks 1989. College coach: Fresno State 1991-98, UCLA 1999. Pro coach: Joined Packers in 2000

Ray Sherman - wide receivers; Born November 27, 1951, Berkeley, Calif., lives in Green Bay. Wide receiver Laney (Calif.) J.C. 1969-1970, Fresno State 1971-72. No pro playing experience. College coach: San Jose State 1974, California 1975, 1981, Michigan State 1976-77, Wake Forest 1978-1980, Purdue 1982-85, Georgia 1986-87. Pro coach: Houston Oilers 1988-89, Atlanta Falcons 1990, San Francisco 49ers 1991-93, New York Jets 1994, Minnesota Vikings 1995-97, 1999, Pittsburgh Steelers 1998, joined Packers in 2000

Panthers coaching staff

oh no dare I say: Dan Henning - offensive coordinator-quarterbacks; Born June 21, 1942, Bronx, N.Y., lives in Charlotte. Quarterback William & Mary 1962-64. Pro quarterback San Diego Chargers 1964, 1966-67. College coach: Florida State 1968-1970, 1974, Virginia Tech 1971, 1973, Boston College 1994-96 (head coach). Pro coach: Houston Oilers 1972, New York Jets 1976-78, 1998-2000, Miami Dolphins 1979-1980, Washington Redskins 1981-1982, 1987-88, Atlanta Falcons 1983-86 (head coach), San Diego Chargers 1989-1991 (head coach), Detroit Lions 1992-93, Buffalo Bills 1997, joined Panthers in 2002.

Sal Sunseri - defensive line; Born August 1, 1959, Pittsburgh, lives in Charlotte. Linebacker Pittsburgh 1979-1981. College coach: Pittsburgh 1985-1992, Iowa Wesleyan 1993, Louisville 1995-97, Alabama A&M 1998-99, Louisiana State 2000, Michigan State 2001. Pro coach: Joined Panthers in 2002.

Mike Trgovac - defensive coordinator; Born February 27, 1959, Youngstown, Ohio, lives in Charlotte. Defensive lineman Michigan 1977-1980. No pro playing experience. College coach: Michigan 1984-85, Ball State 1986-88, Navy 1989, Colorado State 1990-91, Notre Dame 1992-94. Pro coach: Philadelphia Eagles 1995-98, Green Bay Packers 1999, Washington Redskins 2000-01, joined Panthers in 2002.

----------obviosly many of these coaches are under contract. Snyder and our New coach may be able to pull them away. This is information I have gathered. Not an opinion. Take it as you want it I guess---------------------------------------------------------------------

will update as I get more info

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Mike Nolan was mentioned in lieu of Mularky because Mularky has had one good season and one abysmal season.

Nolan has done well with one of the most talented Defenses while George Edwards inherited a similar defense and ran it into the ground. I will add that this list is incomplete.......

I'm off to play for NYE, try to get laid and do as many illicit substances as I can :)

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Added some more for ya there. I think what intrigues me the most was Rex and Rob Ryan have both done some pretty imrpessive things with teaching 3-4 and 4-3 switching. Could be interesting to see here with the linebackers we have here. If they can be whipped into shape and we can get some solid D-linemen, that could be a scheme that would really be impressive.

Easy on the Mike Nolan sh*t. I'm just posting the info I have found. Don't pi*s on the ploiter..........;)

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Did someone say Joe Bugel? I love the head Hog as much as the next Redskin fan, but his services are best rendered as a top lieutenant, not the CnC.

Of the 3 on the short list, Dennis Green is my personal pick. However, that does not necessarily mean he is the best for the job. I'm not even sure our future HC is on the list yet. I'm still holding out for a Romeo Crennel or Kirk Ferentz (that's the homer in me coming out).

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Mike Nolan has good results in New York and has done so again in Baltimore. Only in Washington when he had to use underachieving players like Stubblefield and Wilkinson did his reputation decline.

My grandfather used to say that a monkey could win a card game with the right cards. Give Edwards some actual NFL talent on the D line and see him improve.

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What in your mind makes a majority of these names good assistants?

I can understand names like Hanifan and Mudd because they have built reputations over many years but the majority of the names have little NFL experience and nothing else but coaching on teams with establised head coaches and coordinators.

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