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  1. Your score is: 3770 (Drafting Ability: B-, Player Quality A, Future Draft Picks: N/A) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 9 (BUF): Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State ( Round 3 Pick 7 (NYJ): Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State (A) Round 3 Pick 13 (STL): Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin (A) Round 4 Pick 11 (TENN): Jimmie Ward, SS, Northern Illinois (A) Round 4 Pick 15 (PITT): Chris Watt, OG, Notre Dame ( Round 4 Pick 23 (PHI): Calvin Barnett, DT, Oklahoma State (A) Round 5 Pick 2: Marqueston Huff, FS, Wyoming (B+) Round 5 Pick 6 (ATL): Boseko Lokombo, OLB, Oregon ( Round 5 Pick 11 (
  2. This is why the best wrestling matches are via YouTube. The WWE talent well is so dry that Rock, HHH, and Undertaker can pull off the bubblewrap once a year and headline their biggest PPV. Now they have completely devalued their own champion via a clean loss to a guy whos wrestling is more hobby than livelihood. Give me the older Mid-Atlantic, Georgia, hell even the old AWA stuff over this $65 a pop crapfest.
  3. Here's the problem with your response: Those legends that used beat each other up, did it while being full time wrestlers. Sure they might miss a little time due to injury here and there, but in their prime they were in the ring on the daily. The Rock has been out of action for how long? The sporatic appearances on Raw don't make him a full time wrestler (not in my book anyway) and having the guy they are building their company around lose to him at their biggest show would devalue his worth severely. Some token appearances just before Wrestlemania aren't enough to make anyone forget that
  4. "Jobbing" = to lose the match. So you think there won't be a loser in this match? I don't follow.
  5. Then the message would be that an ex-wrestler turned actor could make a one-night cameo and beat the face of the WWE on the biggest show of the year. I get that Cena is wildly unpopular but the WWE punks itself if they let him job to the less than part-time Rock, heel or no heel.
  6. From the "Where are they now?" files: I was listening to the Walter Reeves Atlanta yard and garden radio show (totally random event trust me) and who is doing the sports segment? Our boy Tony Schiavonne! http://www.wsbradio.com/lsp/programs/lawn-and-garden-show-walter-reeves/
  7. particularly the ones " stop hotshotting title changes" and "end the brand extension". Smackdown is the weak sister and having two (WWE and World) champions to accomodate it has been a godawful idea. Just let one main champ and the main tag champs go back and forth between both shows. Then each show can have their own US, Intercontinental, TV, etc champ as well. As for the too frequent title changes its to the point where every wrestler will get a turn with the main belt. Makes me miss the days when Backlund and Hogan would actually hold on to their titles for YEARS. It was a BIG deal when on
  8. Miz has it all over him in charisma and mic skills but I think that the company still values size more than anything in their heels. Not saying its right but I think they want them "bigger than life' and thus more threatening. I see him mid-carding for awhile. R-Truth is still really interesting but right now he looks like a damn good U.S.-type champ; not a World champ. Of course, no one saw Foley as a world champ for a long time either...
  9. Yeah he's in no shape whatsoever to work any kind of angle right now. You want to shock the fans triple H? Bring Chyna back :pfft: Some of us could see the Del Rio thing coming a mile away because he's been groomed as the only major heel on Raw (ok second if you still count the Miz) for awhile now. Creative still needs to find at least one more guy who can generate some real heat on that show imo. Unfortunately it looks like Punk is already being steered away from the belt by having him more concerned about who was behind Nash's attack on him than getting a rematch. Naturally Cena is right t
  10. So its Punk vs Cena to unify the belts at SummerSlam -although none of the other stuff I thought might happen actually did. Raise your hand if you knew Rey wasn't leaving with the belt when Triple H announced the second title match. I kind of like the idea that Del Rio could be the first wrestler to NOT turn the Money in the Bank into a world championship. Still Raw needs a new top heel and screwing either Punk or Cena after the SummerSlam main event could put him there. ---------- Post added July-26th-2011 at 06:36 AM ---------- The "needing to shed my humanity" [paraphrasing] comments
  11. http://www.heymanhustle.com/videos/viewvideo/73/various/cm-punk-invades-comic-con Punk vs Triple H at ComicCon
  12. I'd be interested in some of your takes on where you see this storyline going... For me, it seems like the "winning with a bum leg" bit is setting up a face turn for the Miz. I say he beats Rey next week and then Del Rio does a really heinous Money in the Bank run-in taking the belt and leaving Miz injured and a fan favorite. From there it goes one of 2 ways: 1- Cena wins the title from Del Rio setting up a 'unification match' vs CM Punk at Summerslam with both versions of the WWE title on the line. The problem is this effectively kills whatever momentum Del Rio was building. 2- Del Rio k
  13. Nice work for a change WWE. More of this please. I wonder if they have a working agreement with ROH that goes further than a Colt Cabana cameo...like Punk being able to show up on ROH with the WWE belt? And what kind of reaction would it get to have Del Rio declared the new champ on Raw tonight anyway? Maybe the reasoning could be that Punk leaving without facing him in a match Vince demanded = Punk forfeiting the belt? Another screwjob on an even more obvious scale..! I'm sure its only temporary but thanks WWE for making me give a crap about something you are doing for a change.
  14. It was a scripted shoot. A damn GOOD one though : )
  15. Good ole days = early-mid 80's Mid-Atlantic and Georgia championship wrestling shows Piper/Flair, Slaughter/McDaniel, Rich/Sawyer, the Andersons vs whoever, these areas were sick with talent Does anyone who watched wrestling back then still tune in today? For me its become unwatchable. And I doubt its because I've "grown up". No question todays wrestlers are far better athletes and the moves are way more varied/complex/dangerous...but there is no heart in it. It just comes off to me as too overscripted ; more wrapped up in pyrotechnics and posing than selling a storyline. / end rant
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