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Now seems the time for an Official Gatorskins "rollcall"


Was 2 years enough?  

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  1. 1. Was 2 years enough?

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Still haven't decided yet. It will be almost impossible for me not to root for Ramsey and Coles next year or, for that matter, Iffy, Rock and Smoot.

No, it seems to me that I will remain a skins fan -- though I am very sad that sos will not be coaching next year.

That said, the attitudes and childish comments of many on this board make it very hard to remain a skins fan. sos did not get the job done, true, but he has left the organization in a classy manner without, apparently, bickering over money or the like.

Despite this, many on this board have not responded to his leaving in such a manner at all and, in fact, the general sentiment towards every one of his actions (including the comments directed at his family members by alleged skins fans) is certainly a reason for him going and a reason that i feel, well, almost dirty remaining a skins fan.

i guess the answer is that i will continue to watch the skins and root for them on sundays but i will do much less, if any, lurking on this site.

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Original post: "I already said goodbye. I view the gatorskins as two groups. One who were only here because we hired Steve Spurrier and the other who were Skins fans and Gator fans.

I hope the GatorSkins who were Skins and Gator fans stay.

I want the fans who were only here because of Steve; to leave now that their coach has left. Get out and don't come back."

Revised post:

Let me clarify, since it's obvious I need to. I left my original post in but I have since come to a clearer position. Especially about espousing my thoughts-out loud on my Goodbye gatorskins thread.

I think they are 4 types of Gator Skins:

Type 1: Gator Skins who only were Fans of Steve Spurrier. They weren't really fans of the Skins but root for the team because their coach was coaching the team. They attacked anyone who critized the coach or thought ill of ex-gators. They were only here for Steve Spurrier and will leave since Steve isn't here.

Type 2: Gator Skins who were Gator fans and football fans. They looked at the Skins because their former coach was coaching the team. They didn't really become Skins fans but wished their coach well and would still watch.

Type 3: Gator Skins who did come here because of Steve Spurrier but became Skins fans also. They are sad things didn't work out but will remain Skins fans.

Type 4: Gator Skins who were Skins fans also, long before Spurrier and will remain fans long after Spurrier.

The type of GatorSkins that I hate and will be glad they are gone; are type one fans. I'm sorry if I offended NBlue and Coderama. I went back and rethought and thought I needed to clarify just who I wanted gone. I'll will posted this in a new thread also. [/red]

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Originally posted by chiefhogskin48

Nblue looks like he genuinely roots for the Redskins too now, even if he hates the fans.

to clarify, not all the fans -- just seems to be an ever larger proportion -- then again perhaps i'm just a little overly sensitive today cause my favorite coach just left my favorite nfl team. i'm sure i'll be looking forward to the skins draft in a couple months just like everyone else . . .

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Good riddance to the retards like longwoodgator, and I'm glad the intelligent Gator fans like NBlue and codeorama are saying on board.

But NBlue, stop looking at things through Gator colored glasses. Spurrier is a spineless loser who can't get it done at the top of his profession.

He didn't even have the guts to announce his resignation in front of the fans and the media that put up with his antics for two years. He did it from a golf course in Florida, which I guess is characteristic of his joke regime. That's not classy in my book.

There's also word that the only reason for the confusion over his resignation in the Post was due to the fact that he realized he could've had his contract bought out but didn't take advantage of that before he resigned. He wanted the cash so he denied the reports of his resignation in order to collect the remaining $15 mil.

Yep, really classy guy. I hope Spurrier fails miserably in any future coaching job he may take. Apologists need to get their heads straight; Spurrier is a no good country bumpkin and I feel dirty for ever rooting for him.

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Considering I have put in my deposit for season tickets for next year and that I must have been on the list Pre-Spurrier, I think I'll stick around. I have actually been a 'Skins fan longer than a Gator, but I am much more into the college atmosphere. Spurrier is gone just like Marty, Norv, and every previous coach, so it is time to move on. The Gibbs' days are long gone, but we won't get back there by crying about the past. There will be players gone, but the team still lines up sixteen times next year. I would have liked to have seen Spurrier win for two reasons: he was coaching my NFL team and he was the coach of my college team. It didn't work out, but that's life.

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OrangeSkin - tell it like you see it bro!!!

Too funny - I am actually pretty disappointed as well in how he didn't address the fans directly - come home and tell us straight to the camera how he sees it and how it really went down. Ah hell, ya know what - I am already over this whole deal and ready to move on to another wacky offseason, so long as Fassell aint here.

Guess I too was fooled by Osaka and I just "knew" we would see that again - the fireworks and speed all over the field. I mean, I "knew" it was coming......but it never did, did it.

Time to get another party bus started. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks and go from there. Far as I know, all my shirts and hats still are donned by the Redskins logo and burgundy and gold. Every year they are the same color - funny how that is, huh!

Hail to the Redskins!!!!!!!!!!

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I've been a Redskin fan since I was a little kid. But I developed a lot of respect watching Spurrier over the years and I was one of the first on board his hiring. It was probably the second or third most exhillarating signing by the Skins ( #1 Vince Lombardi #2 the twin signings of Dana Stubblefield and Big Daddy).

I'm not a U. of Tennessee fan and I didn't view Spurrier as Darth Vader in college ball. I wanted that exciting Fun 'n Gun offense to work for us like the Rams spread offense works for them.

I'm very disappointed for the Redskins and I feel badly for Spurrier, who's reputation may or may not be salvage-able. It's taken Lou Holtz a long time to re-gain much credibility. Spurrier may never get his back.

I had no problem whatever with U. of Florida fans becoming Redskin fans. I hope you stay, but if you do, understand that we're going through some very tough times and feelings are mighty raw.

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I don't think we have any right to give someone a hard time because of the path that they took to find the Skins. If they came here because of Spurrier, and like the Skins, then so be it, they are fellow Skins fans. And I think it's rude to make comments such as the ones I have read on this thread.

I welcome ALL Skins fans, no matter the course you took to get here!

Hail to the Redskins!

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Like a number of folks here I was really excited about the prospect of us "Funning and Gunning" up and down the field. However the saddest thing for me isn't that he couldn't make it work in the NFL. That happens to a lot of coaches. I was most dissappointed that SOS seemed never to put in the effort required to get it done in the NFL. I still think his system could have been adjusted to work in the NFL but SOS was much too busy golfing in the offseason to make the requisite changes. Additionally, even if the FNG could never be made to work in the NFL, it's still sad to me that we never got to see what SOS could have done within the framework of a more traditional NFL style offense. Then again, that whole issue of lack of effort comes into play with that option as well.

It would have been a much classier move for him to at least call a news conference and address the fans directly. (SOS fans might not want to read the next sentence...tough shot coming) Of course, what more could we expect out of a guy who would quit on the team.:rolleyes:

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We never did like SOS down here because he beat our

brains out with little class.

However I thought he was always a stand up guy

when things were going bad. I'm sure all of us have

gone thru things that just didn't turn our way. It's

time like this that bring out the character or lack of.

So I am happy for him and us that he has gone as

it was obvious he was out of his element. Good luck

to Steve and his wife as they and us have gone through

a hell these last two years with the Skins.

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You know, I think I'd almost agree Spurrier left in a classy fashion but for his outright LIE that tried to make it sound like the team lied. That's just bad form. No comment would have been better. But a lie like that just leaves a bad taste. I also don't know how much not taking much money is to his credit. If he wanted out, he had to take very little. If he wanted money and to be out, we'd have simply said no.

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I'll probably go due to my increasing disdain for the internet and boredom in general with the NFL. If I felt Spurrier was given sufficient time to build something given past front office mistakes, I might have stayed after his departure. I guess I'm a bigger fan of his product than the man.

I think Spurrier would have come here for half the money he got. I don't think his departure was in the most classy form, but he is a class act in my book despite what the media says about him.

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I know that feeling EXACTLY JG..........

Somehow, people can pick it up when you've left in your mind........

Anywho. I didn't see half as many Gator fans this year. There were so many more areound last year that it made me sick. (no offense)

I was a Florida hater only because of the smug brash ****iness SOS displayed while coach of that team. When he singened on witht he Skins, it took a bit to get over. The first thing that got me over was that triumph over the 49ers in Osaka. SOS was smug as ever and I thought "holy sh*t!!!This is awesome!!!! Pass it, Chuck it, pitch it, what ever, just win and win big!!!!!!!! I could get so used to this and i love the ****iness. Gives me more sh*t to talk to my friends who are either Eagles fans or Cowboy fans."

Then, it all went downhill. We sucked and it was because that type of offense only works against a preseason team that is starting their 4th string.

So sorry if you love SOS, I supported him and thought he would win even after he sucked for two years straight here. I still wanted him back this year, but i think he left like a dejected loser. He had everything to prove and he bagged it. He made all those sh*Ttalkers in the media look like geniuses. All the people who bashed the skins and said that it would never work are right. All the poeple who said that we are an organization in shambles are made to look correct....WHY?????.....Because That Ol' Ball caoch ran away with his tail between his legs and proved them all right.

Thanks alot SOS. Thanks for tarnishing my favorite teams reputation.

Sorry. I am still pissed, but I hope that losing and quitting doesnt affect his health and that his life gets better and he enjoys his time with his family.

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Originally posted by JerseyGator

Having been at a job where I was fired right before I was going to resign, there isn't a whole lot of difference to me. If your boss ties your hands, what's the difference? I felt my hands were tied and that's why I wanted to resign.

You may have felt that, but, how could Spurrier have felt that? He asked for speed at running back and receiver. He got it. He asked for a kicker. He got it. He asked for help on the interior of the offensive line. He got it. He may not have gotten Wuerffel, which is something I thought was a bad move when we made it. And, he may have been told he had to fire his failed coaches.

The man had all the resources in the world at his disposal. An aggressive front office willing to get him anything he asked for at any cost. Well, except maybe an indoor facility :).

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