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Section Chart for Training Camp???


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Posted this in preseason thread, but need answer:


Yo, what's up with the sections on the free passes to training camp?  I dont remember that, do we have to stay in a designated area, only GA50, 60, and 48 are left for tomorrow? 


I'm used to standing around midfield on the sideline from the opening until it's done to get autograph and see what's going on, so if I cant, I'm not going.

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2 minutes ago, DJD2 said:

I haven't been yet this year, but based upon every previous year you pretty much can go wherever you want (other than the credentialed VIP areas)

That's what I'm used to, I dont remember there the areas outside VIP being segmented into sections and that's why I'm trying to make sure what that means.  I cant find the section chart anywhere.

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6 minutes ago, Renegade7 said:

Like, this makes no sense, my tickets have seat numbers and I know theres no seats at training camp, been there, it even says that in the FAQ

The software probably defaults to  assign seat #'s, regardless of whether,  or not, there are actual seats.

I've seen that for other events.

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