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we got screwed!!!


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The guy screwing all of us over and over is Danny boy! IT ALL STARTS AT THE TOP!!!

The only good thing he's done is win a lawsuit that could have eventually led to a name change if he'd lost.

Regime change is required here!!!


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I agree I was happy to see Spurrier come here and now I will be one of the happiest when he leaves, before another blown season. He has proven me wrong I thought he was a smart coach! Well everyone makes mistakes and alot of people where happy to see him come but not as many as when he leaves.

I don't put much blame on Snyder because of the fact hes just trying to turn a program around that has been sad since Gibbs left it. Alot of things have happened in the last 10 years and not all is Snyders fault. Snyder puts good players on the field and our coaches continue to put bad game plans together and make our talented players look like high schoolers.

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my attitude is it is the responsibility of the front office to hire the right coaches and draft the right players :)

I don't know the third cornerback playing at South Texas State University and whether he will be a keeper in the NFL, that is why the Redskins have a scouting staff :laugh:

When the Skins hired Spurrier, I assumed that the proper questions were asked and the team was assured that Spurrier was properly focused on winning in the NFL.

Now we see that is not the case.

Spurrier wants to win but evidently only under circumstances that validate the way he has won in the past in college.

He simply is not going to run the ball when the weather conditions and balance of talent indicate that is the best chance the team has to win, at least not on a consistent basis.

He promised us when he came here that we would see an offense with some pop to it. So far the offense is far less effective than it had been under former coach Norv Turner.

And since Spurrier doesn't have any interest in managing the special teams, defense or indeed in issues on the other side of the ball, what are we paying him for? :)

The Redskins could have hired Sean Payton or Gary Kubiak to come in here for a lot less money and design an offense that could compete.

I don't know every deserving assistant coach in the NFL for a shot at a HC vacancy, but there are some right there for the asking.

And there are veteran coaches who have had a track record of producing winning teams.

Maybe not the 3 Super Bowl appearances Parcells has garnered, but Green, Shell and others have produced playoff contenders.

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Snyder is to blame for this mess he wants to be THE MAN, THE GM,

Alrighty then, he takes the credit when they win the big games (they have not been to any big games because management is incompetent) alrighty then he takes the blame when another season under his regime is a FAILURE. Do us all a favor you Richie Rich pr1ck sell this franchise!!!!

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I remember when so many people thought the bringing in Spurrier was such an great idea and this was our return to glory.

Funny how reality can destroy that, in two looooooooooonnnnng seasons he is ready to be run out of D.C.

Once again Thank-you Mr. Sndyer! :soapbox:

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Either way, coaches don't count vs the cap, so in terms of being screwed out of the money, why would anyone care?

It's not your money.

Every single coaching hire in the NFL is a risk unless you can get Parcells or Gibbs.

Every single one.

And guess what... every single coach but ONE goes home a loser every single year.

The idea Spurrier would just be sitting back laughing over his paycheck is absurd.

It's not working for the guy. Is that any reason to doubt his personal integrity? Criticize his team, criticize his job, but leave it at that.

However, you CAN guarantee one thing. If Snyder fires him now, the next coach , and the next coach, and the next one after that... they will come for no other reason than the paycheck.

Fire Spurrier now, and the only people left who will deal with Danny are those who want to dip into his deep pockets,, because no coach in their right mind would believe he actually would be given a chance to succeed if it doesn't happen overnight. So the obvious recourse would be to take as much money and run.

Is that what we want? Because that is what we'll get.

The gamble for Spurrier didn't work. Unfortunately, it must be seen thru to the end to preserve any chance of integrity for the future.


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The Cooke family started this mess, let's not forget that. Snyder has simply been unable to to reverse the tailspin. Under the Cooke family, with Casserly calling the shots, we hired Norv, kept Norv too long, bungled free agency year after year, and drafted some HUGE, HUGE busts in the fearly rounds of the draft.

This nightmare was set in motion long before any of the current characters were in place.

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Originally posted by La muerte de Bufford

Good Point....or John Cooke.....I wonder if Norv would still be here.

I often wondered if we were better off under John Kent Cooke but I guess his old man must of know something when he did not leave the team to him.

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